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What Happens On the Couch Stays On the Couch

Ron was in the common room sleepily sitting on the couch by the fire doing his homework. It was clearly after midnight, and as fifth years were usually up late working anyway, Ron also had to cope with his ever failing attempt of keeping for the house quittitch team. He was half way to his book bag, to find a new inkwell, when he heard a small breath in the silence of the dark room. He glanced once to end of the couch carelessly, and his head turned almost half way back to the ground when his realized what was breathing next to him.

He sat bolt upright as he stared in curiosity at one dreamily sleeping Hermione. Ron looked at her with utter befuddlement for the good part a minute, wondering how she could have been there the whole with out him noticing once. He looked away trying to retrace every person whom he was said good night to, finding Hermione's was never made. He figured she dozed off after most everyone left, and he had been so absorbed in working he had guessed by the silence that he was alone and hadn't bothered to look. He decided to send her to bed.

"Hermione," he said as he cupped his hand over his mouth.

No response.

Ron cleared his throat loudly and tried again more directly," Hermione."

She jerked awake gibbering, "E=mc2!"

"What?" Ron said really confused.

Hermione, also obviously very confused, spun her head in all directions having no idea where she was or who she was next to. When she came to her senses she stuttered, "No-nothing, muggle stuff. Wh… how long have you been there watching me?" she scratched neck insecurely and squinted at him in the firelight.

"Well, I noticed you there about three minutes ago," Ron admitted bewilder and a little embarrassed, "I was gonna ask you the same question."

"I dunnoooo" Hermione yawned, "I remember giving you the spell to transfigure large objects."

"Wow you have been out for a long time, I finished transfigurations hours ago."

"So what do you need?"


"You don't want me to help you?" she said incredulously. "Oh well… I was thinking you'd check it in the morning, but I'm fine right now,' Ron's ears pinkened. "Oh well then," Hermione flattened out her robes about to leave.

"Wait," Ron's voice cracked in the silence, he wanted an excuse to keep her there as long as possible suddenly, having someone with him made him much more comfortable. He bit his lip as his eyes shifted about the room for an excuse.

"Well, I…I might need you for Snape's essay."

"Sure hand it here," she was rather keen to stay as well, but Ron really didn't care why. She limply stretched out her arm.

"Er… well I haven't got it yet," Ron's ears were now red, as he looked between Hermione and her arm.

"Oh," She said carelessly, "not like I've got to go to bed just for another three hours so I can wake up again," reading her watch.

"You'll wait?"

She made a weak smile of agreement.

"Okay," Ron turned back to his bag to get the new inkwell. He sat up and began writing again. It was only a few minutes before the common room was plunged into silence as before, "You know, you don't have to…Hermione?"

Ron looked up, and once more, Hermione was asleep.

"Hermione!" he quietly exclaimed.

Her eyelids shot up, "hmm?"

"What's the point of your staying up when you're going to sleep anyway?"

"O.K. Ron, I promise I won't fall asleep, and if I do you'll be able to wake me up."

"You're sure?"

"Yes, Ron, now get back to work."

He rolled his eyes back down to his paper. The next question really stumped him. He leaned back and put his arm around the back of the couch. Suddenly Hermione, asleep yet again, stretched across the couch, wrapped her arms around Ron's torso, and rested that bushy haired head of hers on Ron's chest, as if Ron were the pillow in her bed.


Ron raised his arms, as if touching her was dangerous to his life.

"Hermioneee!" he whined. The small low groan, and a snuggle deeper into his T-shirt told Ron that Hermione had certainly broken her promise to stay awake. Apprehensively Ron lowered his left arm, little by little, to the only place it could go, around Hermione's shoulder.

"Fair enough, you know the essay I told you Snape assigned? I stole your notes and finished it two days ago," he smiled down at the top of her head, "I don't believe this, here I am after five years and holding a girl, with her arms around me, on a couch, alone and it's my bossy, brainy, bushy-haired Hermione." Ron looked up as if he were trying to see his inner thoughts then snorted a short laugh and said, "But it could be worse, you know, Harry could be the one lying in my lap," he laugh for a little, but then he looked down and his smile vanished, "and drooling into my shirt."

Hermione repositioned her head, so Ron could see face shinning in the ever dimming fire light. Ron was suddenly overcome by a strange feeling that he couldn't look away from her.

