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Lynn and Troy Kingston

Flashback 2 years earlier

"You got what?" her voice was always calm and collected but not this time, this time it was shrill and frantic.

"Lynn, honey, look they just were not going to give us the contract we were looking for. I know that this is a shock but believe me, we will be happier. I promise, it's a longer contract than the Mustangs offered"

Lynn looked at her husband of five years. He had played for the Mustangs for 6 years opposite defenseman Damon Trebuchet, who had become one of his best friends. She couldn't believe what he was now telling her, he had been traded to the Buffalo Sabres. They had to leave their home and move into a new home, a new town and make new friends. Taking a deep breath she looked back at her husband, who was standing there waiting for the outburst. To his surprise there was no out burst.

" Plus Malcolm is looking for a younger player to replace me but hey I told him it wasn't about the money, just the contract and you know how he is " He moved closer to his wife still waiting for the storm. He knew it had to be coming. There was no way his beautiful wife would just accept leaving their town and friends.

"So, then Damon and Gabe know that you were traded?" she asked him as she went to pour herself some wine.

" So sweetie not yet I'll tell them later tonight at the club , maybe we could all go out for dinner before we go" he walked her sit in the chair and sipped her wine , she looked up at her husband and tried to smile at him. She was trying to be strong for him ,but the fact that he was just told he had gotten traded and had to tell his wife , she couldn't help but wonder if maybe he should go out by himself for a little while . Her thoughts were interrupted when Troy's cell phone rang.


A smile crossed his face " Gabe , yeah Lynn and I were just saying that we should go to dinner, we have some news for you and Damon. 10 pm sounds great, at our restaurant. Okay , yeah she is right here did you want to talk to her … sure here" Troy handed his wife the phone, but she waved it away. He put the phone back to his ear " Hey Gabe, Lynn is lying down I'll tell her you said hello though . So 10 at the usual place then off to the club alright see you later" Troy hung up the phone and then looked at his wife. He knew she was keeping something inside.

"Honey, its okay to be sad about this "

Lynn looked at her husband thoughtfully "You know what? I think you should go out with the guys tonight, if I go. I'll just cry all night so just call Gabe back and tell him it will just be you tonight. I'll go another time. I'm going to call Megan and tell her the news you go and have a food time. Call me if you need a ride home. Oh and Troy?" she added as he was going into the bathroom.


"I love you" she said as she played with the mustang pendant on her necklace…

Lynn sighed as she took out the pendant from the box. She looked down at the shiny gold animal. It was getting harder and harder to forget the things from the past. But with a little help from her wine basement and a roaring fire to keep her warm the memories would fade away into day light. She poured herself a healthy glass of red wine , move to sit on the couch and stared at the flames that licked at the glass. She took a sip of wine and wiped away a tear that found a way to roll down her face.

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