Note: For this story I envision certain actors as OC characters. Jackie/Adria...Morena Baccarin. Fred O'Niell...Ben Bowder. Kara de Vivian/Vala Mal Duran...Claudia Black.

There is some ship between Fred and Kara, Daniel and Jackie, hinted ship between Jack and Sam. Jonas Quinn will also be in this story along with Janet Fraiser, Jacob/Salmac, General Hammond, Bra'tac and some of the Atlantis characters.

Chapter 1

1944, Wright Airfield, Ohio

The single engine silver aircraft circled overhead while waiting to land. At the controls of the craft was a woman, no more than 25 years old, looking over the field. Using her thumb and forefinger she squeezed the throat mic. "This is flight AE 01. Am I clear to land?"

The voice crackled through the headphones, "You're clear to land on the main strip, AE 01."

The pilot turned to line up for her decent. She asked, "Is General Arnold here yet, Wright Tower?"

"He's waiting for you on the tarmac, AE-01."

"Thank you, Tower."

"Anytime, Fifi."

Shaking her head the pilot sticked the landing and taxied down to the maneuvering area and then onto a landing slot. The clear canopy slid back to reveal the attractive pilot.

General Hap Arnold started towards the craft. The sunglasses perched on his face and the visor cap flopped down and sitting cocked to side of his head. A grin came across the general's face. He greeted, "Jackie O'Neill…how are ya?"

Climbing out of the bird the petit lady looked rather silly from the over size flight suit. The parachute hung from the bulky clothing along with three cushions for the pilot to sit on which enabled her to see out the cockpit canopy. Her feet hit the blacktop with a thunk. The small hands emerged from the thick leather gloves and worked to remove the leather flight helmet. She grinned at the old man, "Hap!" Her arms opened wide, giving the general a squeeze.

His thick hands patted her back, "You're gonna get me in trouble of you keep doing that, Jackie."

"How so?"

"There are regulations for an officer to follow," Hap explained.

"But I've known you forever. You're like family to me," the pilot rebuked. "Besides, I'm a civil employee…remember? I'm not a WAC."

"I'll get you that standing," He promised. "But right now…I got something for you to look at."

Eager the pilot asked, "Does it have anything to do with Project Mercury? Did you get a go?"

"Um, no Jackie. Project Mercury has been canceled in favor of The Manhattan Project. You know…you are still welcome to go on the Manhattan Project if you want."

Jackie shook her head, "I don't feel comfortable with it. So, what was so important you had me fly up here on my day off?"

"Walk with me!" General Arnold turned swiftly and led her towards a hangar.

Inside the hangar, standing inside a huge wooden box was a rather large ring shaped object. It looming over the pair as if a silent witness to an old event.

Jackie gave a funny look, "What the heck is it?"

"That's what I want you to tell me," General Arnold stated. "Professor Langford found this ring in an Egyptian dig in 1928. It's been in Europe understudy. In 1935 The Nazi party took possession of it and began to study the ring. It took a platoon of Rangers to get it back. I want you to tell me what we have here."

The pilot looked at the ring and then back at General Arnold. Grimacing she asked, "Why don't you have your scientist look at it?"

"Many men are tied up in the Manhattan Project. There will be a number of men, many scientist, coming here tomorrow to look at the ring. In the mean time, I want your opinion on it."

"My opinion?" Jackie's eyes settled on the daunting task. "One day, huh?"

"You can go back to Avenger Field tomorrow. This is the only chance I can give you, Jackie. You're a famous racing pilot and not a well known scientist. I know you have a gift and I want you to use that gift to help us figure out what we have here." Hap placed his arm across her shoulder. "I know you're disappointed that Project Mercury was called off. But I need your help. Just look at it tonight and tell me what you think tomorrow."

"I'll give it a shot, Hap. Not sure what I will come up with though–if anything."

Giving a reassuring smile, the General excused himself. "I know you will. I'll see you tomorrow. I have the VIP quarters set aside for you to use tonight. I'll leave you to it." He turned and began to walk away. Pausing with a turn he told her, "I'm drawing up legislation that will make WASP part of the AAF. I know it's tough now…training pilots in Texas. You'll get in and you'll get that commission. Wait and see."

She gave an faint sigh, "Yeah, I'm sure congress will pass it. Thank you, Hap…for everything. Will you be going back overseas soon?"

Hap nodded, "End of the month."

"Could you go to Bassingbourn to see my Dad for me. Just tell him you saw me and I want him to know I miss him."

He gave a sharp nod, "I will, Jackie. Your father is very proud of you. Anything else I should tell him?"

