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CHAPTER 1: Marriage in white

The sun rose on another average day upon the earth.

In particular, London.

It was like every other day; those who worked 9 to 5, kissed their families goodbye and set off into the city centre thinking about dinner that night.

The children mumbled and groaned and slowly shuffled out of the door towards the school, cursing the fact that the holidays had just passed.

The housewives breathed a sigh of relief to be alone once more, before setting about cleaning as fast as they could so that they could sit down in the lounge and watch their shows in their own time before the rest of the family got home.

But for one particular doctor, the day that had just dawned would turn out to be the biggest of her life.

Martha Jones had hardly slept a wink the night before, but was not at all tired.

She was too nervous, too excited about heading down to the church to marry the man that she loved.

She got up, hurriedly showered, had breakfast, greeted Tish and her mother who'd come to help, changed into her beautiful wedding dress, took photos, was bundled into the car and headed off to the church two hours early.

She now stood before the mirror in a closed room, smoothing down the wrinkles and slight creases in her satin dress.

It had to be perfect.

The entire day had to be perfect.

If it wasn't, someone was going to pay with blood.

She'd been alone for almost half an hour, fussing and nit-picking over any small detail that did not meet her standards, before there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," she called, knowing that it would end up being Tish or her mother, returning to reassure her that everything was alright.

But as the large wooden door opened upon its well oiled hinges, she glanced over her shoulder to find that it was not her mother or her sister.

It was, to her mild surprise, a tall, thin man, dressed in a sharp blue suit with wild hair and ancient eyes.

As he gently shut the door behind him, neither spoke.

It had been a fair while since they had seen each other, and things had not been so peaceful when they had parted. Martha was surprised to see him here.

Hastily she turned back to the mirror and smoothed out the white satin again.

"I didn't think you'd end up coming," she said, wanting to seem still rather irritated at him, despite forgiving him months back.

In the mirror, she saw him shove his hands in his pockets, duck his head and rock back on his heels.

"You asked me to come…so I came," he said softly, falling for Martha's ruse.

There wasn't anything she could say to him that would still make her seem angry.

So there was a silence that followed, in which Martha continued to fiddle with her dress, and he stood awkwardly behind her.

It was obvious that there was something that he wanted to say, from the way he stared intently at his shoes, he was trying to think of some way to say it.

"I'm sorry." He said suddenly.

Martha looked over her shoulder at him.

"You're what?" she asked.

"I am sorry. Sorry for getting into an argument with you…I'm very sorry," he said softly.

She gazed at him for a moment, and he held that gaze, with a silent pleading for forgiveness.

"…Alright," she sighed, shaking her head.

Despite forgiving him, Martha felt a little resentful that he continued to stand there like a goose.

She glanced over her shoulder at him again, and he glanced furtively at her.

To her surprise, he kicked the ground dejectedly and opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

Either he was speechless, or he'd spontaneously lost his voice.

His eyes, which had been on her face, suddenly drifted upward and he froze.

When a rush of air escaped over his lips, Martha knew that something wasn't quite right with the Time Lord.

"What's the matter?" she asked, hands moving to her hips.

He didn't reply immediately, he continued to stare at some point in space, his mouth hanging slightly open.

"…Something…Something is wrong," he murmured half to himself.

A surge of both frustration and worry welled inside her; she figured that something like this would happen on her wedding day.

"What is it?" she asked.

Still, he didn't look at her and this time he didn't even respond.

He sniffed deeply then turned about in a full circle, looking around him, before looking back into the same area of space he'd been caught by. He was rubbing his fingers together and his breathing was slightly heightened; Martha was beginning to think that the Time Lord was ill.

He never acted this strangely.

Taking a step forward though, proved to be a mistake.

With a sharp intake of breath, he stilled completely, eyes wide and glassy.

Fear rocketed through her and she made to grab hold of him, but there was a loud whining sound that distracted her.

Sensing danger, Martha's protective nature kicked in.

She had to get him away from this place if something was happening.

But just as she was about to grab his hand to lead him outside, there was a loud thud behind her and two sets of groans.

The Doctor relaxed, breathing out heavily and blinking blearily.

For a moment, he staggered, close to collapsing, if it weren't for Martha grabbing hold of him.

He glanced at her, grinning wearily.

"Thanks." He offered as she steadied him.

"Just get your balance back, Doctor. You're alright," she said softly.

Another grin came to his face, before he disengaged her hand from his and stood under his own power.

"Right then." He said confidently and strode across the room to the odd tangle of limbs and black hair that had not been in the room before.

The Doctor stood over them, glaring down upon the intruders, Martha stepping up by his side as she did the same with as much power and menace as he had.

