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Chapter 7: The Golden Sunset.

Life became exceedingly difficult for Martha after that day.

The lynch mob of Tom's friends was constantly knocking at her door, furious.

Martha felt threatened to such an alarming degree, she called in Jack Harkness to stay with her until it all blew over.

Which was taking a long time.

It didn't help with the decision.

With the constant stress of work, the yelling and swearing at her front door on a nightly basis, she hadn't even begun to think about it.

That made her as guilty as ever as she wanted to give the Doctor the best answer she could give but not leave him waiting three hundred years to get it.

But something inside her told her that he would wait three hundred years.

He'd wait three million years if it meant he could see her again.

So long as he was able to.

Before she really knew it, three weeks had gone past…three whole, long, lonely weeks without the Doctor.

Without even thinking about the choice before her.

She needed to call him.

Martha knew it.

She'd made him wait far too long already yet still she hadn't made a decision.

Then again, if she called him to just hear from him and tell him that she hadn't thought about it yet…how cruel would that be on him.

Undoubtedly he'd get to that phone, no matter what. Satan himself would not stand in his way.

Hell, he might even tear one of his own limbs off to get to it.

So, ringing to tell him that she hadn't thought about it yet might just be a little too cruel for Martha Jones.

Sighing deeply, Martha shook her head and wrapped her hands around the coffee cup a little tighter as she burrowed deeper into the large, cushy lounge.

At the moment, in her predicament, the Doctor and the TARDIS were looking like the perfect option to escape from the constant yelling at the door.

But she knew that she had to consider her entire life to make this decision, not just the here and now.

In the kitchen, there was a clattering of the kettle coming off the stove as Jack made himself a cup of coffee.

Another thought popped into her mind.

Would she ever be allowed to see Jack again if she left?

Probably…but what would Jack think?

Would he be angry? Would he be sad? Would he be hurt? Happy? Jealous? Wary?

Maybe she should? Or maybe she shouldn't.

Angrily, she shook her head and berated herself.

She needed to stay on topic.

The Doctor.

Should she stay here, or should she go.

Ducking her head, she returned to her thoughts.

It had been a month.

One solid month of solitary confinement.

The Doctor had remained staunchly in the Time Vortex, waiting for the phone call.

But each day, he was disappointed.

He told himself that he had to stop putting his heart on the line every day, only to get it broken just the same.

Yet it didn't stop him.

He sat dejectedly on his bed, thinking about everything that could have stopped Martha from calling and constantly battling not to go and find her.

The only thing that truly stopped him was the fact that he'd promised her that he'd only come when she called and she had promised to call.

With a deep, heavy sigh, he pushed himself off the bed to go and see if the TARDIS needed anything done to help her; any sort of tinkering he could possibly do to take his mind off it.

Of course he'd been tinkering a lot lately and asking again would probably earn him a shock from his beloved ship.

But at the very least, it would provide a momentary distraction.

Slowly, he ambled into the console room, glancing up at the ceiling; giving no hint of what he wanted.

But he could feel his sentient ship waiting, irritation running through her emotions circuits.

"I was wondering…" he began awkwardly, speaking aloud as there was no real reason to establish a telepathic link with her as no one else was onboard.

'You can keep wondering Time Lord' she said a little sharply.

"But I don't have anything else to do! And I was thinking that maybe you would want the chameleon circuit fixed…cause…maybe you've gotten tired of being a box." The Doctor reasoned.

'If you dare go near that circuit with any sort of tools Time Lord, I will make sure you get enough of a jolt to last you the next three millennia. I am not a distraction.' The TARDIS said almost indignantly.

Wincing, the Doctor knew that he'd upset her a little.

"I never said you were." He murmured, kicking at the grating beneath his feet.

It was sometimes like talking to his mother, being told off as a petulant child.

Then again…he really was a child in the eyes of the TARDIS, and sometimes she reminded him of that.

'Go back to your room, Time Lord. And wait.' She said, her tone now soft and sympathetic.

"But I've waited a month, I can't wait anymore! I wanna go and see her, she must have an answer by now! I miss her and…and…and…I want to see her," he murmured angrily.

Just like a child; sometimes he could feel so young when he was in his ship, sometimes he felt like a child back at the Academy; able to throw tantrums and stamp around and slam doors and kick up a fuss about something he wanted.

'Stop it. As Miss Martha would put it, act your age and not your shoe size. Now, go Time Lord. Enough,' The TARDIS chided motherly.

Sighing again, he turned to walk back to his room, keeping up his grouchy façade.