Her right hand came up in a salute, "Tell him that I'm doing fine and I'm behaving myself. Tell him his reputation precedes him and none of the male instructors will dare ask me out to dinner or even to lunch. Make sure he knows he's managed to ruin my social life and he's not even here…sir."

Hap let out a chuckle, "He'll be glad to hear that."

"Joyous…I'm sure."

I'll see you tomorrow, Jackie." He gave a salute back and then turned sharply on his heel and left the building.

Jackie stood and looked up at the looming structure. She muttered, "Oh boy."

The Next Morning

The line of doctors, scientist and military officers emerged from the bus and filed into the hangar. General Arnold called the men before the Stargate and asked for their attention.

"Please, may I have your attention." The chattering stopped and all eyes settled on the old man. "I would like the thank you for taking the time to come here today." He pointed behind him at the looming ring, "This is why you are all here. Last night I had Jackie O'Neill take a look at it as well. For those who don't know who she is…I can tell you…she is an up and coming aerospace engineer. She is also being toted by some in the media to be the next Amelia Earhart before the war and is a very good pilot. She does have a solid grasp on physics and chemistry. Don't let the lack of a degree fool you boys. Jackie cannot stay, she has to go back to Avenger Field today. She is currently employed by the Women's Service Pilot's Program as a flight instructor. The program is vital in freeing up pilots to serve overseas." His hand motioned off the side, "Jackie?"

She walked up next to the general holding a leather bound notebook. A typed report firmly in the grasp of her shaking hands. She stood and cleared her throat, "Ahem. Thank you, General. The ring was discovered in an Egyptian dig by Professor Langford in 1928. On the outside of the ring we see glyphs that so far….no one has been able to decipher. We also see nine chevrons which appear evenly spaced around the outside of the ring. Inside the ring there is a number of crystals and wiring…which indicate a high magnetically force. I have come to the conclusion, that if an electrical current is applied, the magnetic force interacts on a subatomic structure level."

One of the scientist spoke up, "Yes, yes, Miss. Could you just give us your…opinion…of what the ring is. We don't need to be spoken to like children."

"Um," Jackie gulped. "Sorry…I wasn't aware I was doing that. To put it in a nutshell, the magnetic force kick starts a series of reactions within the structure of the ring. Through phases of manipulation the atomic structure of space/time fabric is manipulated into…um…creating a structure that could bridge long distances."

Another scientist asked, "Long distances? A bridge?"

"Planetary bridge. The distance needs to be vast…like Earth to Mars for example. In theory, if we have a ring on Earth and a ring on Mars we could connect the two rings and make a bridge that would allow us to just walk to Mars…through space." She winced after she realized adding the final remark only made it seem ridicules.

The men started to chuckle. The first scientist joked, "Walk from the Earth to Mars? Suppose you could just put on your heels and dancing dress and throw a party on Mars. Miss O'Neill, is that your official report?"

"Yes it is, Sir."

The skinny man approached her, hand out. "I'm the lead scientist on the project. May I see your report? I would like to keep it in my files."

Jackie nodded graciously, "Yes sir."

After receiving the report he merely folded it in half.

Jackie added, "If you read it in its entirety you will see the glyphs are constellations."

"I'm sure they are, Miss O'Neill." The man didn't seem convinced. "We will take over this project now. You can go back to your airfield to fly planes, Miss O'Neill."

"Um," Jackie had the feeling of being pushed away from the Stargate. She looked upon the condescending smile the scientist gave her. Feeling intimidated she walked back to General Arnold. Speaking under her breath, "You believe me, right Hap?"

Whispering back, "I believe your impressions over anyone's. But sometimes we have to do what is expected of us, Jackie. I will make sure your report gets filed."

"Thank you," She turned back around to see her report land gently into a trash can. "I know how it sounds, Hap."

"Jackie," Hap consoled. "For right now we need you back on the airfield getting those other girls ready to fly. We need pilots able to go to war and the WAP program takes precedence over the ring. Maybe in a few years, I can call you back to work on it. But right now…we need you as an instructor. I'll call you later, Jackie."

"Thank you, Hap." Jackie gave him a half hug before walking away. As she passed the scientist to exit the hangar she could hear the snickering. Humiliated she gulped and went back top do what was expected of her without complaint.

1945, Colorado Springs

She had driven the blue car to her aunts farmhouse on the outskirts of the small city. Still wearing an A-2 leather jacket with the small gremlin, Fifi perched proudly above the left breast. WASP had been disbanded and Jackie was now out of a job. Project Mercury was never reinstated and the young woman had sold her prized plane she raced in the 30's to start the project on her own. The war was still in full swing on the pacific front and Jackie's idea would truly bring a much needed advantage.

