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Sailor hope

It was a beautiful day, a girl name Bunny was walking to school with her sister Rini. When they got there they went to their class rooms.

When Bunny got to her class room, Yuki came up and said "Hi". Bunny told Yuki that she wanted to go to the park after school. Yuki started to jump up and down shouting "Yes"! Everyone was staring at Yuki like she was crazy. Yuki stopped and said "what"? Bunny started to laugh.

When Rini got to her Class room, she went to her sit and put her stuff on the desk. Her friend Angel came up and told her that she couldn't play after school today. Rini just said "OK". They talked about how Rick acted yesterday. They stopped talking when the teacher came in.

The teacher finally came in and told everyone to get into their seats. The teacher was about to start class when the door open and a boy walked in. The teacher looked at the boy and told him to sit down.

(Kyo is late again) thought Bunny. Kyo went up to Bunny and told her that she was cute. Yuki heard what Kyo said and said "eek"! The teacher told Yuki to go outside and stand. Kyo (Laughed).

Lee was looking for his sword because Yuki decided to hide it. He stopped looking when Dark walked in. He did not look happy. (Yuki must have hid something of his too) thought Lee. Lee asked Dark what was wrong. Dark told Lee that his pendent is missing. Lee told Dark that Yuki hid his sword and must have hid his Pendent too. Dark was mad, he told Lee to go get Yuki after school. Lee just nodded.

Bunny and Yuki met up with Rini and went to the park. Kyo followed them. Bunny told Rini that she wanted to go to the flower shop after the park. Rini told Bunny they could. All of a sudden Kyo came up behind Yuki and said "Boo"! Yuki screamed. Rini and Bunny turned around to look at Yuki. They both saw Kyo laughing. Bunny came up to Kyo and yelled at him. (He is so stupid) thought Rini.

Lee was walking to the school when he notice that school was over and Yuki was no where to be seen. (Great where is she). He went to go look for her. He then heard her screaming, so he headed that way. When he came to the park, he saw a girl yelling at a boy. He then saw Yuki, he went straight to her.

Yuki was talking to Rini when she saw Lee coming towards her. She told them she had to go. She went to up to Lee. They both started to leave. Yuki told Lee that she won't tell them where their stuff was. You see Yuki took them and put them in her room before she left. Lee told Yuki that Dark was mad. Yuki said "so".

Bunny was still yelling at Kyo, until Rini told Bunny that they had to go. Bunny told Kyo bye. They started to leave. Kyo just watch them leave. Bunny and Rini head to a flower shop that they always go to on the weekends. When they got there the shop was filled with high school girls. Rini told Bunny that she wanted to go get ice cream. Bunny told Rini that was okay. So Rini left. Bunny walked towards the door until she heard a shout! Aya just told everyone to get out. (Daddy never changes) thought Bunny.

Yuki and Lee went into Dark's room. Dark was sitting in a chair when they came in. They stopped right in front of his chair. Yuki asked what he wanted. He said "he wanted to attack the sailor scouts." They both said "yes sir." They left to get ready.

Serena and her friends were having a get together. They were talking when they heard screams. They all looked at each other and nodded.

Mercury star power

Mars star power

Venus star power

Moon crystal power

Jupiter star power

People were running away. The sailor scouts looked around and saw how much damage there was. Sailor moon told them to look for people who were hurt. So they all split up to search. They didn't get far when a beam came out of nowhere. There was smoke very where, when it cleared two people were standing there. They just stared at each other until one spoke. He said that they were looking for a princess. Sailor mars said they won't get the princess. That did not go to well with the prince of darkness. The prince attack.

Dark sphere!

The sailor scouts barley dodge the attack. They prepared to attack as well.

Sailor planet attack.

When the smoke cleared they were gone.

Bunny finally got into the flower shop. She walked up to the counter and said hello to Aya. Aya turned and looked at Bunny. Bunny just smiled. Omi came up to Bunny and asked if she wanted any thing. She told him no. Yohji then came up behind Bunny and asked her if she wanted to go get ice cream. Bunny screamed! When she turned around she yelled at Yohji. Aya and Omi started to laugh. Bunny then told them that she wanted to talk to Ken. Omi told her that Ken was out. Bunny said "oh." She then turned to Aya and asked him if he was busy. He said "no." Omi knew what Bunny wanted; she wanted to spend time with her daddy. Omi suggest that Aya take bunny out. Bunny turns to Omi and smiled. Aya nodded yes. Bunny then jumped up and down. Aya and Bunny left.

