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Kagome sat on a stone bench outside that gave a great view of large mountains in the distance a hand resting on her swollen belly her eyes returning to her pups Rin and Shippo as they argued over names for their new brother or sister, in truth she was getting a little tired her pregnancy was almost over and she felt tired and snappy most of the time and the pups had been at this for a few good hours and their voices were getting higher.

As if sensing her hold on her temper coming to its end she felt Sesshomaru standing beside her. "That's enough now why don't you both go and get ready for bed and your mother and I will be in shortly." Sesshomaru said in a voice that would brook no arguments from the young pups and both ran off into the house without voicing their protests at being told to go to bed, even if it was their bed time.

Sesshomaru's arms slid around Kagome from behind one had coming to rest over her own on her belly and the other finding its own place across from it as Sesshomaru pulled her back to lean on his chest.

Kagome smiled she was four months pregnant and only had two months to go, they had discovered that they were having twins and from their auras they were a boy and a girl.

They had decided not to tell Shippo, Rin and Matti just encase something happened to one of the pups.

"Have you thought of any names?" Kagome asked still leaning against Sesshomaru with a contented relaxed smile on her face.

"No but we have time. Lets just enjoy the relative quiet that we have before the squalling of two pups are heard throughout the palace."

Kagome laughed and nodded "Just so you know Sesshomaru you will be helping out with the diapers cause I'm going to need a break so you're going to be doing more than training them Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru gulped and agreed seeing as it couldn't be any worse than fight a god. "Don't think that you'll be getting out of helping me train them either."

Kagome pulled away to look up at Sesshomaru a confused expression on her face making Sesshomaru chuckle "They'll more than likely have you're miko and elemental powers mate."

Kagome laughed thinking of how strange it would be for everyone living in the palace to hear of Sesshomaru changing diapers and seeing her on the training field.

Kagome hugged her mate and sighed in contentment when she felt his arms circle around her holding her close to his body. They were interrupted by Inutashio a moment later, he had gotten sick of doing the paperwork and told Sesshomaru so.

"Listen son I didn't get brought back from the dead so that I could take over the responsibilities that you don't like."

"Ok father."

"Ok you serious Sesshomaru?" Inutashio asked surprised.

"Yes sure I'll go back to doing the paperwork if you change your grandpups diapers." Sesshomaru said a humorous glint in his eye.

Inutashio paled and took a few steps back his arms flung out in front of him. "Ah actually I think I just discovered that I look doing the paperwork very much…and besides it only take a good two hours." He said before he hurried back inside before Sesshomaru could twist any of his words against him a thing that he was good at doing.

Sesshomaru and Kagome laughed before walking into the palace to say goodnight to the pups and to make sure they were actually in bed.

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