Her aunt was an old and feeble woman who needed someone to help and Jackie was the perfect choice. Her father heading an airbase in Europe and her uncle off to serve in the Mighty 8, leaving little time for either man to be home.

She never heard anything about the Gate again. Sure in her opinion and in her assumption that General Arnold never dug her report out of the trash, she let the Gate go to the recesses of her mind. Occasionally brought back to the artifact by the drawings still in her notebook.

She made lunch for her aunt and sat at the table amusing the old woman. The Aunt asked, "What is that contraption in my barn, Jackie?"

"It's a particle string generator."

Her aunt wondered, "What does it do?"

"It's supposed to make a web of high density particle strings that can be cast into the upper atmosphere. You hook onto them with a latch on a plane and it slings the plane around the world in seconds."

Her aunt muttered, "Sounds like hooey to me. Just don't burn this barn down."

"I won't!" She defended, "The last barn exploded…it didn't burn down."

The wrinkled old hand patted her own, "I know you mean well. Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. Now, help me to the living room."

She helped her aunt to her favorite chair. After settling the old women in she asked, "Do you need anything else?"

"No dear," The aunt replied.

"I'll be out in the barn. If you need me ring the cow bell."

The long crooked fingers grasped the bell and held it up. Loudly it rang as she shook it. The pilot's hand stopped the ringing and the aunt stated, "I see you still have your hearing, dear. Open the window a hair so you can hear me outside."

"Yes aunt Grace," Jackie went to crack open the window. After feeling the cool breeze she placed a quilt over the old woman's legs. "Ring if you get cold."

"Ah-ha," She started to nod off to sleep.

Taking her favorite jacket, she went back to work in the barn.

The generator was huge, made of vertical brass tubes with a clear globe sitting atop the highest tube. Coils of copper wiring spewed in all directions. On a workbench she had placed a special metal she had been working on. It didn't look like most metal, it glowed red but shined like gold. Carefully she placed the metal core inside one of the brass cylinder.

She picked up her leather case which housed her favored notebook. Using the stiff leather as a clipboard, she started to write down notes in the book. Taking her baseline readings off the gauges on the side of the brass casing. She then flipped on the power switch and the generator began to hum. Jackie started take time, temperature and readings. The particle strings suddenly erupted out of the globe above her. But instead of casting a web they condensed further onto themselves. Encasing Jackie and her generator in a bubble. Jackie knew things weren't going the way she planned but continued to take notes as the space inside the bubble seems safe. The bubble then dissipated.

Seeing sunlight hitting the barn floor, Jackie stepped away from the humming generator and looked up at the huge hole in the roof. Her hands flew up, "Ah crap. I blew a hole through the roof." Scanning around she noted the electricity was out and yet the generator was still humming. She assumed, "Great, I blew out all the light bulbs too. Why can't anything go smoothly?"

Stepping backwards towards the workbench she looked for the master plans. The bench was in shambles and full of dust. Perplexed her fingers ran over the dirt. She tapped the rotting wood, "What happened to my workbench."

The humming from the generator increased dramatically. The pitch grew higher and higher. Jackie looked over at her experiment as the bubble of string particles condensed around it and then disappeared. Her mouth dropped, "Oh shit! That's not good."

She ran over to the door and tried to open it. Nailed shut from the outside the door refused to budge. Her foot came up and kicked hard. Again she kicked at the door and kept kicking till the boards flew off and the door swung open.

Outside the house had fallen into disrepair, boards across the once beautiful leaded windows. Her car was gone and the surrounding yard was now a field of brush. Jackie called out, "Aunt Grace!" She got no answer.

Running up to the boarded up house and yelling inside through a broken window, "Aunt Grace?" Still nothing but silence.

Confused, Jackie ran about the farm but found nothing and no one about. After sometime of scurrying about and finding nothing, she finally decided to start to walk into town to see if she could find a phone and hopefully someone to call.


General Hammond sat and presided over the late afternoon meeting. His retirement merely a dream now. Nothing went as it should have for the last five years. The Atlantis expedition had been a disaster. Poor forethought and lack of progress made the attempt to keep the city from falling into Wraith hands impossible. Within the first year the city was lost to a waking enemy that was now the top predator in two galaxies. Four long years Earth and it's allies have waged a war unlike any before.

