I have never been so upset in my whole life. Sasori is mad at me and Veeno is ticked at me. I feel positivley awful. At the current moment I am sitting in my room trying to sleep as I hear the rain pound against my window. Making a 'tink' 'tink' sound every time it hits my window. Leo had gone and picked me up. Before I knew what was happening I was bursting into tear's because the whole thing.

Leo is like the dad I never had before. He's nice and care's about me. Plus he just give's off that fatherly feeling to him that make's a person glad that their with him.

I sigh a little as I flip my cell phone open and watched as I looked at the time. It showed 12:54 as it then blinked then turned to 12:55. I sighed a little burrying myself into my light lavendar sheets and blankets of my bed in my Aunt's house.

I blinked a little as I felt the tear's start to pour down my face. I buried my face in my pillows. Everyone was mad at me for something.

"Damnit."I muttered. I looked over at the little plushie's I made of all the people I had met. I grabbed my Sasori's plushie and hugged it close to my chest gently kissing the head.

"Sori."I found myself muttering. I jumped when I heard something tap against my window. I pulled my curtains back a little to see Sasori in a soaking wet what seemned to be night shirt and pants. I quickly unhooked the latch to my balcony window.

"What are you doing here this late? AND IN THIS WEATHER!?"I asked him. He smiled and walked into my room.

"Sasori answer me?"I asked him as I closed my balcony window again. He turned and smiled at me.

"You look good in your night dress."He told me making me blush. It was just a black night gown with white lace and frills at the end as well as some matching thigh high black socks.

"Sasori will you just answer me already?"I asked getting annoyed. He laughed. Was he toying with me?

"Ash come here."He told me. Before I could answer he had me tight against him. He clothes where suddenly very dry and warm.

"I'm sorry love."He told me as he nuzzled my head kissing the top gently.

"I dont see why you got so mad in the first place."I muttered to myself.

He smiled at me kissing my forehead. "Now I have to go take care of something. Stay out of trouble for me please."He told me. He gently kissed his favorite spot of my markings. It had a flower like shape to it. It was also located on my right shoulder. He smiled before going back to the window and leaving out of it.

Great now I need to work on getting Veeno on my good grace's again.

I found myself leaning against the wall again as I felt my marks burn. I noticed them as they started glowing a dark golden ember like when you see wood burning right after a fire went out.

I suddenly felt very lustful for one person on my mind right now.


I grabbed my cellphone and dialed his number.


I waited for what seemned like eternity.

"Hello?"A voice groggy and filled with sleep asked.

"Veeno?"I asked.

"Hmm yeah what? You do know what time it is so it better be important?"He asked.

"I...I need you to get over here now."I told him.

"Why is something wrong?"he asked me.

"I-I'm not sure."I told him.

"Alright I'll be there in a few minute's."

"Okay come in through my window alright it's already unlocked."I told him.

He then hung up on me. I went and layed down face first in my bed. My marks burned slightly on my skin. I found myself lying face down still curled up into a fetal position when Veeno came into my room.

"Ash?"He asked me walking up to me. I felt him place a hand on my arm which only made it burn worse.

"Ouch."I muttered turning to look at him.

"What's with your marks. They're a weird gold color?"He asked me. He sat down next to me on the bed. Suddenly I had the strongest impulse to kiss him.

"Veeno."I muttered.

"Yeah what is it?"He asked me. I got up shaking slightly before turning and facing him. He looked back at me. I could tell the outfit I was wearing was making him uncomfortable.

I crawled over closer to him so that I was almost sitting in his lap.

"Ash?"He asked me. Then that sudden urge hit me again and before I even knew what I was doing me and Veeno where kissing. Smack dab on the lips.

He moaned a little and then before I knew it he had taken control himself of the whole entire action and had me pinned underneath him again. His arms either side of my head holding down my arms as we continued making out. He soon let my hands go and I was able to wrap them around Veeno's neck.

His right hand went to my right left gently sliding the thigh high off my legs and down to my shin while his other hand rested gently on my waist.

"Ash."He whispered when he pulled back before going to my neck. I shivered when I felt him lick me.

"Your so beautiful."he whispered.

He had me fully on my back now as I was laying underneath him. His face in my neck taking in my scent. I could feel his breathing on my skin. My marks wherent burning as bad and the lust that I had suffered through was slowly disappearing.

Suddenly Veeno pulled back away from me and looked down at me like he had done something wrong. Like he had committed a murder or something.

"Ash what's going on?"He asked me.

"I-I dont know I honestly dont."I told him. He rolled his eye's before he got off me rolling and sitting down right next to me.

"Veeno?"I asked as I propped myself up on my elbows.

"Be quiet I'm thinking."He muttered. His tail was wrapped around me securly. I felt this weird impulse again. My marks where burning again too. I couldnt control myself for what I did next.

"V-Veeno?"I stuttered out before I found myself falling off the bed.

"Ash!?"He asked rather alarmned. He got next to me and tried to help me up.

"Ash what's wrong with--"He stopped. Something was controlling me. Making me try to kill him.

""I whimpered out. A dagger impedded already in his shoulder small drops of blood falling. He took in my appearence a look of thought on his face.

"Ash....your gonna need to trust me on this."He told me.

"W-What do you--GAH!"I screamned. He had bit down into my neck. Right where the burning feeling was most painful.

"V-Veeno that hurts."I whimpered out.

"Shush. It hurts rght but it's getting better?"He said in a question like statement. Which was true. The burning feeling was going away little by little.

Veeno finally pulled away kissing the two gashes in the side of my neck. He placed me back down in my bed gently laying the blankets over me.

"Did you want me to stay?"He asked me. I kept a strong grip on his arm. I found myself nodding.

"It's too late for you to go out in this kind of weather."I found myself saying. He smiled at me before getting in beside me.

"You better not tell anyone about this."I told him. He smiled.

"I wont."He told me smiling.

The next morning I woke up and Veeno was gone. I looked around and saw my cellphone open. Grabbing it I took in what it said.

"You failed t do the job right. Now I have to get my hands dirty." I found my blood turn cold. I knew it was too. It was from Alucard, and everyone was in danger. I immediatly called Leo with the new's.

We have a battle on our hands.