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Chapter One

'And this is Remus Lupin…'

Remus looked nervously around, nodding at the somewhat imposing looking people gathered in the room who were staring at him. He glanced over at his friends, slightly annoyed when he saw Sirius' and James' supremely confident faces.

Doesn't anything ever phase them?

He looked past them and saw that Peter looked terrified and felt a little better.

I might be nervous and more than a little intimidated, but at least I don't look as though I'm about to wet myself.

The Marauders had gotten serious for the first time in their seven years of comradeship to become members of the faction known as the Order of the Phoenix - a group consisting of a mix of Auror's, Ministry workers and other interested parties who didn't believe the Ministry of Magic was doing enough to combat the evil that was invading their world. Their former Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, had suggested the four talented eighteen year olds, who had not long finished school, join the fight against the dark wizard, Voldemort, who'd been terrorising wizards and Muggles alike for several years now. He was gaining strength every day and the side of the Light needed new recruits to boost their rapidly depleting numbers (all of them trying very hard not to think about the reasons behind the Order's falling membership).

Remus had been at a loss when he left school. Being a werewolf severely limited his employment options but despite his lack of other opportunities, his friends had to talk him into doing this. Not because he was a coward - he wasn't - but because he still had his pride, compromised as it was right now, and he needed money. Being a member of the Order of the Phoenix might sound glamorous but the pay was more a sense of satisfaction that you were helping to save the world rather than an actual monetary reward.

He didn't have a trust fund like Sirius, or wealthy parents like James and Peter to fall back on…he had to work to provide himself with those pesky necessities of life - food, water, shelter.

He hadn't said anything, offering weak and unbelievable excuses as to why he couldn't offer his services to the cause full time, but his friends knew him well. James and Dumbledore hatched a plan behind his back - James would provide a monthly stipend in return for Remus working full time for the Order and moving into Headquarters so that someone was always there overnight to call on.

He'd refused immediately to accept the 'charity', leaving James' parent's house in a childish huff, but Prongs had sought him out, talking him around and although he still wasn't happy about the arrangement, he'd less than graciously accepted the offer, feeling resentful that the condition that had been violently forced upon him was yet again making him surrender his principles.

Now, he wondered briefly if Dumbledore had told his new colleagues exactly what he was. Looking around, he didn't see any condemnation or disgust in their eyes but then, they were spies, Auror's, experts in their field…they would be adept at hiding their emotions and thoughts.

They all seemed so much older than he and his ex room mates; so much more capable than four teenagers just out of school. The man introduced as Alastor Moody looked especially threatening, his face scarred even more badly than Remus' and his dark eyes were narrow as he silently evaluated the new members.

'Sit,' Dumbledore said to them and there was a scraping as four chairs were pulled out simultaneously.

Their backsides had barely touched the seats when they were startled back to their feet by voice uttering a loud and very clear profanity then the door flew open and hit the wall with a loud bang. Wands were drawn and the woman who'd almost fallen through the doorway looked surprised when she saw them. She looked around at the others then burst out laughing.

'Sorry to disappoint you, boys,' she said cheerfully, kicking the door shut behind her. 'But you won't get your first kill inside the heavily warded and protected Order of the Phoenix Headquarters.'

She moved as she spoke, throwing herself down next to Moody then passing him a note. 'And I'm going to hex whoever left those boots in the middle of the hall.'

Remus put his wand away, embarrassed, but Moody admonished the blonde. 'The first rule of battle is to always maintain constant vigilance,' he barked, glaring at the woman. 'Some of the older and more experienced members here would do well to remember that.'

The woman either didn't hear the rebuke in his voice or had decided to ignore it because she just chuckled again and leant back in her chair.

'I apologise for being late, Albus,' she said, changing the subject. 'And for making such a…dramatic entrance…'

She glanced over at the teenagers with a hint of mirth still in her eyes before she turned back to the men. 'But I do have good reason for my tardiness.'

She gestured to Moody, who spread out the parchment she'd given him and started to talk.

A lot of the content of the meeting went over their heads, Remus using the time to observe the other people at the table, still searching for any censure in their faces but they all seemed focused on Moody. He glanced over at the woman who'd come in late; she seemed young - not as young as him but still younger than the others at the table. He realised no one had introduced her but was sure she must be an Auror; she spoke with enviable self assurance about Voldemort's next moves and what actions she believed should be taken, jabbing her finger into the table vehemently at one stage to make her point. Obviously intelligent, confident and courageous…

And not at all hard on the eye.

