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Zuko always welcomed visits from his friends. This was especially true since as Fire Lord, he didn't often get to visit them (unless he was able to disguise it as a 'diplomatic meeting').

This was why he beamed in a way that he seldom did when he saw a flying bison in the sky that undoubtedly carried his best friend, Aang (and presumably Katara who never left his side).

"I haven't seen you this happy since… well you know" Mai commented.

"Let me guess, you think it's sickening, right?" Zuko teased.

A small smile flickered across Mai's face. A person who didn't know her would have mistaken this for disinterest, but everyone who did know her also knew that Zuko was possibly the only person who could readily make Mai smile. Well, not anymore, Zuko reminded himself proudly.

Appa landed right in front of the palace, and Zuko and Mai quickly strode out (because running would probably get the both killed in these stupid robes) to meet them. Aang and Katara looked like they were on cloud nine.

Aang immediately hugged Zuko. It had taken him awhile to get used to hugs. At first, Iroh was the only one who he let in enough to hug him, then Mai, then Aang, then (once he found her) his mother, and so on.

By now, Zuko responded wholeheartedly to Aang's characteristic display of affection, even if he was being more energetic than usual.

Zuko even made a move to hug Katara, but stopped when he saw the bundle wrapped in her arms. Despite the baby being partially obscured by cloth, Zuko could make out a little face, with curious blue eyes peaking out and a small tuft of black hair on top.

Zuko's smile grew even larger.

"Congratulations" Mai said dully.

"His name is Tenzin!" Aang gushed proudly, pride that Zuko now knew first hand…

Zuko laughed at Aang's energy, even as an adult, he could be such a child.

"I'm really touched that you would go all of this way to show us your baby" Zuko managed.

"Well, we wanted Tenzin to see his godparents" Katara proclaimed boldly. Leave it to her to just drop it on them like that.

"If said people are willing to be the godparents" Aang amended hastily, rubbing his hand over his head nervously.

Katara looked smug.

Aang fidgeted nervously

Zuko was stunned.

Mai sniggered.

"I-" Zuko tried to say, but couldn't manage to.

"He means yes" Mai answered for him, granting their friends a rare, albeit small smile.

Zuko nodded "I'm honored that you would trust us with him" He finally managed, his voice thick with emotion "You have no idea how much it means to me that you trust us this much".

Katara beamed. "Would you like to hold him?" She asked Zuko.

Zuko nodded, "I think I'll need to practice" he added slyly.

"You mean…" Katara began, glancing at Mai.

"That's great!" Aang shouted, crushing Zuko in a hug.

Mai was glowing as she subconsciously put her hand over her belly. Ty Lee had long ago discovered that Zuko was the only person who could make her smile like that, now there was another.

"It's a great feeling, isn't it" Aang told Zuko as they broke apart.

Zuko beamed "Yes, it is."

"Be the godparents?" Zuko and Mai asked simultaneously.

"Of course" Aang and Katara answered with equal synchronization.

They all laughed.

Except Mai.

She chuckled.