Rini walked into the ice cream shop. She was greeted by her friends. They talked while they were in line, but they were interrupted by loud screaming. Rini went to see what was wrong. What she saw made her scream. She saw a lot of people hurt. She told her friends to get out of here.

Moon prism power

Sailor mini moon then went to check on the people that were hurt, when a big beam came straight at her. But she dodged it at the last second. She then looked for the person who threw it. She saw a monster ten feet away from her. It was ugly and huge. Sailor mini moon attacked.

Pink sugar heart attack

The monster was destroyed. She then heard laughter; she looked around and saw a boy laughing. Sailor mini moon asked what was so funny. The boy told her he was laughing at her. She asked why. He said that she was stupid for destroying the monster. She said "so". She then heard a roar behind her; she turned around and saw a huge monster. (Oops, I am in trouble) thought Rini. Then they heard a voice.

Moon rainbow heart attack

The beam went straight towards the enemy but missed. Rini turned toward the attack and saw sailor moon standing there. Sailor moon yelled Rini. They both nodded and attack together.

Moon twin heart attack

The enemy dodges the attack barley, he then disappeared. Rini and Serena look at each other and then detransformed. They both went to go see Raye.

Bunny was playing at the park with Aya. Bunny was on the swings while Aya was sitting on a bench watching her. Bunny then jumps off the swing and ran to Aya and asked if they could go out to eat with Rini and mommy. He said "yes." So they both left to go look for them. Bunny spotted Lita going to raye's house, she ran up to Lita and asks if she had saw mommy. Lita said "yes." Aya asked Lita to take them to Serena. So Lita took them to Raye's. They were almost there when they bumped into Yohji who was skipping work. Aya asked yohji what he was doing out here. Yohji just laugh and backed away from Aya who was really mad. Bunny looked at Lita and shook her head. Yohji said "good bye" and left really fast. Aya told Bunny that he had to go but will meet them later at their house to go out. Bunny said "that was okay". So Aya left. Bunny and Lita continued on their way. They finally made it to Raye's house.

Yuki was cleaning her room when Lee came into her room, he looked upset. She asked "what was wrong". He told her that Dark was not here. Yuki told Lee that they had to find him before the scouts do. So they both went to go look for him. They found him at the mall looking at school clothes. Yuki asked "what he was doing". He told her that he was going to her school. Lee left, he didn't want to be there when Yuki exploded. Lee went to the book store. Dark looked at Yuki and took a step back, she told Dark to run. Dark told Yuki that he was not going to run. So Yuki brought out her favorite toy, her water gun. She had filled it with ink instead of water. Dark looked at the water gun and ran out of the store, Yuki went after him. Lee saw Dark past the store and Yuki behind him. (Oh no what is she doing). Lee went after them. Yuki gave up after two hours, she couldn't find Dark. Yuki decided to go get something to eat. Lee finally caught up to Dark, he told Dark that Yuki had given up. They both were relieved.

Serena and Rini were there talking to Raye when they heard Lita. They went to go meet her; they were surprise to see Bunny. Bunny ran up to Serena and hugs her. Serena took Bunny into her arms and gave her a hug. Bunny told her that they were going out with daddy tonight. Serena told Bunny that was great. Rini told Bunny that they had to do something right now. Bunny asked what was wrong So Rini told her what had happen. Lita then asked if she should call the others, Serena told her no because she didn't want them to worry. Raye told everyone to go inside. Serena asked Bunny what time was Aya coming, she told her he would call when he left work. Rini went to the fire room to talk to Raye. Rini told Raye that she thinks that the enemy is going to be hard to beat. Raye asked why. "Because they keep attacking" said Rini. Bunny came into the room all of a sudden saying that she feels an evil force near by. Raye told Bunny to go tell the others. Bunny ran out of the room.

Hope crystal power

Mars star power

Moon crystal power

Moon prism power

Jupiter star power

They then all went outside and saw a monster standing near the stairs. The monster was looking for something. Sailor moon attacked.

Moon rainbow heart attack

The monster dodges it. Sailor hope attacks next.

Hope star beam

It went straight at the monster and the monster was destroyed. A boy came out of nowhere and looked at sailor hope with look that scaryed her. Sailor moon asked who he was. He told them his name was nightmare and that he will have sailor hope, because she gives hope to people. Sailor moon told nightmare that he won't get her. He just laughs. Sailor mars stood in front of Bunny. All of a sudden there was a light behind Nightmare, when it faded a boy was standing there. The boy told Nightmare that it was time to go. Nightmare looked at the boy and nodded. They both left. Everyone looked at each other and shrugged. They all left too.