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"Talking" Normal

'Talking' Thinking

"Talking" Hollow Talking

'Talking' Hollow Thinking

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Today, it was raining, harder than usually compared to how it was mere hours ago. But, it wasn't the rain that was discouraging to the people gathered at the gate of Konoha. You see, earlier that day, a team of four Genin lead by a new Chuunin were sent to retrieve a rouge shinobi by the name of Uchiha Sasuke.

It was then that things went from bad to worse as the team had encountered the Sound Four, said to be Orochimaru's top bodyguards along with a fifth member who was supposed to be Orochimaru's next body if he had not had a fatal disease. Each individual member of the team had been forced to fend for their lives to defeat these rather, disturbing opponents with the help of a team of Suna ninja who aided in the defeat of three of these opponents.

But, tragedy stuck with the fifth member who was the sole person who was capable of bringing back the traitor. It was Kakashi who had found the body of young Uzumaki Naruto, lying face down in a puddle of his own blood with Sasuke's slashed Hitai-ate lying beside him. It was with a heavy heart that he brought back the orange clad ninja to the village to inform the Hokage of a mission failure and a KIA report.

Once he arrived, he found Haruno Sakura waiting at the gates with a hopeful look in her eyes, only to turn into horror as she took notice to Naruto's lifeless frame. At first, she believed that he was joking with her and that he would wake up and gives her that stupid grin he always had on his face.

It was a harsh smack of reality that made her realize that her teammate, the baka as she always called him, was dead in her sensei's arms. With a deafening scream to the heavens, she fell to her knees while sobbing uncontrollably while her tears were being washed away by the heavy rain.

Soon, more came and realized what had happened before giving the deceased boy a small prayer to heaven before leaving the student and sensei to greave for the boy's untimely demise. Some of the civilians who were happy of the boy's demise cheered for his death only to be silenced by Kakashi who had stuck one of them with a Raikiri to his chest. Later when asked why he did it, he would only say that they had broken the Sandaime's law about Naruto even though the man hadn't said a thing about the Kyuubi, but no one was foolish enough to question the man…in all likely hood the 2nd most powerful ninja in the village while he was grieving.

Eventually, Tsunade had found out about Naruto's death and it was then, the Hokage had pronounced Uchiha Sasuke, an A-rank missing nin with a bounty of 500,000 Ryu for his carcass whether it be dead or alive.

At first the council had testified that the Uchiha didn't deserve such a high ranking and should be lowered to at least a B or C rank missing nin. The council was almost immediately silenced after Tsunade punched one of the civilian councilman's head clean off his shoulders before stating that her word was final. Of course they could have ordered her to step down as Hokage after that, but they didn't dare risk the wrath of a very pissed off Tsunade who could take them all on with little to no effort.

All the while, many of the Rookie Nine along with Team Gai, as they had come to be known, took Naruto's death very hard. Poor Hinata had almost committed suicide if it had not been for her father, Hyuuga Hiashi, who had stopped her before the deed could be done. All in all, it was the day many would morn and the day even more would never forget. Even the heavens above where shedding tears for the fallen hero as the rain continued to pour down upon the village known as Konoha.

But, back at the Valley of the End, the rain wasn't even touching the person who was being mourned. The said boy was simply sitting at the foot of the statue of the Shodaime while toying with the chain that was connected to a plate in the center of his chest.

At first he was freaking out to the point that it wasn't even funny. He shouted for what felt like hours before finally calming down enough to let it all soak in. He was dead, he was stuck on this damn chain that was somehow connected to the ground, and he was alone again. So it was with a sigh, that he picked a spot and waited to see what would happen to him next.

Beginning to feel bored he glanced around at his surroundings and whistled to himself at the destruction that was caused due to his battle with Sasuke. The surrounding landscape had many small craters embedded in the valley walls while the small pieces of land in which the two statues stood on had a giant fissure along with two holes in the bottom of Madara's and the Shodaime's feet.

"Man, I didn't think we would do this much damage to this place. I guess we really were pulling out all the stops after all." Said the boy aloud while he continued to fiddle with the chain.

Suddenly, a pair of sliding wooden doors appeared in front of him before opening to show a blinding white light. Soon, a figure stepped out and was wearing a white shitagi, a black kosode and hakama, and a white hakama-himo. When the light died down enough, Naruto looked at the figure's face to see that it was a man with short brown hair and light brown eyes while sporting a pair of black rimmed glasses on his face.

