Somewhat Useful

No Touching Guns

by Amy L. Hull amilynh at comcast dot net

Firefly drabble for Wiliqueen, who requested Zoe, River, Kaylee "no touching guns"


"I'm figuring you both know where most everything on the ship is, yours or not?"

"Yes." River stared.

Kaylee glanced away, biting her lip, and nodded.

"The Captain said tell you both, cuz you're nearly joined at the hip: we don't want neither of you handling weapons less we ask outright."

Kaylee nodded again, her expression the misery of a small child scolded.

"But I can help." River frowned.

"If the Captain wants--"

"I'm a good shot."

"This ain't up for discussion. No. Touching. Guns."

The walkway clanked beneath Zoe's boots.

Behind her, River muttered, "I'm better than Jayne."