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Never Again By Nickleback

Jeff Hardy/Adam Copeland

I knew he was getting hurt. He would blame the bruises on tough matches. Everyone fell for that lie, well everyone but me. I was the one who would be in his room late at night. I would clean up the cuts and bruises, he would say it's not Randy's fault. He always say if he loved Randy a little more Randy wouldn't have to hit him. I just stand up run my fingers through my wavy blonde hair and kiss him on the cheek. I loved him but Jeff loved Randy a little more. I don't want to bury him. I love him to much.

I hear him scream, from down the hall
Amazing he can even talk at all
He cries to me, Go back to bed
I'm terrified that he'll wind up
Dead in his hands
Never Again

" Are you coming out with us tonight Adam?" Dave asked me as I walked to my locker room. I couldn't I was on Jeff watch. Randy was booked to lose tonight so Jeff was going to get hurt. I had to make sure he was going okay. I tried to stop Randy once, I was fined for it. I may be popular but Cowboy Bob makes sure his wonderful son never gets in trouble.

" I can't Dave. I need to get some rest. My neck has been acting up lately. Next time man."

" Okay, see ya later Adam." The big man said as he left me alone in the hallway. I quickly walked to Jeff's locker room. Randy was wrestling right now. So I had time to check on my friend.

" Jeff can I come in?" I opened the door when I didn't hear a answer. The enigma was curled up in a ball in the corner of the room. His face was buried in his knees and his shoulder were shaking.

" Jeffy look at me okay?" I tried coaxing him into looking at me but he just rocked himself. I know Randy did something to him. I needed him to talk to me.

" Jeff come on. Please talk to me." I rubbed Jeff's shoulder trying to calm the younger man down. Jeff screamed when I touched him. I knew he wasn't going to talk. I just pried his arms from around his knees and made him look at me.

" Oh baby boy." I surveyed the damage. The whole left side of Jeff's face was covered by a large black bruise. his beautiful lips were swollen and bloody. He got the shit beaten out of him. I knew there was more.

" Jeff. I'm going to take off your shirt okay." I gently pealed of the thin fabric to see the bloody mess that used to be Jeff's body. He was covered in scratches, bruises and a lot of angry looking bite marks.

" He got mad. He was going to lose and he got mad. I said I wasn't in the mood because my back was sore. I never pay attention to his needs. I only think about myself. He made me do thing and he got mad when I started to cry so he slammed my face into my locker. I stopped crying after that." Jeff said to more to himself. I pulled him into my arms trying not to touch any of the cuts.

"Jeff it's okay. Please come back to my room to night." I begged him. He was hurting badly. I needed to get him away from Orton.

" I can't. I gotta wait for Randy. He loves me, I just don't listen thats all. You know he really loves me." Jeff sounded broken and I don't think I could put him back together this time.


It was four in the morning when I heard a scream from down the hall. I knew it was Jeff, I started to run towards the room he shared with Randy. I ran right into someone. I ran into Randy who just walked out of his hotel room. I wasn't going to back down from him. Until I heard a whimper from the room. Randy will have to wait because Jeff needed me more.

Jeff was laying on the bed room floor. His pants were pulled down to his ankles and he was holding his arm against his chest. I held his hand as tears rolled down his cheeks. he wouldn't look at me he just kept saying, tell Randy I'm sorry.

He begged me not to take him to the hospital. I ignored him as I got him dressed. He wouldn't look at me, he just held his arm and stared out the window. Tonight I'm not letting him go back with Randy. Jeff's coming home with me.

Just tell the nurse, you slipped and fell
It starts to sting as it starts to swell
She looks at you, she wants the truth
It's right out there in the waiting room
With those hands
Lookin just as sweet as he can
Never Again

" How did you break your arm Mr.Hardy?" I slumped against the wall as the younger of the two nurses asked Jeff questions.

" The elevator was taking to long, so I decided to take the stairs. I got a little light head because I didn't eat after my match and I stumbled and fell. I put my arms down to stop me and I fell on it weird." Jeff lied giveing the nurse on of his charming smiles.

" What about the bruise on your face?"

" I got it in a match. I landed wrong during a match. I had a rough day." Jeff smiled at the nurse. When she let out a giggle, I knew she wasn't going to ask anything else.

" Okay we will just cast your arm and you can go. It's just a small crack. It will just be a bit longer."

" I'll get you a coffee Jeff. I'll be back." I said to the rainbow haired man. I needed something to keep me awake. It was now five thirty and I had to wrestle today.

" Mr. Copeland? Can I talk to you for a minute?" The older nurse asked when I left the room.

" Sure. What do you need to know?" I ran my finger through my hair and took a sip of the nasty coffee.

