The unappetizing smell of cheese and grease, the result of her constant pizza eating, wafted into his nose, causing him to wrinkle it, tapping the cold plastic of his pen against his cheek slowly. The faint light of his computer is almost blinding, the words on it blending together at times, or flickering at others.

"You eat too much pizza," he distractedly complained, as though he was speaking from somewhere outside his body.

"Shut up," was C.C.'s succinctly annoyed reply, not bothering to shift from her position, completely sprawled out with limbs all akimbo on his bed, a position that would have been highly distracting for your average teenage boy. Absently, she tossed her stuffed toy up into the air once, then twice, the soft, nearly inaudible thumps of it hitting her slender hands somehow making it to his ears.

"Jeez..." Lelouch sighed irritably, scratching the nape of his neck unconsciously as he did so. "You're a boorish woman, you know that?" he commented, giving her a sidelong look that was half-glare and half-amused. A puckish smirk rose on his face, as if to taunt her. "I can't even imagine you acting sweet or nice, like Shirley or Nina."

"A boor, am I?" she moved into a sitting position, legs swinging carelessly over the side of the bed, wearing a lofty expression as she leaned forward, an unreadable glint in her eyes. "Is that what you think?"

"Yes," he replied immediately, without hesitation, smirking a little wider now. "Unless you'd care to prove me wrong," he continued patronizingly, eyes twinkling with mirth.

"Your attempt at baiting me is ridiculously poor," C.C. shot back bitingly with a roll of her eyes, drawing her legs up until her knees were propped up against her chest.

"Hmph." Lelouch's smirk lingered for another moment, before drifting off along with his attention, back to the dim lighting of his LCD screen. After that, the only sounds was the short staccato raps of fingers dancing across the keyboard, punching in new ideas or revising old ones whenever a better change came to mind. While in the middle of revising one of his contingency plans in case something should go wrong within the Black Knights, he noted that this plan might be best executed if he could make some outside contacts with an airport official-

When a pair of thin, porcelain pale arms encircled him, drawing him into an embrace, a mysteriously alluring scent drifting into his nostrils. "Lelouch-kun," she cooed softly, breath whispering into his ear, sending a not entirely unpleasant shiver down his spine as her fingers danced teasingly against his chest.

"Gah!" the banished prince jerked reflexively out of the grasp, managing the humiliating task of toppling out of his chair as a result. The infamous rebel leader Zero found himself rubbing an aching backside, the sound of C.C.'s mocking laughter ringing in his ears.

"Not funny," Lelouch hissed, and stormed off to find some peace, pretending he wasn't blushing furiously all the way.