Forgotten Loyalty

Preview: Sakura Haruno loses her memories after being gravely injured. This is what happens to her blank life.anything is possible.Now how does akatsuki tie into this?

--Sakura's P.O.V.--

My name is Sakura Haruno. I am a chunin kunoichi. I am also the spprentice of the Hokage, Lady Tsunade. This is all i know. I don't remember anything else. Apparently i lost my memory after a battle, I almost died. 'Damn it !! I wish I could remember ! then i'd know what the fucks going on !!' I sigh at my inner self, that noone told me i had! All the other other things i know were told to me by a womon in a white uniform. Everything is white here; the bed, the walls,the closet,the curtains...well,everything except the pretty yallow flower on the table. I think the white lady called it a daffa-something. I really likeyellow,...I think.

A noise comes from the other side of the room, i look. The white lady walks in, but it is the woman behind her that captures my eye. She is so colorful. I think i like colors,...a lot. The woman has yellow hair. I like it,it's like the flower. She also has a jacket of green,just like the flowers stem. I like that too. She is pretty."Hello, Sakura" she says softly. i smile. Her voice is nice, i like it."H-Hel-Hello" i stutter,i'm still learning how to talk,again. The colorful lady smiles at me. I feel warm. I like it when she smiles. The colorful lady sat in the white chair next to my white bed. She just lit up the whole room. 'Cha !!' I smile at her. " Do you know me, Sakura?" she asks me softly with a small smile. My own smile drops slightly as i shake my head 'no'. She smiles at me sadly. It makes me feel sad,even a little bad. I feel bad for not being able to remember. she sighs. "My name is Tsunade." she says simply. My eyes widen at her words. "Ho-Hoka-Hokage!" i stutter,stunned. She smiled, I missed the look in her eyee. What was it? "Now, how would you know that?" she asked, amused. "Whi-white lady" i say. I'm getting a little better at talking. she smiled. I'm warm again."Well, Sakura-chan,besides the fact that you can't remember anything, how are you feling?" the colorful lady, Tsunade, asked me. I smile "n-nice a-and w-w-warm." The colorful lady places a hand on my forhead, then smiled wide " That's good" she said, before turning to the white lady" Nurse, don't give her anymore medicine, just keep her here until i come pick her up." The white lady nodded 'yes'. So the colorful lady is Tsunade, and the white lady is Nurse. I must remember that.Tsunade turned back to me "I'll be back tomarrow to come get you,ok?" I nodded 'yes'.She smiled "Good, be a good for me.' I nodded 'yes' again. She graced me with another smile before leaving.

--Tsunade's P.O.V.--

As soon as I left the room,my smile vanished from my face. That poor girl. A sigh escapted my lips. This is going to be difficult."Sakura-chan" I whisper,sadness coating my tone."Lady Hokage?" a voice cuts into my thoughts. Looking up I see a masked, silver haired jonin. "Hello, Kakashi-san"I greet him. "Hello" he replies. An awkward silence falls between us. "ano, is she?" I can hear the sorrow weighing down on his words. Another sigh. "Physically she's recovered to perfect heath." I pause, then continue "Mentally, we're not sure...she seems happy, but that may be the bliss of being memoryless." Another awkward silence. "How do you think she'll cope?" the jonin asked. Another sigh. "We don't know...she is learning quickly, she is already quite efficent in speaking..." I trailed off. By his upturned eye i could tell that he was smiling. " That's good" he said. My eyebrows knit themselves together. "yes...but it may also pose as a problem..." Kakashi's eyes (or rather eye) flew open "eh?!" Another sigh. "We don't know who might try to take advantage of her vulnerable state of mind" I stated. Kakashi's eye widened in comprehention. "They wouldn't...not to... not" Kakashi stumbled over his words. "We never really know for sure." I say with regret. Kakashi sighed, "May i see her?" I smile sadly. "Of course, you're the one who saved her after all." "Arigato" Kakashi said quietly. His hand was on the door when I spoke again "Kakashi." He turned to observe me."don't say anything unnesessary." Kakashi looked down "Hai."

--Sakura's P.O.V.--

The daffa-something swayed in the wind that flew in through the open window. It is nice. I like watching it dance. It's so graceful. I wonder, is the colorful lady this graceful? I smile gently at the flower. The door opened. I looked up to see a man with silver hair that fell slightly over his covered left eye. He wore a black mask that covered the bottom half of his face, and a green vest. I like his vest. His hairis nice too, even though it is close to white. It looks so soft. I just want to run my hands through it. His one visible eye curved upward. I guess that would be a smile...maybe. "Yo"he said in a sing song voice , while his hand up in a greeting gesture. "Y-Y-Yo?" I asked, tilting my head sideways, confused. The man strolls in. He looks nice. He bends down to me. Now I can tell he is smiling underneath his mask. "It means 'hello' " he said cheerfully. I smile wide, "Yo!!" He smiles, "Yo!" The man sits in the same white chair that the colorful lady sat in. I think I'll call him the mask man. 'hee hee that's funny!!' my inner self snickers. "So Sakura-chan, how are you feeling?" the mask man asks me. "n-nice" I stutter slightly. I feel a little figitty. 'Oh!! I just want to pet his hair SOOOOOOOOOoooobad!!' I agree wholeheartedly with my inner self. It looks so soft. 'touch it!!' I saw no reason to object to my inner self, so i lifted up my hand to pet his hair. I saw him tense up. I pulled my hand back quickly, embarassed. The mask man relaxed, then chuckled. he took my hand in his and placed it an his head. I grin. My fingers wind themselves in and out of his hair. I was right, it is soft. I like it.

--Kakashi's P.O.V.--

Sakura stops suddenly. I'm dissapointed, it felt nice to be petted. I tilt my head at her confused. She mimicks my action. "who-who are you?" she asked quietly. I chuckle slightly. "Can't remember, huh." Sakura shakes her head 'no'. I smile at her sadly. Thankfully she doesn't see. "I'm Kakashi." She looks up at me "Ka-ka-shi?" I smile at her "Yeah, I was your sensei before Lady Tsunade took over your training," Sakura tilted her head at me again "s-sen-sei?" she questioned. I chuckled "It means 'teacher', you called me Kakashi-sensei""Ohhhhhhh." She looked so cute when she did that. She thought for a few minutes, before petting my hair again. I wonder, what was she thinking? "Ka-ka-shi sen-sei, h-has ni-nice hair" Sakura still stumbles over her words a little. "I l-like it" she continued. I can feel myself blush, I'm thankful for my mask. I smile at her, "Sakura-chan has nice hair too, I like it" Sakura smiles wide at me. I look at the clock and sigh sadly. "I'm sorry Sakura-chan, but I have to go." Sakura looks sad. "It's late" I say. Sakura looks down sadly "O-O-kay" "Good night, Sakura-chan," was the last thing I said before closing the door. "Be safe Sakura-chan."