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Juu backed away from Cell's glowing form. The sheer amount of power the transformation was generating sent chills down her spine. In her own way, she could feel how strong he was becoming.

As his transformation ended, she realized the danger and started to run. Unfortunately, as she turned around she ended up face to face with the new Cell.

He was smaller than the previous form, with a far more attractive face. His wings where back and covered his back like shields. His tail had shrunk since it was no longer vital. This new form didn't seem as scary, yet it gave off a more menacing aura than the previous two forms.

"Going some where?" His voice was cooler and smoother, yet there was an underlying menace to it.

She backed away slightly before running again.

He phased in front of her. Barring her way; a grin plastered on his face. "I asked you a question."

"I…why would you care?" She took her fighting stance. "You've already absorbed Seventeen and Eighteen.

He chuckled. "This is true, but you could say I'm angry at you."

Her eyes widened in shock and fear.

Letting out an evil laugh, he grabbed her by the throat and held her against the wall of an intact building. "You should've stayed in your own universe like a good little android. Now my counterpart in your world shall never know how it feels to be perfect." Letting out a cruel laugh he tightened his grip. "You could say I'm empathetic."

"Don't...don't t-try t-to f-foo-l…m-me…" A curious expression crossed his face as he loosened his grip in order to hear her. "A monster like you…shall never know the meaning of empathy."

Smirking, Cell tightened his grip again. "I suppose you're right. However, I really do want to test the limits of my perfect form. Since you just so happened to be around, I guess I'll volunteer you…"

Suddenly, he dropped her, and leapt back to dodged a ki blast.

"That's enough Cell," said Gohan as he landed. "You're fighting me now."

"Good…I was hoping you'd show up. You're the strongest opponent I could face. You'll make a perfect test subject for my new powers."

"I'll crush you Cell! I won't allow you to terrorize the universe like Freeza did!"

"I'm afraid you're mistaken Gohan. I am now the most powerful being in the universe. I am perfect, and you cannot hope to defeat me." He took his fighting stance. "Now come at me with everything you've got!"

Taking his stance, Gohan turned to Juu, his turquoise eyes softening at the sight of her. "Please leave Juu. I don't want you in the middle of this."

"But I can't just leave you here to fight him off on your own. You'll need my help."

Shaking his head, Gohan smiled at her. "Maybe I can't win, but you being here won't make a difference in that regard. He's well beyond you. It'll ease my heart if you were out of the danger zone."

Looking from one to the other, Cell broke out into a fit of laughter. "Now this is precious. An android and a saiyan hybrid. What a twist!"

Doing as he wished, Juu ran off, looking back one last time before taking to the air.

Turning back to Cell with a serious look, Gohan focused his energy. I've got to take this guy out fast. I've got a feeling that a prolonged fight will be to his advantage.

Phasing behind Cell, Gohan attempted to land a kick. However, Cell expected that move and blocked with his elbow. Twisting his waist, Gohan attempted a second kick, but Cell grabbed his leg. Lifting the hybrid over his head, Cell slammed him into the ground in front of him.

When Cell let go of his leg, Gohan did a forward roll to gain some distance before leaping to his feet. Turning to face Cell, he extended his hand and fired his Warhead Buster.

Cell swatted the attack aside and grinned maliciously. "Come on Gohan. Show me your best. I know you're holding back."

Growling in frustration, Gohan rushed forward and attacked Cell with a barrage of punches.

Catching one of the punches, Cell countered with his own punch to Gohan's face, which sent the super saiyan staggering back.

Wiping away the blood, Gohan turned his attention back to Cell and took up a defensive stance. All right, I can tell that Juu's left the area. That means she won't be caught up in the middle of this.

"You can't beat me like this Gohan." Glancing to the side, Cell smirked. "She's left the area now. You won't have to worry about her getting caught up in this. Go on, give in to your full power."

Taking deep breathes to calm himself, Gohan kept his gaze focused on Cell. "Fine. You asked for it. I'll fight you at one hundred percent."

Giving in to his power, Gohan felt his energy surge. He knew that the monster inside wouldn't waste time hunting Juu and was secure in the fact that he would only be fighting Cell. His golden flame reappeared and enveloped his body, causing his hair to shine like the sun. There were even a few stray lightning bolts in his aura as it glowed brightly.

"So this is your full power," said Cell in an impressed tone. "Finally, a worthy opponent."

Not wasting any time, Gohan phased in front of Cell and knocked him back with a punch to the face. Cell went flying into a building.

Chuckling as he got back up, Cell wiped the purple blood from his split lip. "That's it, give in to your anger. You want to protect her don't you? You want to protect Juu."

"You have no right to say her name!" Flaring his aura, Gohan charged at Cell and engaged him in hand-to-hand combat.

They were even, ever punch was blocked, and neither one seemed to tire. Then Gohan formed his energy chains while he punched. The chains wrapped around Cell's arm, and then electrocuted him.

Biting his lip, Cell shut out the pain. He was then sent into the air with a kick. Jerking him back down with the chains, Gohan then sent Cell flying into a building with a roundhouse kick. The chains shattered, freeing Cell.

There was laughter, and to Gohan's surprise, Cell emerged from the wreckage with a euphoric look on his face. "That was fun Gohan. It really got the adrenalin pumping." He then clapped. "Bravo Gohan. You're the first and probably the only person who will ever hurt me in this form. For that, I think you are worthy…worthy of seeing my true power."

Gohan's mouth gaped and his eyes widened. What? He was just toying with me the whole time?

