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Embarrassed as hell I turned around to hide my colorful black and red colored skull bra. You could just imagine how red my face was right now. Abe still wondering if I was okay, walked closer to the log.

"NO! Don't come any closer!"

"why?" Abe asked, innocently.

"Because…..you saw it!"

"Saw what?"

Then it clicked and I had just realized Abe probably doesn't even know what a bra is...in fact...I'm not sure there's even female Mudokins...PERIOD!

"umm..." at this point my mind is drawing a blank. How do I explain this one?

"umm...it's what humans call....a bra. And it helps the female humans to support their...their a..." oh god! Do I have to say the actual words? "their bosom's" well, that's a little better...but it's still embarrassing....

it was clear that my face was not going to turn a normal color soon. I sat up, staying behind the log to keep the redness at bay.

"females?" Abe acted like he never heard that word before.

"umm yes a...hey could you do me a favor?" I asked hoping he'd say yes.

"sure. What do you want me to do?" Abe answered

I paused for a moment.

"Know any sowing skills?"

"so uh...tell me more about these...females...what are they? A different species of some kind?" Abe asked curiously as he's sowing my shirt up.

I sigh. Here I am sitting against a log, holding my breasts hoping to god no one sees me...and trying to figure out a way to explain this certain subject to Abe.

"uh yeah sort of…umm…you could say that…in my world there are two types of humans…females and males. Males are the strong muscular type…like you and the others."

I heard Abe stop sewing for a moment.

"really?" he asked curious

"umm, yeah more or less…and females are just like the males…with a few differences…" I pause trying to think how to word the next sentence correctly.

"how so?" Abe asked wanted me to continue.

It sounded like he was really interested.

"well…like 'bosom's' males don't have those on my world."

"hmm…" hummed Abe intrigued "what are these 'bosom's' used for?"

I blushed at the question, but continued to answer the curious Mudokin.

"umm…well…they are used to produce milk…for their young…" I sounded like my biology teacher on a Thursday…but I had to keep going.

"you see when a youngling is born on my world…they didn't hatch from eggs…they were given live births, and they need nutrition which is what they get from the milk when they come out."

"done! Hmm…very interesting, but wait…live births? Aren't they painful?" Abe asked in concern.

I smiled at his concern.

"well, yes it is painful but when it's all said and done…it's a beautiful miracle…just like…love…" I spoke with a longing.

I never had experienced love before…though just like every "female" in our world, I had longed to experience it.

Abe put my shirt on the log for me to see so I could grab it and put it back on. He heard the longing in my voice…and I think…he felt the same way…which is why he asked what it was…

"hmm…umm…what is this love that you speak of?" Abe asked.

I saw he was done with my shirt and took it from the log. As I was putting my shirt on, I thought about how I would explain to him this human emotion that we as humans feel at times…

"well…when you're in love…it's like…like…" I thought about for a long time then…it came to me. "like you're on a cloud, you feel special around this person, you start to feel more confident in yourself…it's an emotion to do whatever it takes to please them…" I sigh a dreamy and longing sigh "an emotion that makes you care for a person so much…you are willing to risk your own life for them…"

I leaned against the log, waiting for his response. It took a long time before Abe answered.

"so that's what love is?"

"yep, that's what love is" I answered as I stood up and carefully stepped over the log. I walked over to the bed that Abe had made for me and sat down.

"well, I think I'll go to sleep now okay?" I said laying down in the bed.

"oh, okay Annie. I'll wake you if there's anything wrong." Abe said smiling.

"okay Abe…well…goodnight" I said closing my eyes and fell asleep.

"goodnight." Abe said softly.

He smiled to himself and laid on the log and stared at the stars above.

"maybe…I do know what love is…" he whispered to himself "because…I think…I am…"

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