Elemental Chaos

Chapter 1

Long ago, there were six princesses. They were the protectors, of all that kept our world in balance. With them together, peace and harmony, reigned, over the world. Each, were the keeper of a single element, that held this tranquility, in place.

But then- darkness- spread over the lands like a sand storm, hazing the sun and clouding the sky. That's when they came.

Demons, invaded the peaceful land, causing havoc and destruction. The princesses could only watch, as their villages were destroyed, and people slaughtered carelessly. The demons, had elemental and elemental keepers,. of their own.Each keeper, was a master, of the element they protected.

They followed the orders of their Lord, and each took a princess hostage. The land fell into the hands of the Demon Lord, and each tower that held a princess, grew into a dangerous fortress. The demon element keepers, who were called 'Sabari', took one princess, who came to be called 'Empiresses', as their own.

They altered their real forms, into ones they thought were 'pleasing' to the human eye. They promised their leader, who they called 'Diablo', that they would make sure their hostages would stay in their given fortresses. For there were demon rebels, who had sided with the surviving humans and called themselves, 'Bishop'.

Diablo himself, even took a princess, being a Sabari as well.

Our story begins here...


(Diablo's Castle)

He gave her chains an angry tug.

"I COMMAND you to come over here!" He growled controlling, giving the chains another rough tug.

(snap shot!)

Name: Diablo (Spanish for 'Devil')

Age: ?

Eye color: red

Hair color: unknown

Element: Inferno

Info: The king of Demons, his name is unknown. He's never been seen, with out his armour, which is thick and of a shiny purple/ black color. His helmet, has a single slit in it, as well as a grid, for him to breathe, thus, letting his eye color be known.

She fell to the ground, still at a distance from him, but she got up, and refused to come closer.

"Stubborn WENCH!" He snarled angrily, tugging on the chain again, but she diddn't budge, after driving one of his spears, into the ground. She had put it in deep, and clung to it, after wrapping the chain around the shaft of it three times.

(snap shot!)

Name:Kamikoro Ryutori a.k.a Ryu

Age: ?

Eye color: grey

Hair color: purple

Element: Dark

Info: A strong and head-strong girl. She's from another planet entirely.

She fought against him lively, before he stood and gave the chain a huge tug. She yelled, falling forward, about two feet from Diablo's throne. Diablo walked over, sharply grabbing the leather collar around her neck, and pulling her up to his eye level, off the ground.

"When I tell you something, woman, you LISTEN." He barked huskily, before dropping her, letting her fall to the ground. She tried to pry her collar off, sticking her fingers under her collar. He chuckled darkly, lifting her chin up.

"It's useless, girl. There's a lock on the back of it." She could here the smirk in his voice, as he walked back to his throne. She gingerly let her fingers search her collar, before finding a lock feeling it out with her finger tips. It felt like it was- a heart- yes, a heart-shaped lock.

"...an. WOMAN!"


She grunted, falling onto her hands and knees, as a long, whip lash, lay across her back, burning red. Diablo held a flaming whip in his right hand, his left hand holding her 'leash'.

"For every time something is not done, you'll get a new mark on your back." He informed her. "I said come here, woman." She kept note, of how his temper increased, and how his hold on the whip tightened.

Ryu bared her teeth at him defiantly, making him crack his whip.

"I will break you, defiant wench!" He snarled, lashing his whip out at her, making her grit her teeth, in pain. "Now obey me, and COME."

Ryu scowled, starting to stand up.

"Crawl, witch. Get down on all fours." Diablo said, the sneer evident in his voice. She did as she was told, and sat down next to his chair. "There's a good witch." Diablo chuckled, looking away, loosening his grip on the flaming whip.

Ryu lightly bit her lip, slowly leaning over, before swiping the weapon,making Dablo widen his eyes. She jumped back, and hit HIM with it, making the by standing servant girls, gasp in horror. It hardly left even a SCRATCH, on his armour, but he grabbed the whip and pulled her to him.

"You're quite the playful one." she struggled, turning her head to the side, before he forced her to look at him. Diablo knocked on his chest armor. "Indestructible, girl. Not even my own whip, can penetrate. So if you wish to kill me-" He pulled her closer. "Then I suggest- you wise up." Diablo sneered in her ear, before shoving her away from him.

He kept his gaze on her. "Get her a dress-" She could feel the dark smirk in his voice. "-fit for one of her status..."

"Yes,milord." The female demon servants said, leaving.

"We can't have you sitting here looking like that- when your purpose- is to sit here and look pretty." Diablo said smugly, sitting back in his chair, pulling her closer to his throne, before tugging on the chain, making her sit like a dog. He leaned down. "I'm sure that you'll make an excellent pet."

Ryu shivered, as the icy metal of his glove, scrapped her cheek lightly, and was pulled back. The demon maids returned with a dress, making her look back at Diablo. He returned her look, and snapped his fingers, as another armour-clad figure walked forward. Diablo handed him the chain to her collar.

"She's my new pet- take her to get changed. I want her back in her new dress and in one piece."Diablo commanded. They nodded, taking the chain, and following the maids, leading Ryu along. Diablo watched her, smirking, under that helmet of his.