Reason to Love

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Reason to Love

"Sometimes I wonder why I love that guy so much." Fuji told Saeki one day over the phone. "He's cold, emotionless, insensitive, oblivious, dense, stubborn, he put tennis before me, he left me to Germany for weeks…"

"But he is a good lay?" Saeki suggested.

Fuji smirked. "Maybe. But I'm better than him."

Saeki laughed heartily from the other side. Fuji continued to smirk, staring out to the clear blue sky outside his window. "Why, then?" Saeki asked once his laughter subsided.

"I don't know." Fuji shrugged. Just then arms wrapped around his body, holding him gently and not too tightly. Out of instinct Fuji leaned to the broad chest behind him. His eyes closed involuntarily as he basked in the familiar presence. When he opened his eyes, he saw a pot of cacti sitting before him and a smile spread on his face. A kiss landed on his neck, a promise for more to come tonight. The arms withdrew but Fuji's smile stayed.

"But I just do." Fuji continued. As he caressed the red flower of the new addition to his collection he decided that it didn't really matter that Echizen had a lot of Tezuka's attention lately and that they hadn't spoken to each other for two days. Because what they had was beyond what Echizen could hope to gain from Tezuka, beyond words, and beyond reasons.