She looked up at him, just as he looked down to her, their eyes met and there was a spark. Not a spark of fire or one of magic but a spark of pure chemistry between the two. His gaze slowly dropped from hers to rest on her full, soft lips. She gave a slight smile and he shivered, those lips were the stuff of his dreams. How he longed to have them pressed to his, and feel the moisture of her mouth for real, instead of always having to imagine. He slowly leaned in, giving her time to turn away if she wanted to, though he hoped that she wanted this as much as him. Finally their lips met, George felt that he had waited an age for this moment. The wonderful feeling of his lips moving against hers and the excitement as she returned his kiss. In that moment George felt as though he found a place he wanted to stay forever. And that place was right there, in the arms of his bushy haired bookworm.