The said man stared at Naruto with a smile as he started walking closer towards the boy who was now standing in a Taijutsu stance as he prepared to fight off the mysterious stranger.

"No need to be so hasty young one." Said the man politely as he continued to walk towards Naruto. "I'm only here to help you get away from this place."

"How do you plan to do that four-eyes?" asked Naruto while still in his fighting stance.

The man only seemed ignore his question as he continued to walk towards him before unsheathing his sword. Now, Naruto was fully prepared to fight for his life…again…even if he was already dead.

"Please relax, I only plan to cut off the chain that binds you here." Stated the man before slicing it off near the top leaving only four links to the chain left.

Naruto looked back at the man before cheering happily at finally being free. He glanced back at the man who had just cut the chain while sporting a huge grin on his face. Had he looked down, he would have noticed that the chain links suddenly grew mouths and started to eat away at each other before leading upwards towards the plate.

"Ne, ne, what are you anyway?" asked Naruto excitedly. "And am I going to heaven now?"

The man looked down at the young blond before smiling eerily which caused the hairs on the back of Naruto's neck to stand on end. "I am a Shinigami, and no you will not be going to heaven."

"What; why not? I don't deserve to go to hell just because of some damn Kitsune sealed inside me!"

"Indeed you don't, but I never said you would be going to hell either, now did I?" answered the man before looking down to see that the corrosion had finally ended. "And now, its time to take my leave from here boy. If you live long enough, I might meet you again one day."

Before Naruto could even think of responding, he felt blinding pain erupt from him as the seal that was still on his stomach began to burn away at his flesh. Soon he was screaming loudly while more and more power began to burst from the seal. Eventually, he noticed an outline of a fox appear through the massive waves of energy that was escaping from him before it flew towards his face and latching on him like a leach.

Soon more pain came forth as the skin of his face now felt like it was melting off him. He glance up despite the pain to see that the brown haired Shinigami had walked back into the strange doors while smiling that same amused smile as he went.

Gasping, he felt another burst of unfathomable pain strike him before feeling his body beginning to change. His fingers, where now growing longer and his nails grew sharper and his body mass continued to grow while ripping his tattered orange clothing into shreds do to his increasing size. He could feel something changing with his face but was in too much pain to know or care what was happening. And after another ten minutes of blinding pain, it stopped which made him groan in unprecedented agony.

He slowly cracked his eyes open while wincing a bit do to the slight stinging that was still going through his body. He blinked a few times before closing his eyes and bringing his hand up to rub his sore eye sockets. That was when he noticed that something shocking. Naruto not only felt claws on his face, but also the fact that it wasn't his face. It was like he was wearing a mask back he still felt things like he would his face.

He quickly opened his eyes and was startled to see that the five clawed fingers and that his skin was now a maroon like color. Quickly looking down, he found that he couldn't see his reflection in the water, only two glowing yellow eyes staring back at him through the water.

"What have you done to me?" Yelled out the monstrous creature formerly known as Naruto. He noticed that even his voice had changed to where it sounded like he had two voices. One was his own voice, the other sounded strangely similar to his tenant's. He glanced down at his stomach and found that the seal was no longer there, but in its place was a gaping hole where his seal once was.

With another cry of anger he glared at the spot the man had once stood before smashing his fist into the ground causing a huge crater to form along with mud, dirt, and rubble to come flying upwards. All the while cursing the Shinigami for what he had done to him. It was then that he felt something else coming from him.

Hunger, the monstrous beast was now growing hungry. Though, he didn't know what exactly it was that he had the erg to eat, his body practically moved on its own toward the direction that Sasuke had left.

If one were to have watched all this happen the only sign one would see where the huge foot prints that were left behind by Naruto's monstrous form stalking through the valley and towards Oto.

In Oto

Sasuke only sighed as he channeled chakra through his eyes again. There, he saw his Sharingan activate before adding more which made the three toma marks morph into what looked like a tri-bladed shuriken. He was happy…he finally achieved the power he had always sought for, he couldn't help but feel a tad bit of regret in killing the closest thing he had for a friend.

'No.' thought the avenger sternly. 'Don't waste such thoughts on that dobe. His purpose was fulfilled and now I can finally kill Itachi for what he's done. Now I just need to grow to master these eyes so that when I do encounter him again, I will be able to kill him.'