Dr. Weir had set the self destruct after they had managed to escape the failing city. Unfortunately the Wraith were able to turn the mechanism off, gaining the city in its entirety. For over a year the expedition fought the Wraith and moved colonies of people. Soon there wasn't any more people for the expedition to save. By luck alone the Deadalus had managed to find the survivors and bring them back to the Milky Way with a small group of natives from Pegasus.

Upon coming to the Milky Way the Wraith started to feed on anyone they could capture. The enemy found feeding on Jaffa made them much stronger than just feeding on mere humans. The symbiotes ability to heal the Jaffa had been turned against it and used to make the Wraith greater abilities and strength…nearly bullet proof. Growing ever stronger and gaining the Ancient data banks gave the enemy a fierce reputation. Soon, the Goa'uld System Lord fell completely as the Jaffa were fed upon while going into battle.

As the Wraith culled planets more and more refugees came to Earth asking for safe harbor. But none could be granted. Though the program still remained from the general public the IOA continued to force their own agenda of gaining technology for their own sake.

General Hammond found himself in a losing war against and enemy he would surely face and would without doubt feed on his very life. And in a war to keep the SGC in US hands. His options running out and his allies running scared, he was surprised by the request he recently received.

Thor of the Asgard had contacted the SGC moments prior and asked for the meeting. The Supreme Commander wouldn't say why but lately the news Thor brought was always bad. Hammond began to dread the meetings, fully expecting the worse.

SG-1 filtered into the room. Daniel's eyeglasses were sitting crooked on his face, his hair ruffled from constantly running his fingers through in frustration. Sam's eyes seemed puffy from hours of staring at a computer screen. Jack's frustration showed on his face in deeper lines. Teal'c somber from the deaths of more Jaffa.

Sam asked, "What did Thor say happened now?"

"Not sure Major," Hammond replied. "He said he would be here momentarily."

Daniel gave an exhausted sigh, "More planets falling to the Wraith?"

"Just have a seat, Dr. Jackson."

Jack grimaced, "Our little buddy hasn't given us any good news for years now. Ya know…I miss those days."

"So do I, Colonel." Hammond looked at his watch. "Thor should be here any…"

A beam of light suddenly emerged at the end of the meeting table. Thor materialized and then looked about. "How do you do, General Hammond?"

"Fine Thor, thank you."

Jack waved his hand, "And you're doing good, Thor?"

"As well as to be expected, Colonel O'Neill." He then looked at Sam. "I have come to speak to Major Carter."

Surprised she wondered, "What about, Thor?"

"Moments ago I picked up a warp drive signature on long range scanners."

Sam interrupted, "Excuse me…did you say 'warp drive" signature?"

"Indeed," Thor nodded.

Jack didn't seem enthused, "So? We have space ships. Was it one of ours."

She shook her head, "No, we don't have warp drive. We have hyperspace. Totally different principle. Warp drive would be far more difficult…no one has it."

Thor cocked his head, "That statement is not true. Another race of beings do have warp drive, a superior form of transportation. The signature had come from Earth. We are very lucky to have detected it…warp drive is nearly invisible to Asgard scanners."

"Warp drive?" Jack wrinkled his nose. "What's the difference?"

"Well," Sam began. "Warp drive is the ability to actually pull and stretch the fabric of space and make it a bubble or pocket. Inside the bubble is normal space. Outside the bubble space is pulled into a wave that in turns carried the ship along. This type of propulsion makes inertia dampers irrelevant. The warping of space can also deflect scanners and create a cloaking effect. It would also a vessel to be carried farther and faster than with we currently have and with no extra energy consumption…theoretically."

"Uh ha," Jack then asked. "So, why don't we have this warp drive?"

"Because mastering the core in such a drive would be nearly impossible. Not to mention the gravitational forces…"

Jack held up his hand, "Okay…made your point, Carter."

Daniel's eyes reflected his pondering, "So, which race had this technology?"

"A race called the Aryan Race." Thor informed.

Daniel stuttered, "The, the Aryan Race?"

"You mean Hitler's Aryan Race?" Jack asked, ignoring Daniel and looking directly at Thor.

Thor's large eyes blinked, "Hitler was a dictator in your Second World War, correct?"

"Yes!" Daniel's hand grasped the thin air. Without giving Thor a second to reply Daniel started his lecture. "Adolph Hitler was the leader of the German Nazi Party during World War Two. He had this crazy idea that German's were descendants of the Aryan Race…which was a superior race to us. I had theorized that Hitler had mistook information about the Ancients and called them the Aryan Race. Of course, Hitler also thought the Aryan's were all tall, athletic with blond hair and blue eyes. He did horrific things in the name of science and progress and murdered 6 million innocent men, women and children. He was a tyrant! You're saying there is an Aryan Race?"

