I stared out the window of the moving vehicle I road in.I was being forced to go to this stupid hell hole that I yet dont understand.I looked at my wrist and pulled my sleeve up a bit.I glared at the small cresent moon shape on my wrist.It had been ten tears ago that I was forced into this life.I shifted slightly in my seat trying to ease the burning feeling in my back and going through my sides.Becasue I was forced to be in this world.

Let me begin at the beginning at least to not confuse you poeple.My name is Ashley.Ashley Mitirishi.I am currently 16 years old and I am going to a school for vampires.Sure enough that is not a lie or a joke.

When I was six I was bounded to this life by being attacked by a evil vampire what my family and the elder council call a 'Dark Blood Drinker' or a 'Level E'.It seems those names are commonly used.Thankfully I was saved by a man by the name of Leo Hokazu.He's someone like me.

Now my appearence this gives away certain things about why I am bounded.I have these weird vine like things that look like rose vines protruding along my body they go all the way up and down my neck all over my left leg my left arm and right arm.They go halfway down my right leg.

I have long black hair that I keep down.Even if it gets in my way since it goes all the way down to the bloody floor.My nails are un-normaly long.My eyes are a deep lavendar color which I was born with.

"Ashley stop moving so much if you do the marks are gonna burn worse."My aunt Shelia told me.She had dirty blonde hair that she always kept in a small ponytail at the back of her head and had glasses her eyes where a dark amost red brown color.

"Sorry."I mumble as I try to bury myself deeper into the back seat.I glare at the rear-view mirror.I meet my fathers gaze.

"What are you staring at brat?"He questioned me.

"Nothing just a bastard old slob."I mutter the car jerks to a stop and I find my head turned to the side.My cheek burning really badly.

"What was that?"he growled out.

"Nothing."I answered.I could have said what I thought to the guy and leave the car but I dont.Not for Aunt Shelia's sake.

"Thats what I thought."He muttered before driving again to our new home.

My mother could do something but she doesnt she just stands by like nothings happening.That pissess me off more then anything.He's mad at me because we have to move.The elder council says that we have to move now because that I'm 16 now I need to be with my own kind.

I didnt want to move either does he think I want to?Hell no I want to be back with my old friends back where we used to live.

Not like my opionon matters anyway.Never has mattered.It didnt even matter when mom and dad got back together after their divorce.

I sighed and leaned back in the seat my cheek still burning I pressed my face to the glass.It started fogging up due to it must have started raining a few moments ago.I sighed through my nose and let some ears fall out.I slowly fell back asleep we wouldnt be there til tomorrow morning.