With that, he stopped focusing chakra into his eyes before walking out of the bathroom in his new room and plopping down on his bed. He winced slightly due to the pain but soon relaxed himself. In a few days, he was going to begin his training with Orochimaru and he was told that he just needed to rest while Kabuto finished healing him.

Slowly, the Uchiha's eyes began to close as the fight with Naruto had been very taxing on the young avenger. However, just as sleep was about to claim him, he felt the ground shake followed by yelling of multiple people coming down the hall. Without thinking, Sasuke climbed to his feet before exiting his room to find the source of the disturbance. Walking down the long dimly lit hallway he suddenly felt a presence of foreboding and death filling the very air he was breathing.

After arriving at where he thought the disturbance was coming from he turned the corner to discover a sight that made him fall to his knees and vomit. In the hallway, were multiple dead bodies of Oto ninja under Orochimaru's command with some missing heads, arms, hell even there torso was gone. One of the disturbing things about this was that the missing limbs couldn't be found and it looked as though the limbs were eaten off. Only fresh blood and organs littered the floor along with random claw marks along the walls and giant footprints in the floor.

After vomiting, Sasuke hastily returned to his feet while ignoring the wobbling in his legs and ran down the hallway following the giant footprints and claw marks the beast left behind. Soon, the sounds of more screaming could be heard followed by the sound of blood splattering across the floor.

After coming across another seven limbless bodies, Sasuke continued to trek onward until he realized that, whatever was attacking them, was headed for Orochimaru's chambers. Picking up as much speed as he could muster, he raced onward until he heard the sound of a door being smashed open.

'Damn, what the hell is going on?' though Sasuke as he went as fast as his injuries would allow. When he arrived at where Orochimaru's quarters were he saw that one of the double iron doors that lead to Orochimaru's room was lying on the floor with bits of concrete hanging where the hinges were. Who or whatever was doing this was very strong since those doors were almost impregnable. Taking a deep breath, Sasuke peered inside with his Sharingan activated to see a sight that stuck pure fear into his heart.

There, floating in the air was Orochimaru's dead corps whose body was missing several limbs such as his head, his arms, even his legs. Lying not too far away was Kabuto, who was sprawled out on the floor with his right arm and his left leg missing. His facial expression was that of pain and fear while his glasses were a few inches away in one of the giant footprints in the ground and looked like they were crushed under some severe weight. The thing that stuck him as odd was the fact that Orochimaru's chakra was steadily decreasing, not because of his death, but it was as though he was being drained by whatever was doing this.

And just when Sasuke was about to run for his life, two glowing yellow eyes locked with his red ones. The yellow eyes seemed to narrow at him before dropping the remains of Orochimaru and stalked towards him. Fueled by fear, Sasuke made a run down the hallway as fast as he could while praying that the beast wouldn't catch up to him.

Those thoughts were crushed when Sasuke rounded the corner and something crashed through the wall which caused the rubble to knock over the said Uchiha. When the dust cleared all Sasuke could do was look up in fright at the two glowing yellow eyes which were hovering above him.

As a last ditch effort, Sasuke channeled more chakra into his eyes as they changed into the feared Mangekyou Sharingan. What he saw with those new eyes of his made him wish he never had them.

The beast before him was huge, so huge that it looked cramped in the small hallway but, the thing most likely crashed through most things anyway. The thing had maroon colored skin, sharp black claws that where almost five inches long. Its face, if one could call it a face, was almost completely white almost like a mask of some sort with three red lines going across each cheek along with a snout with two vertical lines for breathing.

Its teeth where almost normal with the exception of the four fangs where the only thing sticking out. However, the thing that stuck out the most where the two long ears that resembled that of the Kyuubi's with a small patch of blond hair sticking out from the neck.

And all he could do was gape at the thing before him while shivering in terror at the killing intent that it was emitting. The beast made no attempt to move at that point, instead, it just stared at the terrified Sasuke while slowly breathing in and out.

Then, without warning, the thing spoke in a voice that Sasuke could defiantly recognize. "Hello, Teme."

The boy only continued to stare in shock and was now no longer trembling. There was only one person that he knew of that called him that on a regular bases.


The things yellow eyes gave the boy an amused look before answering. "Jackpot. So, what do you think of my new appearance?"

"I-i-its, d-disturbing."

"Yeah, I know." Replied the former ninja before his yellow eyes turned cold once more. "And, it's your fault I ended up this way. You and that damned Shinigami who did this to me."

