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Lynn looked up at Damon's cheek which had started turning red where she had slapped him. She then started to feel bad about it. "Well I slapped you because you kissed me. Why are you kissing me? Are you drunk?" she asked him.

"No, I'm not drunk; it was just that when I saw you"

Lynn stopped him " Damon listen, its late , you can sleep on the couch or take the bed but I have to go and get up early to have breakfast with Megan , then call Tabbi. I promised to pal around with her "

"Tabbi" Damon snorted "Trevor's girlfriend, if she had a brain she'd pack up and leave. Trevor had embraced the hockey life, especially the "Road code"

"Damon!" Lynn warned.

"Alright, I'm leaving in case Malcolm is hanging around. I heard he gave you a hard time"

"Believe me, I took care of him. I'll talk to you tomorrow right? She asked him wanting to make sure that she hadn't hurt his pride at all. She knew how he worked.

" Yes give me a call between Megan and Tabbi maybe I can squeeze you in "he smirked before walking out of the door . Lynn leaned against the door and let out a sigh , she looked the clock and decided to just crash on the couch . She reached up with her fingers to touch her lips that felt like there still burning from Damon's kiss. With a yawn she crawled con to the large couch, pulled the blanket up to her nose and closed her eyes. She fell asleep before she knew it.


Pounding and a loud voice woke Lynn up. She groggily opened the door. With half open lids Lynn made her way over to the door and opened it she looked at Megan "what are you doing here?"

Megan pushed her way into the room "I'm guess you haven't seen the news yet. I thought I'd come here to warn you before you tried to leave. Malcolm out did himself this time. She told her friend and lifted up the paper.

" Mustang legend's widow is seen hanging out with the notorious bad boy Damon Trebuchet" was the head line , there was no picture though there was a small article about how Malcolm saw them together after the game . Then how Damon ,never did show up at the Blue line disappointing dozens of women.

Lynn, tossed the paper on the couch and stretched " That's Malcolm for you , now give me a few minutes to take a quick shower and we can go to brunch" Lynn tossed the TV remote at Megan.

Megan caught the remote and sank down into the couch, she watched as her friend scurried about the room, then shut the bathroom door. Lynn was acting way too calmly about the paper. Megan began to wonder if there was some truth to what Malcolm claimed. Megan flipped on the TV and was distracted when Lynn's cell phone chirped. There was a text message.

Megan, was a curious person by nature, so she picked it up, she wasn't going to read the message just see who the text was from. ' Damon ' The phone dropped out of her hand like a hot potato, just as Lynn stepped out of the bathroom, dressed and ready to go .

"Hey you ready? Because I'm starving "Lynn asked her friend.

"Yes. I know a fabulous place we can go not to far from here"

Lynn grabbed her purse and waited for Megan before walking out the door leaving the phone on the couch.

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