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The sun streamed in through the blindless window, falling over the dust and clothes littered floor, lighting up the small room. Thankfully, the window was placed where it couldn't allow the sun to blind him with its light. Which it still did a pretty good job of giving Jing a killer headache anway. Groaning, he rolled over in bed, twitching when he felt something warm and smooth pressed against his chest. Since when was the wall so round and smooth, he vaguely wondered, and through the pounding in his head, he could tell something was off.

Fighting the urge to stay asleep was a difficult job, one of which took his every ounce of will power to accomplish. At last, a sliver of gray could be seen, which closed quickly when the sun hit his eyes. From the brief glance at the world outside the rough blankets, Jing could tell he wasn't facing the wall. Which set off alarms in his head, before his eyes opened quickly. His senses came back slowly, and the first few things he noticed were as followed. He was holding something, something warm and smooth and large. He could feel the sheets against his skin, and his clothing seemed to be missing. And finally, the warm something against his back, that was snoring away behind him.

Now fully awake, the teen's mind quickly figured out that something bad must have occurred last night, if the body behind him and the sticky feeling on his skin was anything to go by. The warmth behind him was small, which quickly made him pale at the thought his mind brought up. Swallowing, he carefully twisted his neck around to see who was behind him, and froze.

No way.

That couldn't be possible, not in a million years! He tried to convince himself, his eyes telling him something entirely different. He blinked slowly, watching Kir shift in his sleep before slowly settling back to his previous position, mind shrieking at him. What happened last night? Perhaps he had taken some weird pill while drunk, and he was only seeing things.

After a moment, he told himself to calm down. Kir always slept in the same bed as him, and hey, no clothes didn't prove a thing. Especially the sticky sweaty feeling that covered his body, that could be from anything! He was jumping to conclusions, he decided. However, there was still whatever was in his arms to take note of. He froze at that thought. Slowly, as if afraid to see what it was, Jing looked down. When he saw the egg, he fainted.


When he came to, all he saw was the wall, which was blocked by something black and fluffy, which was crushed against his chest. Or rather, crushed against the egg, which was crushed against his chest. Jing contemplated fainting again, but the annoyed muttering from Kir stopped him. God only knew his friend was probably annoyed and creeped out, maybe more than he was.

Jing carefully let go of the bird, who made a small noise before moving away from the arms. Straightening feathers and trying to ignore the sun, Kir looked at Jing, ready to rant at him, and time stopped for a moment. Everything passed by slowly, the taking in of appearances, their state of bodily hygiene, and finally, the egg. Time went from syrupy slow to way too fast paced, and before he could blink, Kir was pointing at the egg in a mixture of horror and disturbed curiosity.

"WHERE, did THAT come from."

Looking down at the egg hesitantly, Jing blinked. "Um...I don't know?"

Perhaps that wasn't the best thing to say. But to be perfectly honest, he really didn't know. Sure, he had a pretty good idea of where it came from, and possibly WHO it came from, but he decided telling Kir would probably end badly. The bird looked blankly at him, then twitched, as if he were torn between shuddering or shrieking. Gulping, Kir looked from the egg, to Jing, to the room, and back to Jing.

"You don't think...we..."

Blinking and thinking long and hard, Jing nodded. "Yeah."

Kir promptly fainted.


As if staring at the oblong off white object would provide answers, the teen looked at the thing curiously. Kir had left, muttering something or other, leaving his friend alone in the room, where he refused to sit on the bed again. This left him to retreat downstairs, where the bar was empty for the most part. With the egg balanced on its side in front of him, and a cup of coffee next to that (he had heard black coffee got rid of hangovers, and was desperate to rid himself of his own right now), the teenager sat and thought. Sadly, the egg gave no answers that he didn't already know, and left him distinctly dizzy after gawking at it for the last hour.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what had occurred the day before, nor where the egg had come from. And yet, it stumped Jing. Because he just could not believe it. And yet, there wasn't any other answer. Sighing, he slumped in his chair and glared at the egg. "You're mocking me, aren't you..." he muttered.

It stared back innocently, and he felt the urge to push it off the table. If he didn't have morals, he would have...there were numerous reasons why he should. He was still just a kid, and whatever would come out of this egg (IF it ever hatched) would probably be miserable. Jing just wasn't ready for that.

The egg tilted a little and Jing sighed, watching it rock itself back and forth. What a strange egg. He hoped it wouldn't start talking...he wasn't so sure he or Kir were ready for something like that at the moment. Content to just watch the egg move back and forth, Jing felt his eyelids droop a little. What a morning.

When Kir finally returned, they decided another day should be spent in town, to recover from the shell shock (he choked on that word now). Honestly, Jing wanted to leave here quickly, get away from the awkward half memories. But after this morning, after last night, and now with an extra traveler, he wanted to stay another night to figure out what to do.

In the daylight, the town was easier to trust, and definitely less unnerving to be in. He had found a decent inn somehow or other, one that looked too nice to have rough sticky blankets and drafty rooms. That had lifted his spirits enough for the lingering discomfort to detach a little. Finding the inn was nice and there were no temptations of alcohol (He wasn't sure when he started drinking. It had been a few sips at first, and lately, it had been dozens of shot glasses.) to be found, Jing settled on the idea to stay there.

Kir stuck around Jing no longer than he had to, twitching and constantly getting lost in his thoughts. The night's events were hard to forget, even if he hadn't been sober when they occurred. And when the bird remembered exactly what happened, he couldn't keep himself from instantly wanting to dart away from his partner and friend. Glancing at the egg that was delicately stuffed in the teenager's backpack, he suppressed the urge to poke it, to make sure it was really real.

The room they had gotten was spacious, cozy and, disturbingly enough, PINK. Light pink mind you, but still pink. While Jing began to settle the strange egg into what he hoped was a comfortable position on the bed, Kir decided to take this moment to make his get away. At least for a while. He couldn't stay in the same room with Jing and stay sane for much longer, he need OUT and he needed to leave NOW.

"I uh...I'll be back later." he said quickly, darting out the window Jing had opened when they first came in here.

Jing blinked, and had seconds to notice the blur of ebony before it darted out the window. Watching his friend go from a bird to a dark speck in the distance, Jing felt oddly hollow and cold inside. Letting his shoulders slump weakly, he glanced back to the egg that was shifting on the pillows, and felt a small smile work its way onto his face.

Trailing a hand absently over the almost smooth surface of the shell, he sighed. "Just you and me it seems." he murmured, fingers tracing over the curly bubble letters that scrolled the front of the egg. "Eff, tee, pee....wonder what that means. Maybe a name?" he mumbled, making an almost pout. What a strange name that must be.


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