"No… no, I don't mean that really. I mean you can be a little bossy and no matter what you're always right and your hair is… O.K., O.K. so I do mean it… but… but…"

His voice was cracking, and his mouth was dry.

"Victor-?…," Hermione breathed out suddenly.

Ron's brow furrowed and he closed eyes shut tight, as if trying to re-think his words, or maybe, try not to cry.

"So, that's who you think I am," Ron mumbled, his chuckling smile disappeared yet again, "figures, aye?"

Strangely very tired in a matter of a second Ron rubbed his eyes and carefully tried to release himself from Hermione's grip, but couldn't. Seeing as he was trapped, Ron kicked off his sneakers and leaned his head back drifted fast asleep.

"Ron… Ron … Hermione… wake up, you'll be late, we let you sleep through breakfast, come on."

"What do you think happened?"

"I dunno, not anything too interesting. Ron'd be too much of a prat to try anything."


Harry's and Ginny's voices were coming from very near by, but Ron did not want to wake up to satisfy them with the story of the happenings of last night.

"Let's not say anything 'til there they tell us, don't bring hopes up, you know."

Ron waited to hear the two of them climbed out into the corridor before he blinked awake in to the sun light pouring in to the circular room. He was lying sideways on the couch now. He lifted his head a little ways and squinted around the common room. He glanced behind him, to find Hermione still dozing peacefully, with one arm limply draped over his side and the other bent under her hair which quivered in the way of her soft breathes. He got up and walked to a window over looking the grounds, holding his head in the base of his hands, sliding his fingers swiftly through his hair, leaned his head back, and supported his neck tightly, lacing his fingers. Starring up at the brightened sky, he resolved he would never say anything having to do with that night, that it would just be ridiculous, and embarrassing.

April started of their sixth year, and O.W.L.s were rounding the corner for fifth years. They were all sitting down to breakfast, Ron linked to Lavender in a side crushing squeeze around his ribs. Ginny came lazily staggering in and plummeted onto the bench next Hermione.

"What's up with you?" Ron called across the table.

"I'm tired. I didn't sleep again, it's my O.W.L.s," Ginny whined.

"Ah, O.W.L.'s, thank god you only take them once," Ron reminisced.

"Ron's right Gin," Hermione said looking Ginny up and down knowingly, " There's nothing strange about it, just about everyone gets that way this time of year," she added reassuringly, " I remember, last year I dreamt some of the strangest things from studying far too much. Once I found myself jumping off, the ship, Titanic and swam out to sea, I saw a rubber raft and clang to it for dear life," at these words Ron's head sprang up and turned to Hermione, is she talking about the same dream that night?, he thought and listened attentively to each detail, "then I floated to rowboat and got inside, but when I did, I saw professor McGonagall and Queen Victoria already in there.

Suddenly, like a spark meeting a candle's wick, the name Victoria struck a fire in Ron's mind. That was what she tried to say in her sleep never Victor at all!

"Anyway, the boat started moving upward, and I looked down, the boat was flying out of the water, and when I looked up again Victoria and McGonagall were gone and Harry was there with a bow and arrow looking at me funny. Then Harry said something like, 'would you like to tell me something?' and I said, 'tell you what?' then he said, 'well I guess I have to do it the hard way' so then he shoots me out of the boat!" she begins to chuckle as everyone else around is already laughing at this point, accept Ron, whom has his mouth hanging wide open.

"So I start falling through the clouds, when finally I see someone standing on a cloud and they caught me," she shrugged; she stopped talking and began eating again.

"Well?" came Ron's voice impatiently when he realized the story ended.

"Well what?" Hermione's brow furrowed.

"Well who caught you?" said Ron a little less eager.

"Oh," she shrugged again, "I dunno the dream changed completely after that and I never saw his face."

Ron smacked his palm to his forehead, almost imitating Harry's reaction to the pain that sometimes occurred from his scar.

"Won-Won!?" Lavender cried, "Are you alright?"

"Huh," he replied as if just noticing she was beside him just then, "Oh y-yeah, I umm, I forgot I needed to look for a book I lost," he said stiffly making an excuse, shifting his eyes all around him counting all the people who just saw him lash out, "Got to go!" he said quickly sliding through Lavender's death grip, and quick walked out of the Great Hall, cursing himself under his breath. (Later he was found, by Harry, on the floor of the boys' dormitories banging his head against the wall near his bed.)