I dunno why I'm doing this. I mean, I originally meant for this to be a one-chapter story. sigh But, I felt that for this to work out, I need to show Will's point of view of the whole story. Yeah, again, I'm not sure why I'm doing this. But, I had it on my mind some time ago to do something like this, so ne.

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Her Sight, One and the Same

I am tired of all this. The repeated fighting. Why won't he leave us alone? Though, I suppose if he did, then he wouldn't be doing his job. But still, that's no excuse for what he has done.

He has constantly tortured me with his taunting words. He knows that they will make him stronger. Perhaps he is stronger than I am…

I just don't understand. Why? Why did he take away the one most precious to me? Why does he continue to pursue me in the sick way that he does? Why am I the target of his twisted ways?

I ask myself all this as I am in the midst of battle with my friends. He taunts the rest of them. And I wonder if there is any real way of defeating him. It's not like we can reach out to him, we've tried that already.

But then, someone points out that, in fact, this time, he seems to be targeting them more and me a little less. Why is he doing this? Isn't it me he wants? I just wish I knew…

There is a large creaking sound coming from above. I can hear it. And I know what it is. It is the death that he is preparing for them. But, I won't allow that. Because now, they are most important. I won't let him hurt them anymore.

And like that, I fly in and I release the rest of them from their transformation. They land roughly, but safely on the ground. That is all I need to be assured of.

And then, the heavy piece of metal falls…I feel pain bursting throughout my whole body…But then, soon after, it's all gone. Everything feels…peaceful, now.

I can hear them shouting and crying out my name. I'm sorry that they have to see me like this. But, it's all right. I feel fine. But, then again, I have no sense left in my body.

And then, all of a sudden, I feel that heavy pressure lifted off of me. I'm being raised off of the ground. So, is this what death feels like? I don't know. I know nothing…anymore.

More yelling and screaming. Perhaps I'm not dead. I can still hear them. And it doesn't sound like they are fading away.

And then I hear his voice. Or, is it the other's? I cannot tell any longer. The two have morphed together. The one I love and the one I hate.

Wherever he is taking me, I have no idea. I remain senseless in his arms. Which is really quite comforting. I am most probably not fully senseless, as I can tell of his scent and I can feel him supporting me.

I am with him. He cannot leave me. And I don't want him to leave. And how I know this, I fail to understand.

But, as soon as I assure myself of this, I can feel him let go. But I still sense his presence with me. He again comes back close to me.

And just as he does, I hear that voice. The wicked, cruel voice that is of the one that I most fear. No, does this mean-? He couldn't be handing me over to her, could he?

But, she leaves just as quickly as she came and I am safe with him, again.

I can feel him. He's with me. He's right next to me. He touches me…

And suddenly, it is like I'm pulled into his mind. I can see it now. The real truth. He has always loved me as I love him. In every form.

Yes, it is true, they are one and the same. The one I love and the one I hate…


Yes!! I'm glad I finally decided to add in Will's POV. I think this shows more of the 'Romance' side of the story…Yeah.

Maybe that Magic Knight Rayearth thing was too ridiculous last chapter. Though, it would be kinda funny to see Matt as Hikaru and Shagon as Nova. XD