A/N: This is my first POTC fanfic so please be kind in your reviews

A/N: This is my first POTC fanfic so please be kind in your reviews. I hope I didn't butcher the fandom too terribly. Also, I don't own POTC. Wish I did but I don't…sadly. Anyways, please read, enjoy, and review. Thank you!

Not All Silver and Gold, Mate

Freedom. All of his life, Jack Sparrow dreamed of freedom, longed for freedom, hungered and thirsted for freedom. As a young boy, he compared freedom to a beautiful ship that would carry him to the ends of the world and back. As he grew older, Jack began to see freedom as nothing more than an unattainable dream. A dream lost amongst his mother's sudden and horrific death, his father's leave, his custody granted to his mother's atrocious sister, and dainty women lining up to be dowered away to him. Everything, every hardship that Jack had faced, only pushed his dream further and further away until it was almost completely gone.

It wasn't until one day, Jack saw his freedom. He was down at the docks helping his uncle with one of his ships. His uncle left to go and catch up with a fellow sailor who had just returned. Jack idled his time by watching the waves splash up against the shores. The sun was just beginning to set below the horizon and the sea was beautifully stained pink, yellow, orange, and gold. It was sheer treasure to see such a sight, in Jack's opinion.

The horizon was a treasure in and of itself. It stood for everything Jack hungered for, thirsted for – freedom. The horizon and his freedom suddenly was no longer just a mere illusion but an increasing reality to Jack. His heart pounded as he looked out into the ocean. He had seen many a kind soul wasted due to silver and gold – a fool's treasure. To Jack, there was another treasure, a different treasure of greater value than that of gold or silver or jewels. That treasure was freedom.

Jack glanced over at his uncle who was too busy talking to pay much attention to the young boy and untied the boat from its dock. Slowly and surely it drifted out into the waves. Jack had much knowledge of boats thanks to his uncle but he wasn't a primed sailor by any definition of the word. He knew though where to go and how to get there. Besides, Jack was never a stupid man – foolish, yes – but never stupid. He had a plan, a marvelous plan.

He would go off to an island about several miles off. He would commandeer himself a sword from some unfortunate fool and would come into possession of arms and a compass. Three essentials for any good sailor.

So Jack did just that. That night, loud shots from a cannon fired not once, not twice, but three times. The thunderous booms were enough to wake any a sleeping soul. Jack jumped up from his slumber, grabbed his effects, and hurried out towards the docks. It was there that a huge ship with sails as black as the darkest night, came into sight. Jack took one glance at the ship and knew that somehow, that ship would be his.

And indeed it did become his. He had finally had his freedom! No longer was he hungry, or thirsty, or had dreams of a life he'd never known. Everything he ever wanted, he had. And to Jack, that was the greatest treasure of them all.

That was many a year ago and the Black Pearl – as Jack had christened her – had been taken from him – thanks to some very unkindly crew members – and now, finally regained.

Sailing off into the sunset with a new crew and hopes for a brighter tomorrow, Jack couldn't help but smile as the sun crept below the horizon. The sea was a marvelous rainbow of color reflecting from the sunset. A small smile played at Jack's lips.

"Bring me that horizon," he said, before sailing off to claim his treasure.