Reiji and Chibi raced towards the black dragon's castle

Reiji and Chibi raced towards the black dragon's castle. Reiji's Adrenaline was racing through his veins, and he could feel Chibi's muscles tense in anticipation for fighting the enemy that kidnapped his companion's friend and made life a living hell for the people of Rikyu. The castle was edging ever closer as Chibi flew at top speed towards it, suddenly a Beam of dark energy shot towards them. It hit Chibi, and then the dragon started to transform into his smaller form.

"No, this can't be happening." Reiji panicked as they started to fall, Chibi grabbed Reiji and flared his wings, and they started to float safely to the ground.

In the castle the black dragon was laughing at the defeat of Reiji and Chibi.

Those two idiots think that they can defeat me.

He laughed some more. And took a look in a huge ball of crystallized dark energy, in that ball was the body of Maiko. The teenage girl was crying at the fact that she was imprisoned.

"You will never win you bastard!" She said to the black dragon.

Silence you whore!

The black dragon raised a paw and touched the dark energy ball and shot some of his dark magic at Maiko, She screamed as she was hit with the blast, and fell down. Her last thoughts before she was unconscious were

"Oh Reiji…Help me!"

"Hey…Chibi Stop that!" Reiji said as Chibi licked him. The dragon was concerned that his companion was harmed when they were hit with the blast of dark energy, but Chibi still ignored his friend's pleas as he continued to comfort him in his own draconic way. After a few minutes of enduring comfort from his companion for several minutes, he got up and started walking towards the castle.

He and Chibi walked up towards the drawbridge, and entered the castle, But little did he know was that, the black dragon had eyes everywhere around his castle. A shadow like creature was spying on them, and as it saw them enter the castle it oozed in its own shadow like way towards the top of the castle.

What! You said that the weakling of a human has entered my castle!

The shadow creature told its master what had just happened, it was cowering in front of its master. The dragon lifted a black crystal and the creature disappeared into its home.

Hmmm! I underestimated that puny human. Well we will see what happens next when he makes it up here!

Reiji climbed his way up towards the top of the castle. He was getting tired of these stairs. Suddenly he stopped, out of breath and giving up hope.

"Dear lord! These stairs…These…God damn stairs… they are so freakin' endless!"

Chibi looked at Reiji with a look that could break any one's heart; the dragon was hoping that Reiji wouldn't give up. He made a high pitched whine, which showed that the dragon was getting depressed. He nudged Reiji, encouraging his human partner, and friend to continue on forward, so Chibi did something desperate.

The dragon gathered his strength, and…ran forward, knocked Reiji over and grabbed his back collar of his shirt in his mouth, and dragged Reiji up the stairs as fast as his little legs could carry him (Which was pretty fast).

Reiji was screaming, half out of surprise, and half out of confusion as to why Chibi was dragging him at mock speed up the stairs.

The dragon stopped at the top in front of these huge metal doors. Reiji, who was stunned after that very, very desperate attempt to help him, got up and…

"WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED BACK THERE? WHAT DID YOU THINK THAT I WAS GOING TO GIVE UP?" Reiji screamed at his partner (Hey you would scream at him to if you were dragged at mock speeds up several flights of stairs). He then got a dirty look from Chibi, which seemed to say 'you're welcome'. This made Reiji feel very bad.

"Sorry bout' that. I was just surprised that's all." He apologized to Chibi. The dragon then did something very draconic in Reiji's eyes…He knocked him over and started to lick him. After that show of affection, the two companions pushed on the metal door; it opened slowly with a loud grating sound. They entered the lair of the black dragon.

They saw the dragon waiting for them, and they also saw the unconscious form of Maiko, which was trapped inside a crystal.

I hoped you have enjoyed your tour of my humble abode, cause' now you will not live to see another day!

Then the black dragon opened his mouth and energy blasted fourth towards Reiji and Chibi. They rolled away from the attack, and Chibi transformed into his attack mode.

"Let's get him Chibi!" Reiji said from his usual spot on his dragon's back. Chibi responded by shooting fourth his own energy blast at the black dragon. It hit him.

You call that power…I will show you true power! RAGING SHADOWS!

The black dragon opened his mouth, and a very powerful and deadly form of energy was crackling and forming.

"Two can play at that game you bastard!" Reiji said to the black dragon.

"Ready Chibi?"

Chibi then opened his jaws, and started building up holy light for the Zekujin-Ko.

Now die!!

The black dragon released his Raging Shadows attack on the two partners, at the exact moment Chibi released his Zekujin-Ko as well.

The two energy blasts collided, what will win, unholy shadows or holy light. The black dragons attack started to slowly consume the Zekujin-Ko.

"Give it all you've got Chibi!" Reiji encouraged the battling dragon.

You will never win, you and this entire world will be consumed by shadow, and there is nothing you can do to stop me!!

"SHUT UP!!" Reiji yelled. He and his dragon Chibi were starting to glow with a bright golden light. This light then was sucked up into Chibi's attack, and thus increased the power of it. The Zekujin-Ko then started to slowly consume the Raging Shadows attack. The black dragon eyes went wide as it quickened its pace and started to come at him fast. The holy light hit him, and the result was an earth shattering explosion, that sent bit's of the evil creature flying everywhere. One of the sharper and harder bits's hit the crystal prison that Maiko was trapped in.

The crystal shattered and Maiko was free. Reiji got down off of Chibi and ran to catch her falling body, but Chibi caught her instead. One of the black dragon's talons impaled Reiji on one of his legs, and he screamed with pain. Blood oozed out of the wound.

Suddenly the ground started to shake, the castle was falling apart. Chibi ripped the talon out from Reiji's leg, picked him up and flew out of the castle.

A day after the defeat of the evil black dragon, everyone was celebrating. Maiko was reunited with Gorao. The protector dragon was so overjoyed that he started to cry hot draconic tears. Reiji walked with a limp in his now bandaged leg for at least a month, Daisuke never even let him hear the end of it. As for Rokkaku, well he got drunk, again, and he did his normal drunk routine of picking bar fights with anyone, again!

After the celebrations the four friends took a vacation, at a beach, where they played in the sand, and weren't forced on another adventure…till later that is!!

The end

Sorry if the bad guy's name sounded racist. Didn't mean any harm I just couldn't think up a good name for him yet. Hope you enjoyed this three part story cause' I may be writing another Dragon Drive story. (I just need some ideas k )