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Chapter 1

Rosalie's POV

"Ms. Hale, could you come in here for a minute please?" My boss' voice radiated through the speaker on my phone. I smoothed out the wrinkles of my blue chiffon Vera Wang dress as I stood up and walked across the hallway into Victoria's office.

"Yes, Ms. Summers?" I asked as I sat down in her plush leather chair across from her enormous mahogany desk.

"Ah, Rosalie dear. How are you?" She asked as she looked up from her computer screen and gave me one of her thousand watt smiles.

"I'm good." I nodded.

"Great. Alright, well, I'm sure you're wondering why I called you in here and the truth is I've been watching your work." I took a deep breath, steadying myself for what might be coming next. This was Vogue after all and it is a dog-eat-dog world in here. "I'm very impressed with the strides you've been making and I would like to try your hand... or should I say eye... at something a little bit different."

She laughed at her own joke and handed me a manilla folder from off the top of her desk. I took it with shaky hands.

"This is a new designer that has come to our attention. We're calling it Bohemian Backwoods Chic, and I have set- up a time with the designer for you to meet her and take the pictures."

Victoria smiled at me as she anticipated my reaction. I opened the folder slowly. The designs were good, not exactly what I would wear, but good none the less.

"You would be in charge of everything for this article, if you decide to take it."

"Of course." I stammered.

"Good."She stood up and gathered her things off her desk "You leave for Tennessee tonight" She started putting her stuff in her one of a kind Gucci bag, a presant from Gucci for her fourth, thirtieth birthday last month. " All the information you need is in there and I expect this to be finished by the time our next book goes to press."

"Wait, did you say Tennessee?" I asked as I jumped up and followed Victoria out of her office.

"Yes, some little town called Independence. I don't know. Mapquest it."

"I can't go to Tennessee. I've never even been out of New York."

Victoria turned around to face me, her eyes narrowed as she looked me up and down.

"If you don't want this Ms. Hale, I assure you I can find someone who does. That new photographer we hired on, what was her name? Tanya? I'm sure she'd love to have her own spread."

"No, no I'll do it." I gulped.

"Good. Have a great fourth of July, dear." She said with a wave of her hand as she turned and walked down the hallway.

I looked down at the folder I held in my hands with disdain as I thought begrudgingly, "Tennessee, here I come."


"Come on!" I groaned to the driver in front of me as I laid on the horn. "Get out of my way dammit!"

I pushed the throttle closer to the floor as I sped past them in the opposite lane, flipping the bird as I passed. Somehow I had made it to Tennessee, it was getting late though and I had yet to find Independence. I clicked my overhead light on as I came to a stop sign. I growled in frustration as I realized I had gone too far. I didn't even bother to pull a u-turn and just drove backwards until I found the road.

"You have got to be kidding me." I yelled to noone in particular as I turned onto the barely paved side road that was supposedly going to lead me to my next assignment. I yawned widely as I drove through the dense covering of trees. It seemed that they just kept getting bigger and bigger the farther I ventured. The sun was completely gone now and the thick canopy of trees hid the moon from my view. I was enveloped in complete and total darkness except for the outward beam of my headlights. It felt like I had been driving for hours and I was nowhere near this podunk town out in the middle of fucking nowhere.

"Where the hell is this place?" I reached over to check the directions again and looked up just in time to see a doe and her fawn jumping through a crevice between two mighty oaks. I tried to swerved off the road and miss them but before I could my brand new BMW M3 convertible caught the minuscule gravel shoulder. I couldn't even make myself make a noise as my car fish tailed out of control. I knew I had been taught how to handle this but I had been such a careful driver that I didn't even remember if I was supposed to hit the brakes or not. My car finally came to a screeching halt as it ran down the ditch and slammed into the nearest tree. The air bags deployed and I found myself lost in a sea of white. My neck was killing me as I pushed myself back from the offending obstacle that might have just saved my life. The skin on my neck was tender and it felt like I had rug burn. I pulled down the visor and used the mirror on the back to see that an angry red mark across the left side of my collar bone, from the seat belt.

I screamed in frustration as I climbed out of my car and pulled my cell phone from the pocket of my Ralph Lauren jeans. Only to realize how futile that was when "searching for service" appeared across the front screen. I screamed but resisted the urge to throw my company issued blackberry into the tree that had just made mincemeat of my beautiful car. My shiny, new, amazingly expensive car that now resembled something that would be pulled from a salvage yard instead of a high class car lot.

I made my way slowly to the front of the car to inspect the damage, snarling when I saw just how much there was. Without thinking, I reared my foot back, letting loose on the tree that my car rested against. I realized how big of a mistake that was when I saw the damage that the tree had now inflicted upon my poor innocent shoe. How much damage could one stupid tree do?

"Stupid fucker!" I screeched to the inanimate object in front of me. "You think you're so great don't you? Just because you've been here for years and years and years. Well you know what? You aren't great. You know what you are? Paper. Paper that my company cuts down to print my pictures on. Yeah, my pictures. You want to destroy my car and my shoes. Well guess what?! You will feel my wrath. You know who else will feel my wrath. Victoria Summers, that's who! That stupid bitch sent me out here to fuck all nowhere and expects me to survive the trip itself? I have half a mind to call her right now and tell her just where she can stick her damn magazine spread. Who needs it? To hell with her. To hell with Vogue. And to hell with you, you stupid tree!" It was only after I had ran out of breath that I finally stopped and calmed down enough to realize that I was yelling to a ligneous plant. I sighed in defeat, but kicked at the headlight that now rested a foot away from where it should.

I didn't know what to do as I made my way back to my door and slid back into the seat, banging my head against the wheel. It was almost midnight, I had no cell phone, no car, and I had no idea where the next gas station even was. Old horror film scenarios flicked through my mind as I slammed down the locks and leaned back against the seat. I was in the middle of the sticks and I was stuck. "Great. Just great."

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