Summery: Another one of those stories where Bella is abused. But (ya gotta know this was coming) her parents left her behind in Forks when she was 14. Bella met up with two other people like her and they live on the streets together. And then she meets the Cullen family when she decided to see where all the people go to during the weekdays. EXB

A/N: This is something I just thought up on the spot. Bella is a little OOC, but what do you expect, she's been abused (physically) ever sense she was two! That's gotta change the way you feel 'bout life, right? On with the story!

Well, It's a Small World After All

Chapter One


I crouched in a corner of the street. People passed by, not noticing Tony, Gabrielle and I. I looked straight at Tony, waiting for the movement of his index and middle finger. That was the signal to move, grab the nearest pedestrian, kill them, then take the money. I was too good at this now, sometimes it seemed as though I didn't move at all, that's how fast it all was.

I've been living out on the street for three years, four months, and 23 days. Never went to school, I was too busy caring to my parents every need. I've been abused until I was 14, then, when there fighting became unbearable, they left each other and ... me. Renee and Charlie took all of there belongings, threw out all of the food (even if it wasn't old) and illegally divorced. At least I think it was illegally, they didn't sign or at the least look at the divorce papers. I met Tony and Gabrielle one day on the street, they both asked me for money, threatened to kill me and then realized I was just like them. Except these were the same clothes I wore when my parents left and I was hungrier than them.

Tony moved his fingers. I stood up and ran to some random guy; the blade of the knife I held pierced his neck as he glanced at me. He didn't have time to speak, he was already dead. I let him fall to the ground, blood coming out of his neck. I searched his pockets for a wallet and took it. As I did this people screamed, some took out there phones and others ran away. To tell you the truth I wasn't really bothered by them. After three years of killing people, you'd get use to this.

Gabrielle did the same thing then ran over to me with Tony. Gabrielle and Tony were both together. Gabrielle was 22 and Tony 23. They didn't have a job, a home, or a family; but they lived their life happily with me, think that I was one of their own. Gabrielle was beautiful, her skin a golden bronze-like colour, her hair silky black with light brown highlights. I loved her hair, it wasn't extremely long, her bangs formed a side sweep that went over her purple eyes, and her hair was just below the shoulder. She had a gorgeous figure that some people would kill for -- no pun intended. Tony was also beautiful, he had light brown hair that covered his blue eyes, his skin fair with lots of scars along his arms and he was well built.

We smiled at eachother before we ran away from the people staring at us. We ran for about four miles, ending up in the forest we'd call home. I pulled out the money from the side pocket of the guys wallet to observe the 143 dollars he had.

Gabrielle stared at me for a moment, I saw either pity or shame in her expression. "How much money have you got, sweety?"she asked me in her honey like voice.

I smiled at her and whispered, "143." The first thing I learned on the street was talking and counting. Other than that I knew nothing, not how to read, write, nothing.

"I got 56 dollars."

Tony handed us the money to see how much he stole. Of course he had the most, he always had the most. 278, is how much he had.

Tony's mute, so it's easier if he gets shot or cut by anyone who new about us. He didn't scream out in pain and agony like I would, Gabrielle would yelp probably, she learned how to hold back her scream.

One month later...

We moved once again. From Phoenix to Forks, Washington. I didn't know why Tony chose Forks, but he did. Tony always chose where to go, and what to do. With Gabrielle's permission of course.

We were always moving, and this time was different. They wanted me to go to school. So I'd get a good education, get a job, possibly get married. Gabrielle and Tony didn't want me to live my entire life like they had to. They told me that one day maybe they'd go to college but it was probably to late for them.

Here in Forks it was green, everything, I mean everything, was green. The rocks were green, the tree trunks were green even some of the houses were green! And it rained constantly, every single day it would be raining. I didn't see this as a omen though. Just simply unavoidable. This means, all my clothes would be wet until we found a house. But that didn't matter. We found out that Gabrielle, against all odds, became pregnant one night. Which means more raids and shelter. Maybe in this rat hole we would find an abandoned house. But really, all that mattered was Gabrielle and the baby she now carried.

My arm was around Gabrielle's waist, so was Tony's as we helped her walk. Tony sprained his ankle and therefor couldn't carry her like he would have. The rain pounded against the road we walked and our fore heads. Tony would winced every time he took a step.

Sometimes, when a car would pass, Tony would raise his hand to see if the car would stop and give us a hand. None did. The people would just turn there heads away from us. One even drove into a puddle to make us sopping wet. The nerve of these people.


We eventually found a house, two bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, and got settled in. The people who lived here before were nice enough to keep all the furniture in the house. The home was two flours of homely goodness. Just no food and no money were found.

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