Rules of the Ark

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Author's Note: Quite possibly the funniest of the lot, at least in my opinion...

- Ark Rule #4: There are no feathered, low flying, semi-aquatic birds in the Ark. -

"Duck!" Sideswipe yelped, and Springer frowned.

"What?" he asked, and then pain blossomed in the back of his head as he went flying forwards. He dimly heard someone yelp, and four other voices laughing, as he lost conciousness.


"Duck!" the call came from farther down the hallway, and Springer watched as Prowl, who he'd been talking to, abruptly bent nearly double, and several Aerialbots shot over his head. The tactician straightened and kept walking and talking as if it had never happened, only pausing to give Springer an odd look when he realized the triple-changer wasn't following.


"Duck!" a voice yelled in alarm, and Springer did so, not pausing as he continued to describe some of the things he'd seen on his flight over the Rocky Mountains to Hot Rod. The jet engines of the Aerialbots screamed over head, and once they were gone, Springer straightened, still waxing poetic, only to pause when he saw Hot Rod giving him an odd look.

"What?" he asked, defensively.

- END -