"Indeed," Thor nodded. "The Aryan Race had made contact with certain humans from Earth during the First and Second War. After the Second World War it is believed the Aryans left Earth and never returned…till today. The Aryans had claimed at point to be a branch of Ancients. A great plague and a civil war had nearly brought them to extinction. The survivors have secluded themselves from associating with other races. Much fear and mistrust is now associated with Aryans. Once, they were a great and noble race. They shared the Ancient Knowledge. My people believe it is that knowledge that has made the Aryans corrupt. It is believed that instead of using the depositories to preserve their knowledge they turned to genetic memory…much like the Goa'uld had."

Hammond clarified, "Are you saying a corrupt race with the Ancient knowledge has influenced the Second and First World War?"

"Indeed," Thor agreed.

"What does this race want with Earth now?" The General pondered.

Thor replied, "I am not sure. There could be another attempt to disrupt Earth as you gain notoriety throughout the galaxy. In all likelihood an Aryan agent will try to infiltrate your SGC."

Cocking his head to the side Jack asked, "How do you know it will be our SGC?"

"The warp drive signature originated near this area. I believe the SGC has been targeted for surveillance."

Hammond wondered, "Was someone beamed in?"

"According to our latest intelligence, the Aryan's do not have transporter technology. And have refused to use the technology in the past. If an agent were to penetrate your security he or she would do so through someone who already works here. The Aryans are exceptionally good at espionage."

Sam lifted her finger, "Why not try to hack into a computer and get access?"

Thor blinked once more, "The Aryan Race is…fussy about how things are accomplished. The race does not rely on technology as other races have. They have the knowledge in their genetic code but will only use what suits them individually. A few Aryans might adapt to the computers while the race as a whole would shy from becoming…reliant on technology. While the Ancients embraced technology and ascension the Aryans did not. They embraced genetic purity as a way to preserve the knowledge. The remaining Aryans have the knowledge but refuse to use it for anyone else's benefit but their own."

"Kind of like the Goa'uld," Daniel assumed.

"Indeed." Thor's thin arm rose from his motionless body. Opening the long fingers he revealed a small egg shaped device. "This is all I can give you to help you find the Aryan agent. It is the Aryan genetic marker. All Aryans have this marker." He handed the device to Sam. "The Agent will attempt to infiltrate your SGC. They are a patient race…the task may take months…in Earth time."

Out of curiosity Jack couldn't help but asked, "So, do we look for a tall, athletic blonde with blue eyes?" A slight grin crept across his face as his eyes settled on Sam Carter.

Thor corrected the assumption, "The Aryan race is diverse as humans. There is no set of traits to tell them apart."

Rolling his eyes Daniel spoke, "Jack, Hitler got the blonde hair and blue eyes thing from Norwegian mythology."

"Just wondering," The brown eyes lingered on Sam.

Peeved Sam rebuked, "Sir, assuming that there is an entire race of advanced humans that all have blonde hair and blue eyes is ridicules." She then muttered as her finger brushed her locks out of her eyes, "Besides…I dye my hair."

Thor announced, "The agent will look human and may even be familiar with Earth customs. However, you will have an advantage. The agent would not have been on Earth for some time and may not be accustom to current issues."

Daniel puckered in thought, "How long does an Aryan live?"

"An Aryan ages slowly…the alteration of their genetic codes to accommodate the knowledge has inhibited the aging process and the reproduction organs. They live much longer than humans. However, bearing children is improbable for them. The average rate of one offspring for every century for the entire race."

Astonished Sam exclaimed, "Wow, only one child every hundred years for the entire race?"

"There are very few Aryan's left," Thor agreed. The large eyes blinked in expectation. As if waiting for SG-1 to accept his information.

"I," Daniel pondered how their race had even managed to survive as long as they did. "I wonder just what they were after with Hitler's breeding program? Maybe a way to reproduce and still maintain the knowledge?"

"Possibly," Sam agreed with a shrug.

Jack clapped his hands, "So, ya can't give us anything more about this spy? Maybe a picture perhaps?"

"I am sorry, I cannot." Thor than added before departing. "The Aryan knowledge would be valuable in the fight against the Wraith. If you can locate the agent you will need to find some way to make the agent give up what knowledge he or she can access." Before anymore questions could be asked the being disappeared in a beam of blue light.

SG-1 glanced between one another. Each looking for the other to say something first. Hammond spoke up, "If we have a being on Earth that has the Ancient knowledge…then we need to find this being. I don't care how you do it…find this agent. That is all, SG-1."