Title: An Act of Love

Title: An Act of Love
Pairing: you'll see XDD
Rating: PG-13 for kissing and mentions of the birds and the bees
Disclaimer: they are so not mine
Summary: She was the most beautiful thing Tezuka had ever seen.
A/N: definitely inspired by perfecttales comm on LJ. I want to write something and a fairytale setting seems fun to write. It's not an entry to the community though.

An Act of Love

She was the most beautiful thing Tezuka had ever seen. Her long black hair framed her pale angelic face beautifully. Her full red lips curved into a gentle smile even as she slept on her flowery bed. Her crossed hands rose and fell slowly as they laid on her dress-clad body.

Tezuka held his breath, entranced by the beautiful sight before him. Slowly he stepped forward, not wanting to disrupt the silence that suddenly fell upon them. She was even more beautiful close up, Tezuka thought as he kneeled beside her bed. His gaze fell upon her lips and he swallowed. Without fully realizing it, he caressed graceful neck he was so familiar with. His finger lingered on a dark spot unconcealed by the thin layer of make up, drawing a tiny shudder from the beauty beneath him.

With a ghost of smile tugging his lips, he bent down. His lips were hovering just above those luscious lips when he hesitated again. His confidence decreased as he noted the mounting anticipation around them. But then those primrose lips opened just a little wider to release a moan so soft he nearly missed it, as the petite body arched up slightly.


Lust and possessiveness suddenly gripped him. With a feral growl he claimed those welcoming lips with a passionate kiss. His ears were deaf to the jubilant cry around them as his mind was only focused on the arms that encircled his neck to pull him deeper into the kiss. Even as darkness fell upon them, he wouldn't let go of the beauty. He only broke the kiss with much disappointment once their cravings for air could no longer be denied.

The arms looped around his neck retreated and the beauty sat up. Tezuka glared as a thin hand pulled long dark hair and revealed short brown locks. The desired effect was lost however as he was still slightly panting with unfulfilled desire that colored his skin a nice shade of rose. The beauty smiled innocently yet those slightly revealed blue orbs told him that the thought inside that pretty head was nowhere near innocent.

"See, Tezuka, acting isn't so difficult after all."


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