Summary-I can feel you inside my mind, eating at my very soul. To bad my self-control is weak. Too bad for you, I mean.


Of all the worldly passions, lust is the most intense. All other worldly passions seem to follow in its train. -Buddha Gotama



Hands clasping, tongues battle for dominance over one another.

"Sayu…Will you please shut up so I can proceed in ravishing you?"

Nimble fingers attempt to unbutton annoying safeguards on a shirt, they are playfully smacked away.

"Light, ahh….NO! Stop, mom and ddaaad, will be home soon. I don't want you to get caught with your hand stuck in the cookie jar, if ya know what I mean." She giggled at how silly it sounded.

His hands grabbed hers and pinned them above her head, he was sick of hearing her talk.

" Now, now, my young pupil. How will you learn anything if we keep cutting our little lessons short? That's like being stuck in the middle of an equation and knowing you have it wrong, but handing the paper in anyways. It's just not done Yagami."

"You know…uhnn."

He smacked her backside hard for the affront the had just been given.

" I told you I wouldn't be tolerating that during my lessons Ms. Sayu . I am you're teacher in these matters, and as you teachers you are to refer to me as..?"

She could feel her heart beat increase as he gave her a smoldering look from beneath his lashes. She just couldn't resist adding a mocking tone to her voice as she reprimands herself.

"Ah, I apologize Yagami-Sensei. I'll try to not be so disrespectful henceforth."

He smirked and continued bombarding her senses with everything that is him. He took his shirt off and puts one of her hands lightly to his stomach muscles. Slowly he helped her caress him, lightly, but enough that he was able to feel the sensations.

"The lesson for today will be senses. The first sense we will learn about is touch. Follow my hand in what it does."

He smoothed his hand over hers and moved it's ministrations up and down his torso. This went on for a few minutes before she smacked his hand playfully off of hers and slipped her fingers under the top of his pants. He raised his brow at the flushed look she gave him and removed her fingers carefully.

"This is just the introduction lesson Sayu. We are just touching on the tip of our senses today. There will be time for more…intimate lessons later."

She frowned but beckoned for him to continue. He changed their positions so that she was sitting in his lap, straddling him.

"I believe I already introduced you to taste earlier, but let us talk about it for a moment. A brief overview, I suppose." He leaned down and gave her a somewhat chaste kiss, only dipping into her mouth to fight her tongue for a moment.

He pulled away and smirked at her pout, she was so easy to get riled up. " Now, I taste peaches and cream. That, my dear student, is what you taste of. Now, how about me?"

He once again tried to give her a short kiss, but this time she wasn't having it. She grabbed his hair, none to gently, and pushed their lips together insistently. His eyes widened at her impatience, but let her have her fun nonetheless. He was surprised at how eager she was being.

She pulled away first and licked her lips in contemplation. " I can't really explain it Li-I mean Yagami-sensei. You taste wonderful, like Eden almost. I'd be tempted to say it's the flavor of sin." She giggled quietly and laid her head on his chest. "Maybe what I'm tasting is apples," she mumbled.

Light could hear Ryuuk chortling in the vicinity, but he didn't care enough to check where the Shinigami was . He instead turned his attention to stroking the top of Sayu's head, in a most brotherly fashion. It almost disturbed him. Almost.

Not much could shake him these days.

" That's quite ironic, don't you think Sayu? I taste like sin, and that's exactly what we're

-apparently- doing this very moment. Just by being together we are seen as sinners by the people of this world."

Sayu merely mumbled into his chest and started to massage the parts of his back that she could reach in her current position.

Light wasn't paying much attention to her soft kneading, he usually would go off on these rants while "teaching" her. She had learned to just nod and agree with him.

"I mean people murder every day, but I think some people would still say what we're doing is much more wicked than even that. Those animals that pretend to be humans are out their raping and screwing disease ridden prostitutes, but they still seem to have more of a right then we do."

He set his chin on top of her head and bit his lip savagely, almost hard enough for blood to seep through his skin. Sayu caressed his forearms worriedly, she'd never heard him this upset before.

He continued with a voice that grew harsher with each word that passed his lips. "It's high time the people of this world realize what can be truly accepted and what cannot be. They have to get their delusional heads out of the place that they like to call a life and understand things must change. They change, or things will get bad Sayu."

She jumped in surprise at him speaking directly to her and nodded quickly. She had almost thought that he'd forgotten she was even there. Sayu had no idea what he meant by bad, but she had a feeling that he wasn't just saying it for no reason.

Light chuckled in her hair and pulled her away from him so he was looking into her eyes. He smirked, " Aw geez Sayu, I've wasted time spouting idealistic views to you for much too long…let's get back to the real lesson. Now I know I said earlier that we would get more in-depth with taste at a later date, but perhaps now would be as good a time as any-?"

He raised an eyebrow down at his laps and laughed lightly when her eyes bugged out and her lips made a perfect O of surprise.

"I haven't even got my pants off yet, close your mouth Ms. Eager." She pouted and smacked him sharply on the bicep.

But Light was done playing. He wanted to do this NOW, while they still had the time. He grabbed her arms and laid her so she was flush against him. She stared up at him with those same big eyes. He leaned down so his lips were right next to her ear and whispered a bit hoarsely, " Unless you want to get to the main attraction."

She gripped him to her so tight he thought he might burst. "Main attraction!" She breathed with a red flush painted beautifully on her cheeks.

He started to trail his fingers up her thigh when they both heard the front door opening. They froze at the sound of their moms voice. "Sayu, Light! Your dad needs help getting the groceries from the car, get down here!"

Light could feel Sayu practically deflate under him in disappointment. He wasn't gonna lie, he was pretty damn disappointed himself. He got off her and sat on the edge of the bed while she went to the mirror to fix her hair. He watched her reflection as she bit her lower lip trying to get her bangs to go just so.

He bit his own in conjunction. God his sister was so sexy when she wasn't even trying, it made it hard on him, seeing as he noticed every little thing she did. It wasn't fair, she made him sweat, and yearn, and pine. And what did she deal with? Nothing. He decided to change that immediately.

His voice was huskier than normal when he spoke, " Hurry up little sis, don't want dear mother to get worried thinking we're doing something siblings shouldn't be doing."

Sayu paused fixing her hair and gazed at him through the mirror. He was giving her a look through his lashes, a look promising that immoral things would be happening to her later. When he saw her breathless lips quiver in anticipation, he got up and practically skipped out of the room. His mission had been accomplished .He wondered when the agony of waiting to be jumped and ravished would get to her.

Being the eldest and having more experience than her was wonderful.


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