Sam squirmed underneath Jack, slipping her hands up the back of his t-shirt
and feeling the muscles rippling under her touch as he ran his hands over her body.

When her fingers ran lightly over the bandage over his shoulder, Sam hesitated. Jack,
however, rolled his hips against hers, forcing thought from her mind.

All too soon, he was standing and pulling Sam to her feet. She looked up at him in

'Not here,' he told her huskily, pulling her through the house.


She had to hand it to him, Sam mused, lying in Jack's bed hours later. 'No talking, no
.' She stretched languorously. Yes, Jack O'Neill was definitely on to something.

She looked over at his sleeping form, wincing at the tension still showing in his face. If
the last few days had told her anything, it was that she couldn't keep putting this off. She
couldn't be sure that, when the time was 'right', he'd still be here, or that either of them
would be in a fit state to have this.

And she wanted this. Wanted it so much she could feel it, an almost physical ache she couldn't
afford to ignore any longer. Frustrated, she rose from the bed and left the room.

Ten minutes later, Jack found her sitting at the kitchen table, sipping from a cup of coffee.

'Couldn't sleep, huh?' he asked, walking over to the machine and pouring himself a cup. He
was still limping, Sam noticed.

Then she wondered at herself. What had she expected? That his injuries would disappear once
she got him home?

He sat down opposite her, his movements stiff, forcing her to recall that only yesterday he'd
been fighting for his life. And now she was here, demanding his attention and keeping him awake.

He must have guessed the direction her mind had taken, because the next words out of his
mouth were: 'I heal fast.' She nodded and looked down at the cup between her hands. 'So,
couldn't sleep, huh?' he repeated.

'I didn't want to wake you, so I came in here.' Her eyes flicked to the bandage wrapped around
his shoulder, concealing the bullet wound. 'How are you feeling?'

He gave a one-shouldered shrug and smiled wryly. 'The doc gave me some painkillers.'

She rose and walked over to the window, gazing out at the garden where it was just beginning to
get dark. 'What are we going to do?' She asked, hearing the harshness she injected into her
voice to compensate for the vulnerability she felt.

'What do you want to do?' he asked, walking over and standing next to her, shoving his hands
into the pockets of the jeans he was wearing.

'I want you,' she said, resisting the temptation to look at him.

'Back at ya,' he said, 'but what I said last night was the truth. They won't let me go yet.'

'What about-'

'Don't even think about it. If you left because of me I'll be cleaning latrines for the rest of my
natural life.'

Sam smiled and looked down. 'We don't both have to be on SG-1.' Sam said, thoughtfully.

Jack looked at her, 'No.'

'Hear me out,' she insisted. 'I could transfer-'

'No,' Jack said again, firmer this time.

Sam looked up at him, his jaw was set in a firm line. 'Jack, I told you last night, I can't go
offworld with you anymore, I'm a liability.'

'And I told you I would have done the same thing for Teal'c, even for Jonas. I can't afford to
lose you from SG-1.'

'I love you, Jack.'

Jack stared at her, obviously at a loss.

'I love you,' she repeated, 'and I can't live like this anymore. I love my job, you know that,
but its not enough. I can't keep going out there when I've got nothing to come home to.' She
looked up at him and saw understanding in his eyes. She felt her own eyes burning with tears
and bit her lip to keep them from falling. 'I can't keep being around you and missing you at the
same time.'

Jack pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. 'I don't think they'll let either of us transfer.'

'Then they'll have to take us both to courts-martial,' she said savagely.

Jack grinned down at her. 'This isn't like you, Carter.'

'If they want to keep us, they'll find a way.' She said.

'You sound sure of yourself.'

She nodded against his chest. 'I am. I won't lose you.'

'Don't do this just because of what happened on the planet,' Jack said, suddenly serious.

'I'm not. It was the catalyst,' she admitted, 'but this has been a long time coming, Jack. We
should have talked about this two years ago.'

Jack dipped his head and kissed her on the mouth softly. 'You're wrong about that, Sam, we
should have talked about this at leastfive years ago.' Before she could respond, he covered her
lips with his own.

Sam reached up and pushed her fingers into his hair, pulling his head down further. Her other
hand slid over his bare torso, feeling the muscles move under her fingertips as Jack's hands
moved over her body. Her fingers reached the material of the bandage and stopped.

'We shouldn't be doing this.'

'You didn't say that earlier,' Jack said, his mouth, tongue and teeth going to work on her neck.

'I wasn't…' she gasped as he found a particularly sensitive spot, 'I wasn't thinking clearly earlier.'

'Doesn't sound like you're thinking too clearly now.'

'Jack…' she said, the word coming out as more of a hiss than the exclamation of indignance she'd
intended. Feeling him smirk against her skin, she tried again, 'Jack!'

He sighed. 'Okay, how about we go to bed?' She glared at him. 'What? I'll be resting!'

She continued to regard him suspiciously for a few moments, and then she turned and preceded
him out of the kitchen, pulling Jack by the hand.

'Lying down, anyway,' Jack murmured.