"I guess I should tell you a little more about myself so that you understand what's going on. Dr. Gero created me by combining the genes of the strongest warriors in the universe, and that includes the super saiyans. That's right Gohan, the power you are using now also flows through my blood."

"You mean…you can become a super saiyan?"

"Well I wouldn't call it that, but yes. This is my version of the super saiyan. I think I'll call it super perfection!"

With a mighty yell, Cell started powering up. The ground shook and lightning randomly struck the ground around him. The spots and blotches covering his green skin turned gold, and the purple dome-like structure on his head also turned gold. A golden flame, much like Gohans, now enveloped his body.

Cell beckoned Gohan to come forth and attack. Gohan obliged with a kick to the head. However, the attack didn't damage Cell at all.

Gohan backed away with a fearful expression. That attack…he…he didn't even attempt to block it or dodge it…he's too strong for me. But…Juu…I have to fight, I won't let him get her…I love her!

"Is that all Gohan? Why don't you try again? I'll give you three tries; you've just used one. Then it'll be my turn to have some fun."

Growling in frustration, Gohan extended his hand. "Take this! Warhead Buster!" The blast tore up the ground as it rocketed towards its target.

Cell remained unmoving as the blast approached and finally hit him. When the smoke cleared, it revealed him to be unharmed. He wiped his chest casually. "That one actually gave me pins and needles."

"Let's see if this does better!" Phasing in front of Cell, Gohan hit him in the face with three roundhouse kicks before flipping over him. Spinning around, he then fired his Galic Crusher, point blank, to the back of the head. Then he leapt back to see his handiwork.

Scratching the back of his head, Cell turned around with a smug smirk on his face. "Now that one gave me a stinging feeling. Now it's my turn."

Phasing in front of his target, Cell sent him into the air with a kick. He then pursued him and sent him into the ground with a sharp elbow to the back.

Landing in front of Gohan, he waited for him to regain his footing. "I think I'll use you as my guinea pig. Cupping his hands, he said "Kamehameha!"

Gohan only had time to cross his arms. The blast bulldozed him into a building, before fizzling out. He found himself inside a parking garage. It was a big place to hide in.

Running behind one of the pillars he begin thinking. Okay…I can't beat him head to head…but he has to run out of energy some time. That power of his must have an immense cost.

The Namekians ran, screaming for their lives as the lizard men ransacked their village. The lasers these new foes possessed took many down.

"Enough of this!" yelled a Namekian warrior as he charged into battle. He took down several enemies with sharp blows to the head. Crossing his arms, he blocked off the lasers before countering with an explosive wave.

The attack cleared the area of lizard men.

"Well done Gastro," said a villager.

"Thanks, but I don't think we're finished yet," replied Gastro. He looked around with a serious expression. "Get the wounded out of here. The lizards will probably have reinforcements."

"Alright. Good luck."

As the villagers fled, Gastro detected a new presence in the area. "Who are you? Show yourself!"

"I suppose you've all forgotten me. I wouldn't be surprised. It's been so very long since I set foot on this planet."

Gastro eyes widened as the figure came into a view. "A…A fellow Namekian? Why would you betray your own people?"

"I guess Guru never told you about me. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Slug, and I've returned here to get my revenge!"

Taking his fighting stance, Gastro got ready for battle. "I don't know what happened to you Slug, but I will not let you harm our home planet!"

A malicious grin adorned Cell's face. Looks like I'll have to flush him out. "Time to dance Gohan!"

He pointed his finger and a stream of Death beams came flying out.

Sensing the danger, Gohan back flipped out of the way. He continued to do so, as Cell's finger followed him. Reaching the end of the building, he leapt out of the side through an opening.

"Ah, Gohan, I was worried you might be dead, I really wanted to try some other moves on you." He formed two death saucers and threw then at Gohan.

Taking to the air, Gohan ducked and weaved out of the way as each saucer tried to cut him.

"This is like a videogame," remarked Cell as he casually guided the saucers with his fingers.

Gohan realized he was trapped between the two death saucers as they closed in on him. An idea popped into his head, and he rushed for one of the saucers. He managed to grab it, and then threw it into the oncoming one. They both exploded in a brilliant flash of purple.

"Brilliant light show," said Cell as he clapped.

Phasing behind Gohan, he grabbed him by the throat and chucked him higher into the air. He then used the multiform technique to split into two Cells.

"Purple Comet Attack!" The two Cell's moved in synch as the juggled Gohan higher and higher into the sky. The super saiyan was helpless as they volleyed him back and form before coming together and spiking him back down. Creating an impact crater.

Gohan struggled to get up. His body was covered in cuts and bruises and he had reverted to his normal form. N-No…he's too strong…Juu…I'm sorry… Unable to stand, he fell to his knees and looked up at his doom.

"You're out of juice eh? Too bad, but I guess I'll have to put you out of your misery." Raising his hands, Cell started laughing. "Now let's have some fun. Alright earthlings, give me your stupid energy!"

Gohan watched with a confused expression as black dots of energy began coming together above Cell's head.

It took a full ten minutes for Cell's bomb to be finished. It was now a huge ball of black energy with the occasional bolt of lightning.

"Now Gohan, you will have death worthy of a great warrior." Compressing the Spirit Bomb into a basketball-sized orb of energy, Cell casually tossed it up a few times before finally chucking it at Gohan.

As the bomb came close, it expanded back to its full size, engulfing Gohan and everything around him. Arching his back in pain, Gohan felt his consciousness slip away.

Calling out Juu's name, he then fell into darkness.

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