Slowly, the form untangled and two teenagers were soon distinguishable.

One was a girl, and the other was a boy.

Both stared up at the Doctor and Martha with something akin to fear and respect, though Martha had no clue why she saw respect.

"…Do you want to explain to me what happened…or do I have to guess?" the Doctor said dauntingly.

Instantly the boy and the girl straightened up.

"No, sir. W-w-we'll tell you, sir," the boy stammered.

"Good." The Doctor said as he crouched before them, leaning forward so he was close to them. "Cause, my friend here is getting married. And I think she would appreciate it, if you told us what happened before you skedaddle out of here."

Martha took her chance to step forward.

"Come on then. Out with it," she snapped, her tone clipped and authoritative.

The boy and the girl instantly cowered under her fiery gaze and she missed the Doctor's look of respect and reverence for her power.

"Yes, ma'am. Sorry, ma'am." The boy said, nodding quickly.

The girl stared at both of them before slowly leaning over to the boy and whispering something to him. His eyes widened, but he remained silent.

The Doctor hummed slightly.

Then, the girl began the story.

"Well…we were playing in the attic…" she began.

"Which was against Dad's rules," the boy added.

It earned him a dark look from the girl, who Martha figured was probably his little sister.

"Anyway, we were playing in the attic, and we found…I dunno…this shiny thing. It was so pretty, so bright and colourful. So we reached out to…" the girl said.

"Dad said that we shouldn't go into the attic because it's dangerous. Stuff that he's collected or trapped or something like that is up there, so he tells us to 'steer well clear', he doesn't want us to get hurt. But we were so bored! And he was outside talking to Mum, it wasn't like he kept the door locked or anything. We're old enough to go into places where we weren't meant to go before." The boy suddenly blurted.

Much to the girl's annoyance.

Her eyes took on the colour of dark storm clouds as she glared lividly at him.

"Shut up, Mal," she deadpanned.

The boy looked at her, his own eyes betraying his fear, his face showing his bewilderment.

Taking the opportunity, Martha glanced at the Doctor.

His long, fingered hand was covering his mouth as he scrutinized the kids, his face pulled into a grim expression as his dark eyes darted over the two teenagers sitting on the church floor.

The wedding was all but forgotten in Martha's mind, which she cursed herself for.

Finding something more important to do on her wedding day.

"But we touched it, and it zapped us here." The girl finished, without the previous flair and exuberance that she had shown before.

She was still obviously riled about her counter part's interference.

"Names," the Doctor demanded, his voice muffled by his hand.

"Sorry?" the boy asked, looking up at him.

"Names," the Doctor repeated, moving his hand this time, but settling it back over his mouth straight afterwards.

"Oh! Names…uh…um…okay. My name is Malikai …and…this is my sister…" he began.

"Maia." The girl cut him off quickly.

There was some obvious tensions between the two.

"Malikai and Maia?" Martha asked, still her tone was clipped and annoyed.

"Yup" the girl, Maia, nodded.

Of course, Martha believed their story to be true; she'd travelled with the Doctor and knew that there was equipment that could zap people to different areas.

"What time period, did you come from?" The Doctor asked, moving his hand slightly.

Did he seem worried?

"Ahh…well, there we can't help you," Maia said; Martha was getting the distinct impression that she knew how to handle a situation despite only being no more than 15 years old.

"Time doesn't really matter where we come from. Sort of…bounces right off our lives," Malikai clarified.

For a moment, the Doctor was silent, as was Martha.

It wasn't every day that two teenagers crashed a wedding, especially hers. But then again, what was every day with the Doctor other than new experiences?

"Judging from your clothing…I would probably have to say…somewhere…well…um…actually I can't place it…sort of mismatched, like something you pull out of an old closet that looks good, but you can't identify it…just like in the TAR…" he trailed off, his eyes widening.

Revelation had hit him hard, and Martha craned to see what he'd seen.

She checked their physical appearance for the first time.

The girl, Maia, had darkish coloured skin like herself, but lighter.

Her hair was jet black and appeared to have been straightened but was left to fly free around her face. Her eyes were wide and brown, very, very familiar, full of light and wonder and magic.

She was wearing a white shirt, covered by a small black vest with numerous pockets in it. On her legs she wore a pair of jeans with golden designs from the hip to the knee. On her feet she wore a pair of red Converse All Stars.

The boy, Malikai, apparently was white, with darkish hair, short with punky spikes.

His eyes were dark, almost black with the same light that Maia had.

He wore a black shirt adorned with red writing that Martha didn't bother to read; on his legs he also wore jeans, plain this time, and on his feet were black Converse.

