One hundred things you will never see Hinata do

One hundred things you will never see Hinata do

Say "Naruto, face it you're a loser and you will always be one"

Love Sasuke

Run around the village saying "I LOVE NARUTO"

Do Soulja Boy

Become a yaoi fan girl

sing "Opps I did it again"

Use Byukagan to see through Naruto's clothes

Give Gaara flowers

become obsess with One Piece

buy Neji a man skirt

Join the Akatsuki

Sing "Man I feel like a woman" While taking off her shirt

go to a Anime Convention dressed as Kagome

switch a light on and off for amusement

become emo

Sing "I kissed a girl" in the shower

Write a Iruka x Kakashi fan fiction

prank call Orochimaru

go out with Lee

put her headband over her and run around screaming "I'M KAKASHI"

Have a sugar rush

Kill Shino

dye her hair pink and say she's Sakura long lost sister

Dance to "Dancing Queen" with Neji

Go on the Oprah Winfrey show

Go to a Green Day concert

Become dictator of Konoha

Star in "The Sound of Music"

Throw a temper tantrum

Say Sasuke's hair looks like a duck

Sing "Who let the dogs out" every time Kiba used Fang over fang

Say she's a princess and everyone has to do what she says

cry if she doesn't get her way

cut Neji's hair while he's asleep

leave Konoha to join the circus

Say that she's the star in Love Hina

Have a child at 15

have a eating disorder because she thinks she's fat

ask Shino if her pants make her butt look big

have a addiction to goldfish

Marry Neji

Call Kurenai mom

dress up like Hannah Montana

say that Naruto's whiskers look funny in him

become a Play Boy bunny

Take Kabuto's glasses and say she's Harry Potter

Tell Kakashi "I love you"


Watch Care Bears

Play Halo

Sing "Rubber Ducky you're the one, you make bath time so much fun"

become secret agent

chain herself onto a tree in a attempt to try and save it

get her sex changed

get black contacts

make fun of Lee's hair

Watch South Park

dress up like herself for Halloween

Stomp on her uncle's gave

Sing for Kids Bop

Join Jack Sparrow

Sign "love Mrs. Uzumaki"


Play rock band

Sing "I Will Survive"

Kidnap Akamaru

Kiss Itachi

Go to a hospital for insane people

laugh when people die

cough up a hairball

Go on Sesame Street

Join the U.S.A army

try to lick her elbow

lie on the ground and say "I'm a plant"

circle around Kisame while humming the Jaws theme

kill Sakura so she can have Naruto all to herself

be the modern day Dora the Explorer

become a sock model

not respect the pouch

become obsessed over Mr.T

play D.D.R in public

get fleas from Kiba

become blind

try and copy Sasuke's hairstyle

go on Barney

be Jewish

say that Itachi is her role model

Sing "I wanna be like you" To Naruto

Sing "Big Girls don't cry" when she sees Sakura crying about Sasuke

Join Team Rocket

Sing "Brother my Brother" To Neji

When Neji yelling at her she's say "Well at least I look like my gender"

Auction for "America's next top Model"

hide a box full of Barbie dolls under her bed

Ask Neji if Santa's real

Throw a Kunai and say "Go Poke Ball!"

Burst out laughing for no reason

Ask her father where babies came from

Sing "We're all in this together" while on a mission

Have enough will power to finish this list