"W-wait, what do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean you Teme! If you'd had just come back to Konoha I wouldn't have died and I wouldn't be like this! It's your fault for all that's happened and its your fault that I had to meet that fucking Shinigami who damned me to a living hell!"

"I-I-I told you to go back, didn't I? I told you that I was going to kill you!"

"And for what, those stupid eyes of yours? Sorry, Teme but those things look just as stupid as you. And to think I ended up dying for a selfish bastard like you when I could have just killed you and brought your sorry ass back to the village."

Sasuke tightened his fists in anger at the last comment before shouting. "Don't you dare talk to me like you were stronger than me you dobe! Remember I was the one that killed you, not the other way around!"

Naruto narrowed his yellow eyes at this before grabbing Sasuke far faster than he had anticipated from something so big. "You forget that I can kill you now and you could do little to nothing to stop me. And for your information, I wasn't trying to kill you before but you can guarantee I will rectify that mistake this time."

"Try it dobe!" Yelled out Sasuke before focusing solely on Naruto's masked head. Soon, blood began to poor out of his eye while the veins around the iris became visible.

In a fraction of a second, black flames engulfed Naruto's face which caused him to drop Sasuke onto the ground who was now panting heavily while his eyes returned to normal. That attack had used up everything he had left and he was hoping that it would be enough to finish off his revived teammate.

However, his hopes were dashed away in the wind as he felt something lift him up before tossing him halfway down the corridor. After skidding to a stop he hissed in pain as he looked around but was shocked to find nothing.

'I don't even have the chakra to active the Sharingan!' panicked the Uchiha as he began to search wildly around the area.

"Teme." Said the monster known as Naruto. "You have nothing left that I can use to feed me and now that I think about it I'm actually quite full. So consider yourself lucky that I won't be eating you alive."

Sasuke only scuffed as a small part of him always knew he was bluffing. "I knew you couldn't kill me no matter what you said." Muttered the boy.

"Oh, I never said I was going to spare your life Sasuke."

Sasuke then felt the serge of fear enter his heart once more as he saw the foot prints come closer towards him. He panicked and tried to crawl away but, in the end it was futile as Naruto grabbed him by the ankle and started dragging him towards a wall before smashing it down to reveal the harsh rain storm that awaited them outside.

And as Naruto dragged the terrified Uchiha out of the hideout, Sasuke was yelling for someone, anyone that would help him but knowing full well no one would come.

In Konoha (One Day Later)

Tsunade was sitting at her desk looking at the file with all the reports of what happened leading to the failed retrieval mission of Uchiha Sasuke. She gritted her teeth in anger before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She then reached down under her desk and picked up one object. A special bottle of Sake meant only for when shit really hit the fan.

She uncorked the bottle before taking a long gulp of the substance. After that she let out a soft sigh of contentment before easing back in her chair. She glanced down at the necklace that she had given Naruto before scowling.

"Wretched thing!" Yelled out the blonde before snapping it off her neck and tossing it towards the far corner of the room.

Just when she was about to take another long sip of her beverage, Shizune, her assistant, burst into her office panting heavily as she entered.

"Shizune, what's wrong with-"

"Oto has been destroyed Hokage-sama." Gasped out the dark hared kunoichi.


"Oto has been completely and utterly destroyed along with all that resided in the base. We even have reports that Orochimaru and Kabuto are dead as well Hokage-sama."

This was some rather shocking news that she was getting. She knew that Orochimaru was no push over and for him, his assistant, and his men to be killed off so quickly was astonishing to her.

"We have other news as well Hokage-sama. Uchiha Sasuke has been found."

Now that was news that brought an evil gleam in the woman's eye that was all too happy that the boy lived just so she could make him wish he was dead.

"Where is he?" asked the Hokage while hiding her anxiousness at torturing the damn boy.

For a moment, Shizune didn't know how to answer before finally setting with the direct approach. "W-well, that's the thing. We found him, but...he wasn't in one piece anymore. In fact, we found most of his limbs on the branches of trees and some on the forest floor. The real thing that is scary though, is that his head was jammed into one of the broken tree branches."

Tsunade's eyes widened before looking at her apprentice with a disbelieving gaze. Seeing her reaction, Shizune quickly pulled out a small folder which Tsunade opened to find pictures of limbs scattered throughout the clearing with blood soaking the ground.

And there, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed something that looked as though it was carved into the tree bark. What it said made her gasp and drop the picture while pointing at the words carved into the bark.

: Rest In Pieces Teme! :

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