" Is there anything else I should know about Jeff?" The gray haired nurse asked.

" Like what?" If I said anything about the abuse, Randy would some how make it seem that I hit Jeff because I'm just jelous. The worse thing is Jeff wouldn't say that Randy touched him.

" I s he seeing anyone? Would the person he's seeing hurt him?" Before I could say something. I heard the snaklike voice of the only person I hate.

" Um hi I'm here to see Jeff Hardy?" Randy pushed me out of the way.

" And you are?"

" I'm Jeff's boyfriend. I came here as quickly as I could when I heard about him falling down the stairs. I was so worried." I clutched my hand into a fist. How dare he show his face here. If I had to be near him any longer I was going to do something I would regret.

" I'll try to get a hold of his brother." I told the nurse. I glared at Randy as I walked away. I pulled out my phone and tried to call the older Hardy boy again.

" Hello?" Matt asked. I didn't know what to say, Matt still hated me.

" Matt..This is Adam. Jeff is in the hospital...Randy broke his arm...You need to talk to him..."

" I've tried Adam. Randy won't let him come home to see me anymore...I'll fly out tomorrow okay? Could you get him to call me later...I have to go." I listened to the dial tone until someone tapped me on the shoulder.

" Stay away from Jeff." Randy spat glaring at me.

" No. Get away from me you fucker, I'm going to Vince in the morning. Your good ole dad won't be able to get you out of this mess Randy." I pushed Randy back.

" Jeff won't say I did anything to him. I could get him to say you did it..." I couldn't listen to him anymore. I just saw red and tackled him to the ground. I knew I was going to get in trouble for this but I couldn't help but punching him. I felt the secrity guards pull me off of Randy. I tried to pull away from them, I stopped struggling when I saw Jeff watching the whole thing. He ran over to Randy and it looked like he was saying he was sorry.

" Jeff fuck! You have to decide me or Randy. I'm too old for this. I can't keep helping you if you won't leave him." I shouted at the broken enigma. The look on Jeff's face killed me. but I couldn't deal with this anymore.

" I'm sorry Adam. I love him." I couldn't listen anymore. I pulled away from the guards and made my way towards my car. I was going to call Vince and take a few weeks off. I couldn't help him if he wouldn't help himself.

He's drunk again, it's time to fight
Same old shit, just on a different night
He grabs the gun, he's had enough
Tonight he'll find out how fucking
Tough is this man
Pulls the trigger as fast as he can
Never Again

I got a thirty day suspention for the fight with Randy. Jeff was okay while his arm healed. No bruises and no broken bones. Everything seemed okay until I heard fighting the night after I came back.

It was very late at night, when I heard the shouts. I just layed there until I recognized it was Jeff who was shouting. I quickly got dress and made my way toward Jeff and Randy's hotel room. I opened the unlocked door. I was shocked to see the scene. Randy was cowering near the wall and Jeff was standing above him holding a gun.

" Jeff..It's Adam please put down the gun." I would like to see Randy get shot but I don't want Jeff to get in trouble.

" No! He raped Shannon! He raped my best friend in our locker room! Shannon's just a kid!" Jeff shouted hysterically.

" Jeff please. Baby could you put down the gun. Please calm down okay." I pleaded trying to comfort him. I was standing behind him but I couldn't just grab the gun. Jeff was too hystarical.

" No. He hurt Shanny. Now I'm going to hurt him." I grabbed Jeff's arm as he pulled the trigger. The bullet just grazed Randy's arm. Jeff dropped the gun as Randy screamed in pain.

" I'm going to get you sent to jail. I fucking hate you Jeff." Randy screamed holding his arm. Jeff looked like he was about to break. I needed to take charge.

" Jeff, go and pack your bag. We are going to fly to Charlotte and get Matt to pick us up. I'll call Vince when we get to the airport. Go and pack your bag now. I'll deal with Randy." I told Jeff as I picked up the gun. I knelt down to Randy's level. I held the gun to his head.

" Your going to listen to me Randy. You are going to stay away from Jeff from now on. If you don't I will make sure the bullet goes in your fucking head next time." I said glaring at him.

" Your both going to jail." Randy spat back.

" No, we aren't. I have pictures of Jeff's bruises and Shannon won't hide what you did to him. Do you know what they do to rapists in prison? You'll be someone's bitch pretty boy. " I walked away from Randy when I heard Jeff behind me.

" Come on. We are going to have a little vacation. Let's go Jeffro." I grabbed his hand as I led him away from the Randy. It was going to take alot of work but never again was Jeff going to be broken.

Seen it before, but not like this
Been there before, but not like this
Never before have I ever
Seen it this bad
Never Again

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