So, this is a story that's been twirling around in my brain for some time now. Finally, I decided I just needed to let it out. Its AU/human and won't be as funny as Follow You, but you know I can't control my sarcasm. I also don't plan on it being that long. Ok, Ill shut up now and just let ya'll read.



"He loves me…petal falls

He loves me not…petal falls

He loves me…petal falls

He loves me not…petal falls

Life…petal falls

Death…petal falls

Faith…petal falls

Disbelief…petal falls

I never understood that game. Actually, I understood it, but it never seemed fair.

You take a flower. Beautiful. Hopeful. Determined to bloom.

One by one, you pick it apart. Challenge it to answer questions beyond its grasp.

Then, whether he loves you or not, you still pluck a petal.

And so, in the end, what remains? Nothing, but the stigma and stem. The skeleton. The most desolate part of the flower.

And, of course, once the damage is done, it's done. No reattaching petals. No second chances.

Like I said, not very fair, but I guess the saying never was 'Life's fair'.

As for me, my first petal fell on October 3, 1991. Now, seventeen years later, I'm nothing but the stigma. Well, more like a stigma.

A blemish on the pure skin of our society.

So, this is my life, a childish game. Ruled by God, damned by fate. A game of love and lost."

I was quickly brought out of my rambling state by the clearing of a throat.

"Bella, I'm sorry but our time is up. You did great today, though. Would you like to come at the same time next week?"

I nodded slightly, and slowly rose from the leather chair that stuck to my skin. We said our goodbyes, formal and polite, as usual.

I walked into the waiting room and closed the door behind me, wishing I could shut off that part of me. Leave it in that room, leave it there to wilt.


Totally confused? I hope not. Feel free to ask questions if you do get lost. I promise to try and answer.

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