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Yes, it's and incest story involving Light and Sayu. If you don't like, leave already.

This will be a series of mostly one shot drabbles based on the Forbidden 30 fan fiction group.

Prompt 5-Black

Summary-You can't always have what you want…


He shouldn't feel this way about her,

he does.


He shouldn't have to clench his teeth together when she smiles shyly up at him,

but he's forced to.


He shouldn't be watching the clock for the moment she comes home from school, so he can resume obsessively watching her every move.

But he watches


He shouldn't feel the overwhelming need to ask for the pictures and names of the boys she and her friends talk about.

But he feels it.


He shouldn't be so excited for the moment when she knocks on his door asking for help with her homework,

But he is


He shouldn't gaze periodically at her underneath his eyelashes while he helps her with quadratic equations.

But the glances continue.


He shouldn't get the overwhelming urge to crush her against the wall and kiss her senseless when she bites her lips,

But the urge lingers.


He shouldn't stand outside the door listening to her sing while she showers,

But the eavesdropping goes on.


He shouldn't smile cynically when she calls him "Big Brother." She always calls him that, never once has it just been 'Light.' And that's certainly not how he sees himself. He should,

But he can't seem to find it in himself to feel that way.


He shouldn't sneak in her room at 4 o'clock in the morning and watch her sleep. Brush her hair out of her face. Fight with himself whether he should slide the blanket up or down. He knows if she wasn't who she was he would just rip the blanket off and do whatever he wished. But she wasn't just anyone, and it wasn't like that with her. Couldn't be like that with her.

But he still fought himself.


He shouldn't have dreams about her that involve moaning and biting and sweat.

But he still wakes up in the morning with the tell tale sign that his dreams are true.


He shouldn't be in l(ust)ove with his little sister. The person that he is supposed to protect and tease mercilessly,( without doing it just to see her pout) and watch walk down the aisle to get married( he gets so angry when he thinks about another man with her that he wants to punch a hole through the wall.)

But he does feel all these things for her, as much as he tries to deny them.

Oh, but he does.

This will be continued in the next chapter.

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