The Beginning of Forever

The Beginning of Forever

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Aang glowed. As he watched his friends, his family laugh and bond together, he couldn't help but do so. He couldn't imagine anything more perfect than what he had now. There was only one thing that could possibly make his life better, he glanced at Katara.

They were all laughing at Sokka's drawing of them; Sokka had tried to 'capture the moment' so that they would never forget it. It wasn't necessary, he could never forget this perfect moment, and even if he did, there was no way a simple picture could capture it.

Nothing could capture the friendship he felt for Zuko, his former enemy, or how close he was with Sokka and Toph, they were like brother and sister to him after all they've been though. Most importantly though, nothing could describe the love for Katara he felt.

He walked out of the room to a pavilion overlooking Ba- Sing- Se, still smiling warmly as he saw the city rebuild. People were busy again, always doing something, almost like the war never happened, almost. One thing that was different was that the gap in Ba- Sing- Se's great wall was never repaired. There was no need for that now in this era of peace.

Other differences were becoming clear. In the markets not only Earth Kingdom goods were on sale, but products from the Water Tribes and Fire Nation. People of all three nations wandered through the markets. From firebenders selling fire forged during the passing of Sozin's comet, (supposedly, it was extremely durable), to a surprisingly familiar cabbage merchant.

Aang sighed happily, for once since he had found out he was the avatar, everything had fallen into place. He was so happy that he didn't hear the footsteps behind him until Katara had appeared right beside him.

He looked sideways to her and smiled. She smiled back just as happily. He hugged her fiercely. Almost as a celebration of what they had done; and what they had done together.

They stayed like that for a few moments before drawing apart. Aang smiled euphorically just as Katara began to blush. They looked each other in the eyes. No speaking was involved, none was needed, after being so close for so long, they both knew what the other was thinking.

Katara surprised Aang by make the first move. She took his face in her hands and kissed him warmly, lovingly. Aang leaned into the kiss, he had waited so long for this and wasn't about to waste a minute of this well earned happiness.

They both melted into the kiss as it deepened. However it wasn't a frantic or fierce kiss, they both knew that they had all of the time in the world.

Meanwhile, inside Sokka noticed Katara and Aang's absence. "Hey Toph, do you know where Katara and Aang are?" Sokka asked the earthbender. "I want to show him the picture I made" He explained.

"Yeah, they're on the pavilion kissing" Toph answered bluntly. "Oh Oka-" Sokka began but then jumped in his seat after he realized what Toph said. "Wait! What?!"

Everyone laughed.

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Each chapter will be loosely related, that means that none of them will directly conflict with each other, but there doesn't have to be a timeline or anything.

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