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Zuko and Katara stood next to each other on a balcony over-looking the festival

Zuko and Katara stood next to each other on a balcony over-looking the festival. It was all in honor of him, for finally bringing the Fire Nation back to it's former glory.

The crowd was obviously enjoying themselves, as there were games and merriment to be had. Not all were as merry as they should be, though.

"Azula escaped." Zuko confided quietly to his companion. Katara's eyes widened. "What? When?" "Two days ago. We're keeping it under wraps though, we don't want to cause panic." Katara glanced at the crowd, silently agreeing that it would be most unwise to disrupt the festivities.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Katara inquired. "I'll do whatever I can."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Zuko said gratefully. "We're preparing to hire Jun, but we'll need all the help we can get." "What about Sokka and Suki?" The dark-haired girl nodded toward the two in the crowd. Sokka was dancing around the meat booth while Suki attempted to pull him away. She was still a force to reckon with, even with her swelling belly.

Zuko shook his head. "No, I don't want to involve them. They have a family together, I won't be held responsible for breaking it if anything happens."

"...What about Mai?" Katara's nose wrinkled a tiny bit, as she said the knife thrower's name. "Aren't you two... Y'know... Together?"

Zuko darken visibly. "Things... Things didn't work out between us." Katara decided not to press the subject anymore. It had only been a month since the Comet's arrival and the Phoenix King's fall, and already so many things had changed since that day.

A comfortable silence had fallen between them, as they overviewed the festivities.

Zuko was the first to break the silence. "What.. What about you and Aang?"

Katara simply smiled. It was all that needed to be said. The smile was a forlorn one, and Zuko understood. Things were coming to an end for them as well.

"He's starting to mature, and he's got so many duties to the world. I don't compare." Zuko nodded, understanding. Replenishing a nation after a century of warring was not an easy feat. In no way did he envy Aang's position, trying to re-balance the whole planet.

"Well, enough lurking. Wanna go down and catch up with everyone?" Katara smiled, trying not to think about her failing relationship. Zuko returned her smile, and agreed.

Sokka was dancing around Suki as they made their way to Toph and Aang, whom were conversing with Zuko and Katara. "Sokka, I'm pregnant, not ill. Now stop acting like it!" Suki hissed, sending death glares at her husband.

Toph snickered. "Gee, Snoozles, you didn't waste any time." Suki and Sokka blushed. They'd only been married for 3 weeks, but they both agreed they wanted to begin a family as soon as possible, to make up for lost time.

Toph rolled her eyes and smiled. She'd come to terms with her crush, and had gotten over it. After Suki nearly died to save them proved that she was well worth Sokka and more.

"Are you guys enjoying the festival so far?" Aang walked over to Katara and put his hand around her waste. She flinched ever so slightly. Toph eyed her curiously.

"Yup, we're having a great time!" Aang grinned. Sokka nodded, "See what I won?" He proudly produced a Platypus-Bear plushie he'd won for Suki. Suki smiled, hugging the bear. "What about you, Sparky?" Toph inquired.

"How've you taken to the festivities so far?" Zuko smiled. "They've only just begun, but I think the planners did a wonderful job."

"Hey, Sokka! Look!" Toph exclaimed. "Meat eating contest!" Sokka jumped three feet. "WHERE?!" The Warrior exclaimed. "I dunno." Toph shrugged. The group laughed.


Several hours passed before the festival came to an end. The moon shown brightly as servants cleaned the grounds of the trash and drunken festival goers. Zuko stood from the balcony once more, watching over the clean up. He was tired, but he knew he'd get no sleep that night. Seeing her for the first time in a month had sent him into a relapse of previously held feelings. They needed to be sorted out before his eyes would ever get their much needed rest.

His brain was working overtime; old memories replayed themselves like broken records.

I trusted you!

If you make one step out of line, one move out of place, you won't have to worry about your destiny anymore. Because I'll end it. Permanently.

You could bring my mother back!

I'll never forgive him... But I can forgive you.

Zuko! Hold on! I can heal you!

The scar on his chest twitched at the memory.

Just another of her many marks that she'd left on him, some more visible then others. And he loved every single one of them.

Zuko sighed, thinking things might've been better off for him if he hadn't invited her to spend alone time with him. Deciding perhaps a stroll around the palace would help clear his head, he turned and exited his room.

Katara felt her irritation rise as Aang tried to kiss her as she combed out her hair for the night. "Katara, let's go to bed."

"It's fine, Aang. You go ahead, I just need to finish my hair and wash my face." Aang nodded, leaning up to kiss her once more. She turned her head, and he got her cheek instead of her lips. Looking slightly defeated, he walked out of the bathroom and into their bed.

She appreciated that Zuko allowed them to stay the night in the palace, she really did. But why only one bed?! Honestly, just because they were together doesn't necessarily mean that they slept together. Katara contemplated sleeping on the couch that was so graciously brought in on her request. It would be uncomfortable, but sleeping next to Aang, who was, let's face it, a lot younger than her (How did she forget this important fact when she kissed him?) would be a lot more uncomfortable. They were ending and that's all there was to it.

Setting the comb that she'd been brushing her hair with, Katara finished changing into her sleeping robes and grabbed a blanket off the bed. Aang was already fast asleep when she blew out the single remaining candle that lit the room. She sat on the bed, and darkness engulfed her.

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