10 Drabbles

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10 Drabbles

I Wanna be with You (Mandy Moore)

Fuji thought he knew what he wanted, what he aspires, and how to get them. Then he entered Seigaku and met Tezuka Kunimitsu and realized how wrong he was.

Rehab (Amy Winehouse)

When the doctor mentioned the dreaded word, Tezuka frowned and very nearly strangled the man. He was understandably unwilling to leave Tokyo at the critical time. It took a gentle coaxing from a certain genius to make him leave. "Tezuka, if you don't go to rehab, you're not doing sleepover in my place ever again!"

Smile (Lily Allen)

Fuji's smile when he returned from Kyushu was fake, Tezuka decided. He tried to find out what was wrong but so far ended up with a mouthful of Inui's juice and a sever headache from watching Fuji's pranks. Finally, when he managed to corner Fuji, the boy smiled that smile again and kindly informed that: "You only called me twenty two times."

Take a Bow (Rihanna)

Fuji heart was broken. As he sat on his bed, ignoring the familiar voice from outside his door asking for forgiveness. He gave no answer as he vowed to close this chapter in his life and started a new one without Tezuka.

Like You'll Never See Me Again (Alicia Keys)

Was it so surprising that the face that flashed before Tezuka's eyes as his body grew numb was Fuji's face? Every second they had spent together, every touch, every kiss flashed before his eyes and he cursed his infidelity one more time. The last word that crossed his mind before darkness claimed him was "Shuusuke."

Just Like Heaven (The Cure)

When Tezuka opened his eyes, he saw white, he felt warmth, then he saw Fuji. The boy was crying so hard and his eyes were puffy. With great effort, Tezuka moved his hand to brush Fuji's. Fuji jumped when their skin touched, his expression priceless. After getting a hold of himself, he yelled. "Don't do that again!"

Won't Go Home Without You (Maroon 5)

Fuji stayed by Tezuka's side all the time, only leaving when Tezuka's mother came to replace him for several hours. His exhaustion was taking its toll on his performances but when Tezuka told him to leave, he shook his head as he smiled. "I won't let you leave me again."

You (Ten 2 Five)

It wasn't the most pleasant conversation to have, but it was necessary. Tezuka explained carefully the cause of his infidelity to a silent Fuji. When he was finished, Fuji was quiet for a long time before he spoke. "I hate you. I hate you for hurting me so much. I hate you for making me love you so much it hurts."

With You (Chris Brown)

Tezuka never forgave himself for hurting Fuji. Right before him, he ended his other relationship. Possessively, he held Fuji's waist and said, "This is the person I love." He knew he won't regret his choice of action.

Only Hope (Mandy Moore)

Fuji dreamt of being an artist. Tezuka dreamt of being a pro tennis player. Fuji studied art day and night as Tezuka practiced his tennis tirelessly. By the end of the day as they lied in each other's arms, listening to each other breaths they knew they had gained their true, ultimate hope, dream and desire.


4 Minutes (Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake)

Inui smirked as he caught Tezuka leaving the clubroom looking 2,01 percent more disheveled than he was when Fuji requested a private conversation a while ago. "Just four minutes, Tezuka?"

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