Nothing spoke to her of where they had come from or what they were doing here.

But somehow the Doctor had gathered everything about them from their clothing and what they had said.

Maia, however distracted the adults appeared to be, sniffed casually.

"What are you dressed like that for?" she asked, a little obnoxiously.

Martha shot her a withering look, still aggravated that these two kids had interrupted her wedding.

"I'm getting married," she snapped.

The girl ignored the anger in her voice and grinned brightly.

"Married! Brill!" She laughed, kicking her legs out.

Martha felt a tug of fondness for the girl; she was so bright and cheerful, she only hoped to one day have a child as jovial as Maia.

"Who to? Is it him?" Maia asked, gesturing to the Doctor.

Martha's head shot up and she stared at the Time Lord who raised his own eyebrows.

"No!" Martha said, almost a little too quickly.

It caused the Doctor to stare at her a moment longer, before turning back to the kids.

"No. She is not. She is getting married to…someone else. But enough of that. I'll take you home. Martha, care to join us?" the Doctor asked as he stepped toward the door.

It earned him an ice cold glare from her, as she folded her arms.

"Have you forgotten where you are?! I'm getting married! I can't just go gallivanting off with you, with two kids! I'm not letting you ruin this for me" Martha snapped angrily.

To her utter surprise, he grabbed her wrist and marched her over to the corner of the room.

When he stopped, he kept a tight hold on her and kept his face close to hers.

"Martha, you have got to come with me," he said softly.

At this, she took offence.

"Have to come with you! Are you crazy?! I'm not going anywhere with you on my wedding day!" she snapped at her regular tone.

Both the teenagers looked at them oddly then began to whisper to each other.

"I am serious; you have got to come with me." He muttered.

Just before she could respond, he slipped a hand over her mouth, so that she couldn't speak properly.

"And before you go off into a little tangent about how important your wedding day is to you, let me finish. I need you to come with me right now, to get these kids home…because I think I've figured out where they've come from," the Doctor said, staring at her with wide eyes.

Still struggling against his hand over her mouth, she managed a muffled 'Where?'.

Sparing a quick little glance at the two teenagers, Malikai and Maia, he sighed deeply.

"They're ours," he whispered, not looking her directly in the eye.

Martha's heart skipped a few beats before she pulled his hand away from her mouth.

"WHAT?!" she screamed, before he could silence her again.

"Don't scream! Do not scream, Martha Jones." The Doctor snarled with a dark look in his eyes that some how made her excited.

"If you don't scream, I'll let you speak, but if you do I'll keep you shut up until we get to the TARDIS, where I'll have her take your voice away," he warned.

Glaring back at him, she scoffed.

"Are you going to be quiet?" he asked impatiently.

With a resigned nod, he let her go and got a hard slap across the face.

"You bastard. How dare you do this on my wedding day!" she hissed, keeping quiet.

The Doctor glared back at her, his own hand across the growing red mark on his cheek.

"How dare I do what!? Tell you the truth? I've got a lot worse than that Martha, just be glad that I don't open my mouth and tell you what I think of your husband to be," he snarled, rubbing his cheek.

"You don't know Tom…" she began indignantly.

"And I don't want to know that repulsive human," he cut in.

It left both of them glaring daggers at each other, breathing hard and heavy.

In all truth, Martha didn't know what to do, kick him, slap him again, or submit to this strange urge to kiss him.

He looked so adorable when he was angry, so exciting and she wondered what his reaction would be.

Anger flooded Martha's mind as she mentally shook away those thoughts.

She was angry, she had every right to be and she hated the Doctor for this.

If he went through with this, she'd never forgive him.

"Excuse me?" Malikai suddenly murmured softly, causing both adults to turn their glares upon him.

"We're very sorry for the intrusion and we can see that we've cause this argument…" Malikai said.

"We're not arguing," Martha interrupted.

"Yes we are," the Doctor argued.

Clenching her jaw, she did her best to ignore him.

"Anyway…we've caused a disruption and I suppose will continue to do so until we have left. I am terribly sorry, but perhaps it might be best if both of you took us home as soon as possible and that way you can get back to whatever you were doing before we arrived." Malikai said diplomatically.

Behind him, Maia was grinning madly; almost like she was proud.

Martha and the Doctor glared at each other again, before she folded her arms and huffed out an impatient sigh.

"Fine, I'll come with you but as soon as they are gone, I'm coming straight back here. You dare follow me and I'll make sure that you sing like a soprano for the rest of your life," Martha snapped.

"Wouldn't dream of it," The Doctor responded acidly.

"Good," She snapped.

"Good," he said shortly.

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