He'd gotten the distraction he'd sought, and the TARDIS knew it.

It was obvious that she was simply happy that he had not gotten under the grating again and started ferreting around in there, looking for things to break and fix.

Storming into his room, he attempted to slam the door behind him, but the TARDIS did not allow the door to move.

"You control everything!" he grumbled, shaking his head as he threw himself on the bed.

'I cannot help what I am, Time Lord. Those that inhabit inside you, may grumble and complain about how you control yourself.'

Glaring up at the roof, the Doctor harrumphed, folding his arms.

He didn't bother to reply, he planned on giving her the silent treatment for the next few minutes, before he tried another little tantrum.

Acting like a child again was fun and this incarnation seemed to love it.

'That does not work on me. I can sense your thoughts…you are still talking now, Time Lord.' The TARDIS said softly.

His frown turned into a pout as he sat up.

"Damn it," he mumbled to himself.

'Go to the kitchen Time Lord. Make a cup of Earthen tea that you are so fond of…perhaps it may calm you down,' she said, with about as much sarcasm as she could muster.

Again, the sentient Time Capsule was right, so slowly he got to his feet and shuffled down the hall.

Yet, he didn't get half way down the hall before he heard something coming from his room.

A ringing…a phone was ringing.

The Doctor's hearts seized up, as he realized with horror that he had left the phone on the bed.

It had to be Martha, it had to be.

With a gasp of surprise, he spun on his heel, almost tripping over himself in the process.

He berated himself for not keeping the phone with him, he'd left it on the bed, right next to him.

Slamming into the door frame, he winced as he tried to pick a quick way through the mess around him, without tripping over.

"Damn, damn, damn." He murmured as he picked a slow way back over to the bed through the books and electronics scattered about the floor.

It was still ringing, the phone, but it had to stop soon.

So, making a break for it, the Doctor bolted for the bed.

This proved to be a mistake because as soon as he started to run, he stepped upon what must have been a spare navigating orb and his right foot went out from under him causing him to fall with a yelp.

Landing with a thump on his back, he lay there for about a split second before clambering to his knees and throwing himself in one final desperate attempt to grab the phone.

He managed to grab it as he fell just short of the bed, again landing on pointed odds and ends that dug through his suit and into his flesh.

Paying no attention, he opened the trilling phone and pressed it to his ear.

"Hello?" he said, breathlessly.

She had been about to hang up.

The phone had rung for what seemed like ages and she had been beginning to grow discouraged.

But then, the click and he spoke immediately albeit breathlessly.

"Hello?" he said.

Martha Jones smiled.

"You sound a little puffed. What were you doing?" she asked.

For a moment there was stunned silence before he laughed.

"Oh…nothing much you know. Throwing myself about the place in an effort to get to the phone…I really should…ouch…clean up my room," he murmured, accompanied by a bit of rustling and clinking and clattering.

It was her turn to laugh now.

"For a Lord of Time that professes to being over nine hundred years old, you can be such a teenager." She chided.

"Ironic that you should mention that, I was just cooling down from an argument with the TARDIS." The Doctor said, sighing in what seemed like relief.

A frown marred her face as she furrowed her eyebrows.

"What do you mean argument? You and the TARDIS never argue." Martha stated.

There was a non-committed noise from the Doctor, as he undoubtedly shrugged.

"Well…they're not so much arguments…as me…just throwing a tantrum…but I had good reason!" he claimed.

Chuckling, Martha could just imagine her Doctor, storming around the place with his arms folded and a severe pout upon his face.

"Like what?" She asked.

"Never mind that. What did you ring about Martha? Do you have an answer for me? Can I come and see you now?" He asked, his voice suddenly changing tones to that of anticipation.

Then, in all of half a second, he seemed to remember himself.

"Uh…that is…if you want me to. I could just stay here…and you could tell me over the phone if you want," he said, in an almost sullen voice.

Smiling now, Martha looked at herself in the mirror.

"You can come. I want to talk to you face-to-face Doctor." Martha confirmed.

"Brilliant! I mean good, good…yes, good. Alright, I'm coming over." The Doctor said, obviously trying to hide his excitement.

It was something that Martha absolutely adored about the Doctor, when he got so excited but he tried to hide it to preserve his dignity, very poorly.

"I'm sure you are." Martha had barely got the sentence out before the TARDIS began to materialize in her apartment.

The wind picked up and pulled at the curtains, throwing a few papers about the place, making a mess as the TARDIS settled into its landing position before the Doctor in his self-contained whirlwind burst out of the doors.

