Firstly, I understand how frustrating it is to get an e-mail saying "so-and-so has updated such-and-such a story" only to discover it's a message from the author and not an update. Believe me, I've cursed many writers in the past for this exact reason and it's much worse here, what with me having not updated in so long.

I think it's finally time I gave everyone an explanation because the mounting PMs and reviews asking me if I'm still alive are playing heavily on my already guilty conscience. And yes, I am the type who feels crappy over disappointing people I've never met.

Anyway, my absence can be put down to a various amount of things, moving house, school, exams, health issues and many other things, but mainly I've simply lost interest in Twilight. Now, of course, I still love the books and I saw the film when it released in England – which I adored even more – but Bella and Edward have just become so...dull, I guess. I've read my filling of fan fiction around the two and I've written a small share about them too, so I guess it's no wonder that I actually feel sickened by Bella's weakness and Edward's...well, dreaminess? Yes, that's right, Edward's perfection kills me.

I don't know, I think I'm just bored of writing about brown-haired, brown-eyed girls who are self-conscious and have no backbone and bronze-haired Gods who fall in love instantly and never seem to do wrong. I'm literally this close – about an inch if you want to be specific – to tugging out my hair in frustration. Now, this goes to The Chase readers too as I know most of you guys read TEoA also.

I will finish The Chase, and hopefully it will be done this month. I've left it on a huge cliff-hanger and with most of the next chapter finished; it won't be too long a wait now. So, don't worry there, I'm not that cruel.

TEoA is a whole different ball-game. It's my favourite plot line and I prefer my Bella and Edward clones in this story much more than in The Chase, but it's so very far from the end that I can't commit enough to promise it will be finished. I'd like to say it will be, but that might turn out to be a lie. For now it will be put on hiatus. Please don't kill me. If I ever decide not to finish it, then I will say so and depending on reader's opinions, I will summarise the ending. I doubt anyone would care to finish the story, it's not like it's a huge story among the FF world anyway.

So basically, I promise to finish The Chase and think about finishing TEoA but that is all. I also have a confession. There is another reason why I possibly might not be so update-y... Yeah...I know people will kill me for this one but I've started writing a story for fiction press. I haven't actually begun posting, so it's not like it takes up all my time to update, but rather I'm going at a steady pace that fits around my life. I plan to begin posting when I reach the tenth chapter mark and currently I'm on my fourth. So, yeah, if anyone wants to read that when it's up, keep checking on my profile for a link at some point. I'd really appreciate your support, even if you want me dead, even if it's anon.

Everything isn't too bad, remember that. I'm trying my best here.