Elemental Chaos


The lower demons threw her on the bed, the three of them surrounding her on the make-shaft bed in the filthy hut, closing in. She hiccuped tears in her eyes, as they giggled and grunted, mumbling terrible things they'd do to her, touching her- stroking her hair. She let out type of cry, as on roughly grabbed her boob.

"Who knew An Empiress was so pretty?" One of the goons asked gruffly in her ear, tears trickling from her eyes as the grasp on her breast tightened, making her whimper before a tall figure blocked out the trickles of light from the door way, making the three goons look at the tall shadow

"How dare you scum like you touch something better than the filth you are!" The tall figure growned, unsheathing a sword. "Step away from the woman. or be cut down to size-" The lower goons pulled a tighter circle around her and there was a swift wind. The goons fell to the ground before the girl's eyes- beheaded. The tall figure flicked the blood off his sword and put it back in its sheath, walking over to her. She tried to crawl away from him, getting her back pressed against a wall all too easily. She saw a pale of yellowish-dark green water, and brought it up in her defense against this stranger, making a feeble wall, before sobbing to herself. She didn't notice the wall had been dispersed by the intruder, as her hands covered her face while she sobbed. "There, there, empiress-" The stranger cooed, pickign her up in his arms. "You're safe now- you're safe." She still cried, even after he set her on her bare feet on the cold stone floor, stroking her blonde hair affectionetly, on his knee in front of her. "Are you afraid, little Empiress?" She nodded, still crying, trying to wipe away tears, but more came. "I'm a Sabari- but it looks like you're not very strong, Empiress. So- why don't you stay with me, dear?" She nodded, and he offered her his hand. She hesitantly put her own in it, letting his fingers wrap around her own, and letting him pick her up in his arms once more, and carry her away.


She stepped into the large bathing pool, the stranger at her heels, looking around for others. She stood there, here crying having ceased to the assistance of the Sabari- the enemy. She bathed, and he looked away as she did so and when she stripped, giving her privacy. When she was done, he wrapped his white cape around her like a blanket of security. He picked her up, carrying her up from the bathing chambers to the sleeping chambers. He set her on the bed, going into his closet, pulling out a dress, and some underware. She slipped into the underware and into the dress. He put shoes on her feet, before picking her up once more in his strong arms.

"Wait- isn't this castle- yours?" She asked quietly.

"No- this place- belongs to Kakuzu's Empiress- he's retrieving her. My fortress is farther." They said. "If you wish- I will summon you up a ride. I don't think you can go the distance-" She nodded, and he set her down on the window pane, before summoning up a large white lizard below. He held his hand to her, "Shall we depart, Empiress?" He asked, as she glanced down at the lizard, two stories below. She shivered in her shoes, hugging herself, before looking at him. "Do you- not trust me enough to rely on me?" She blinked and put her hand in his, making him smile ever faintly, before her pulled her to him gently, letting her walk closer on her own. He wrapped an arm around her waist securely, before jumping down, landing on his feet on the saddle. He sat down, putting her in his lap, before whipping the reins od the lizard, and it galloped off.

They came to a stop at a large lake, a white castle in the middle. The lizard gallopped across the lake's surface, to the castle, before climbing up the wall. She shivered, afraid of falling off, as they climbed higher up the vertical surface. They hugged her closer to them, letting her burrow her face into their armoured shoulder, until they were on a horizontal surface once more.

"You may get down now, Empiress." They said, already on the ground, their arms up, ready to catch her. She turned towards them and slipped out of the saddle, and was helped down the rest of the way. She set her feet down on the cobblestoned floor, looking around. The wind played with hier hair, and tugged ever so gently, on the hem of her dress. "The wind favors you." They said simply, attracting her gaze, as her eyes drank in his appearance. Thick, white armor, adorned his body, and made her wonder what was underneath. A Knight-in-shining armor, in a time when there was no sun, but only a blood red orb that hung menicingly, in the sky. He extended a white armored glove to her, "Shall I show you to your room?" He asked politely. Such a demon had such manners? How was it possible? She smiled and accepted, taking his gloved hand, and letting him led her down a stair case, leaving the white lizard behind, until there was a white door. He turned the door knob, opening the door, stepping aside, allowing entry. "I've prepared this room for you. Do you like it?"

She walked around, looking at the canopy bed, silver curtains hiding heavenly sheets of comfort. Her room was colorful and not white as she had thought. "It's- gorgeous." She muttered, and they bowed.

"I will leave you to explor. You may go anywhere you please." They said, turning to leave.

"Wait!" They halted, and looked back at her. "I didn't- get your name."

"My name is Kimimaro." They said, "I don't believe, I recieved your name either, Empiress." They chuckled.

"...Nina. Uzumaki Nina." She smiled, "Do you have a last name, Kimimaro?"

"No, Empiress, I do not." Kimimaro said, bowing once more. "If you require anything, please, do not hesitate to call a servant. The baths are open, and there are clean clothes on the counter for you. If you do not wish to wear them, then you may pick something from your own closet that I've prepared for you." Kimimaro said, walking away. "If you need me, I will be in my room." He stated, leaving, shutting the door behind him. She looked around, before going to the bathroom, opeing a black door that said, 'Bath/ Shower' on it, finding herself in a hot spring. She looked to he left, finding a towel. She stripped out of her clothes, wrapping the towel around her, and seeing the pile of clothes. She unfolded it all, looking at them, to see if she liked it. It was a simple dress. The door opened to reveal a girl in a maid outfit. She glanced at Nina, her fox ears perked, and her two fox tails flicked.

"Oh- (bow) - Good Afternoon, Empiress." The girl said. "I'm your personal maid. I was coming to change the pile of what the Master had prepared for you. He- didn't know what to put there, so a picked something simple." Nina nodded, but the maid smiled. "But- I think that the Empiress should dress up. You're very pretty, and you should go see the Master when he's not in his armor."

"...really?" Nina asked, bashful.

"Yes! Now come on, let's get you washed up!"


He removed his chest piece, then his gloves, setting them on the table. She pushed open the door shyly, just as he removed his helmet, her eyes widened, from the crack in which she peeked through.

"Empiress?" Kimimaro called, before the door was opened to its full width, a shirtless male with sea-foam eyes, stood in the door way, head tilted to the right, as he looked down at Nina, who was on her knees on the other side of the doorway. "What are you...doing on the floor?" He asked, before she blushed.

"The Maid- said I should show you my outfit and get your opinion on it." She stammered, standing up, wearing a black and blue kimono, here long, blond hair, tied up. A single coat of lip balm on her lips, and a smidge of make-up on. Kimimaro chuckled, stepping aside, allowing her entry to his red room. She finally noticed he had what seemed like, red, permanent, over-done eye shadow, and two red dots on his fore head. Kimimaro ran his fingers through white hair, and he chuckled, as she stared at him.

"Have you never seen- a member of the opposite race, Empiress?" He asked her, before she blushed, shaking her head. "Diablo- he said that my Empiress wouldn't be pretty at all." Kimimaro said, walking over to her. "But- I've very seen a pretty girl than you, Empiress." He said, leaning down, taking her hand in his and bringing it to his lips, kissing her knuckles. "I hope you'll enjoy your stay here, Empiress Nina." He smiled, and she blushes, nodding, before he took a dampened towel, and wiped off all her make-up. "You don't look good with make-up, Empiress." She giggled and smiled cutely, earning herself a peck on the cheek.