Spooksville: Card Collecting Capers!

1: The captor, the book, the card.

A red convertible drives through the streets in the middle of the night and disappears after turning into Dead Lane. I look up at the distant mountains it is now early afternoon, there are 5 shadowed figures in a clearing near a sundial which tells it is 3 o'clock. It all comes crashing down at once, at ear shattering mixture of screams and an explosion, the blinding red light…darkness…silence. The phone rings and I wake from my dream and answer.


"Hey star bunny."

"Chris how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that!"

"Around 45 million."


"Anyway there's something really important…"

"Yeah, so? What is it?"

"You know how Clow Reed created the Clow Cards."

"Of course."

"And he didn't exactly get along well with women from his dimension."

"Yeah so?"

"Well there's also one here he didn't get along with her name was Madeline Templeton, they were extremely competitive so when Clow Reed created the Clow Cards she created a set of cards of her own and now they've been released."


"you've got a new job card captor in Springville USA or by its real name not on the map Spooksville."

"great, just great."

"these cards have their own guardians but you still use your own wand, got it?"

"got it, so what do these guardians look like?"

"I based ruby moon and spinel sun on them, you'll find the book that's meant to contain the cards in the witch's castle, I'm sure the kids in Spooksville know where it is."

"Kay, I guess I better pack see ya."

I go up to my room and prepare for the long flight.