His hair was a mess and his suit was rumpled and he was smiling insanely.

"I'm here! Present, in attendance, at hand, right in front of you, right here!" he said, pointing to the ground just before her.

Chuckling, Martha shook her head as she put the phone down.

How she had missed him and his odd little quirks that were strangely endearing.

"So, what did you wanna talk about?" He asked, eyes bright and wide and full of anticipation.

Yes, he'd want the answer immediately.

Allowing her gaze to slide away from him, she turned on her heel and walked over to the other side of the room.

"Well…I have your answer for you," Martha said.

To her amusement, he was following her closely as he could without becoming a nuisance.

"Yes?" he asked hopefully.

Biting her lip, Martha ducked her head slightly.

"I've given a lot of thought…" she began slowly.

But she never got the rest of the sentence out.

"…But no…" he finished it for her, utter defeat dripping from his voice.

At this, she spun around to see him backing away from her, his head down.

"I understand…I'll go and…potter around the TARDIS then…alone…I hope you have a good life Martha Jones. I'll always be a phone call away. Not that your gonna want me to come back anyway…probably best if you delete that number…or I might as well give the phone back." The Doctor murmured.

Sighing heavily, Martha grabbed his wrists and pulled him to a stop.

"Just wait. Listen before you talk." She chided, a little impatiently.

Nodding, the Time Lord stood to attention, looking at Martha with reserved hope.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…I've given it a lot of thought and the events over the past month have shaped my decision, as well as me thinking about my future. I have decided that friendships can be re-forged, I can always get another job and home is definitely where the heart is." Martha said, measuring her words with a slow precise rhythm to leave no room for misinterpretations.

As she spoke his eyebrows rose, a slow smile spreading across his face.

"And…and that's with me?" he asked.

For a moment, Martha left him hanging, but it wasn't just torturing him, it was torturing herself.

"Yes," she said with a nod.

The Doctor's grin grew to its insane heights again, before he threw his head back and laughed loudly.

"Brilliant! Oh Martha Jones! Have I told you lately that you are the most brilliant human walking on this earth at this time? You are brilliant! Better than brilliant! There are no words to describe how brilliant you are! Aww forget it! I love you! That's how brilliant you are!" He cried, sweeping her up into a bear hug.

From the volume of his voice, Martha was sure that her neighbours heard him but being in a hug with the Doctor; she could think of nothing else but him.

She could still hear him talking, his voice muffled by her shoulder but the rate at which he was talking was what made her laugh.

Pulling back from her, he planted a quick but firm kiss on her lips, sending her weak at the knees.

"Do you wanna pack? I'll help you pack. What do you wanna pack?" he asked, still speaking at an amazing pace.

Shaking her head, she pressed a finger to his lips, silencing his constant chatter.

Leaning in close, Martha stared directly into his wide, chocolate coloured eyes.

"Calm down…I thought maybe you might want some tea before we start with anything to do with the move. I don't have all that much to pack anyway so relax. We have time so let's use it." She said softly.

When she moved her hand away, he said nothing; just continued to stare at her through those unmercifully adorable eyes of his which just screamed for a hug.

"I love you," he whispered softly, not taking his eyes from hers.

It was still true, much to her pleasure.

Taking a decidedly blasé and somewhat proud stance, Martha Jones turned, giving him a suggestive look before heading into the kitchen.

"I know." She said highly, mimicking herself from earlier.

But this time she wasn't at all upset.

She could not have been happier.

From behind her she heard a dark chuckle and suddenly, two long arms snaked around her waist; stopping her from walking away.

"You are a tease Martha Jones." He whispered in her ear, his breath curling across her cheek as he did so.

Turning in his grip, Martha pressed herself up to his chest; enjoying the feeling of his hearts beating against her.

"I've got a secret as well you know. Do you wanna hear it?" she asked innocently.

"And what would that be my Martha Jones?" he asked curiously.

Looking about her, checking she wasn't being watched, she leaned up to whisper in his ear this time.

"I love you too," she breathed.

It was then, that she pulled back just far enough to press her lips to his and kiss him.

He was cool, but she could feel him heating up under her hands. Their arms settled into familiar places, Martha's around his neck, the Doctor's around the top of her waist.

They stayed in each other's arms for a long time, even after their kiss had broken.

All they needed to know was that the other was there and that was the way it was going to be from then on.

The future was looking brighter for the two; it was also looking brighter for Malikai and Maia whom they knew they would soon see again.

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