This was written in the aftermath of the finale, which almost explains it...I was midly upset that the Cabbage Man never showed up.

Princess Azula looked shiftily at her serving girl. "Does this smell funny to you?"

The girl's hands trembled under the bowl that brimmed with freshly cooked cabbages. "No, princess."

With another glare at the servant for good measure, Azula speared a succulent cabbage strip and shoved it into her mouth.

A few weeks later…

Azula stared across the courtyard at her brother, anger blurring her vision. Her mind had been blurring too, lately, and now she barely noticed her own incoherence.

Kill Zuzo kill Daddy kill Earth people banish Fire people was that Lo or Li I pointed at? Kill Zuzu shoot lightning, yes, lightning! Lightning feels good—

It was when she was sopping wet, when the water tribe peon left her to squirm, that, for just a second, the thought passed through Azula's mind that those cabbages might not have been so healthy after all.