Ok. Hello. this may be a little confusing. This is my Breaking Dawn quotes of the day FAQ. But it isn't a serious one. I'm not Stephenie. But I'll make up a question, and then answer it. With a random and never-gonna-happen answer. So this isn't like I found a copy and am now answering questions. It's total random and stupid guesses.

Disclaimer: Yup. I own Twilight and Breaking Dawn!

Stephenie- You what now?

Err, don't own them?

Stephenie- Thank you.

She ruins my fun. (

Today's Quote issss...

Alice: "I'll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors."

Edward: "Why don't you just tell me who wins?"

Alice: "I do. Excellent."

So. The questions arrrrreee: (bold, question asker person, italics, me)

1. What are they playing for?

Well duh. The last slice of pizza!

But they don't eat.


They wouldn't be fighting over it.

They would so!


Just...because, ok!

2. Why do they play rock paper scissors for whatever it is?

Number one, I told you! A pizza slice is what they are playing for. And they do rock paper scissors because that's all they have time for.


Because Bella turned into a vicious and pregnant monster and is coming after them.




Why are you being diffucult??

Because you are being ridiulous!

Am not!

Ya, you are.

How? It's entierly possible. They're gonna do the deed after the wedding.

Yes, but-


A/N: So, like it? I'll zip it if ya want. But see? These theorys are pretty random. So don't take what I say here seriously. And each quote of the day is another chappie. I love reviews, by the way. ) Oh, and through those luverly reviews, you can submit questions that I can ask myself. Or the person asks me...or whatever. I think we'll call him Joe.

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