Remus frowned, berating himself for noticing her pretty blue eyes, her short curly locks, her nicely rounded chest…

Cut it out, Remus!

He looked over at the others: James' hazel eyes seemed glazed behind his glasses, the way they usually did when he was thinking about his fiancee Lily who was ill tonight and couldn't come; Peter still looked like he wanted to run away screaming, but it was the predatory look on Sirius' face that made him perk up and pay attention. Following his gaze, he saw his eyes were fixed exactly where Remus' had been thirty seconds earlier; somewhere between the blonde's chin and waist.

Nudging his friend, he frowned and shook his head when Sirius looked over to try and tell him that this wasn't on. He wasn't sure why; perhaps because she represented authority and Remus had always been very respectful of authority figures, but it made him uncomfortable to see Sirius leering at this woman.

Sirius made an 'I can't understand you' gesture but Remus knew damn well he understood - they'd been through this exact pantomime too many times for him not to. His frown deepened and he glared at the brunette, who tried to look innocent.

'I think he's trying to tell you to stop gawking at my chest, Black,' a feminine voice said at the same time they heard the scraping of chairs along the ground.

Both Remus and Sirius looked at her as several of the now departing group laughed. Remus stifled his groan of embarrassment but Sirius wasn't anywhere near as humiliated as he should rightly have been.

That man has far too much confidence for one person.

'You know my name,' Sirius noticed, not at all ruffled at being caught perving.

'I do,' she agreed, gathering some files into a pile as the others traisped out. 'Don't feel special; I know all of your names. I was the one to do your background checks.'

She looked up and pointed at them one at a time. 'Peter Pettigrew. James Potter. Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin.'

Remus didn't know if it was his imagination but her eyes seemed to linger a second longer on him than the others and he realised that if she'd been checking up on them, she knew about his lycanthropy. This was confirmed by her next words.

'Lupin, it was my responsibility to organise a safe place for your transformations.' She pointed her wand at the pile of files and shrunk them, putting the postage stamp sized square in her pocket before turning to him.

'As you'll be staying here permanently, I reinforced the basement with some wards. I must admit, I wasn't certain how much protection it needed. I've never met a werewolf before.'

There was nothing but a lilt of interest in her even voice and she cocked her head, indicating he should follow her.

'The rest of you stay here,' she ordered, no room in her tone for argument. 'I'm giving you your assignments in a moment. Lupin…'

He dutifully followed her through a door, ignoring the crude hip jiggling actions and dirty hand gestures of Sirius and James, trying and failing not to allow his eyes to fall below her waist to what was actually a quite nice, denim encased ass.

She waved her wand when she was halfway down the stairs and a light flickered on, shining dully in the almost bare basement. The air was stale, no windows down here, and musty and her nose screwed up.

'I'll show you how to put the wards up,' she said, hands on hips as her eyes darted around the solid stone room. 'Not tonight though. Your mind is probably a bit fried after all that rubbish in the meeting; plenty of time before the next full moon… There's a cushioning spell on the walls and floor so you don't hurt yourself...and the door will be reinforced. So, what else do you need? I was pretty sure you'd be violent when you're cooped up so I wasn't sure what to put down here that you wouldn't break…'

'It's fine,' Remus broke in, sensing she could talk at this warp speed for a long time if not interrupted. 'You're right; I'd tear anything in here apart. It looks strong enough…'

He bit his lip, not used to discussing his condition with a pretty woman.

'The wards will not allow anyone in or out,' she told him after a moment of silence. 'I've put a charm on them so they'll release at dawn but you'll need to set them once you're locked in. I can put more protection on it though, if you think you'll need it.'

She was staring at him and when he glanced over at her, she smiled.

His heart skipped a beat.


'I didn't introduce myself earlier,' she said softly then held out her hand. 'Kate Bradley.'

He reached over and took her hand, startled by the tingling that spread from his finger tips and up his arm.

'Remus,' he said then added with a smile, 'As opposed to 'Lupin'.'

Kate giggled (possibly the most beautiful sound he'd ever heard) and his grin broadened.

'Alright, Remus,' she said with another stomach clenching smile as she let go of his hand. 'Let me know if there's anything else you want down here.'

Um, how about you?

He cleared his throat and nodded, mumbling a thank you as he looked at his feet, trying to hide his flushed face. There was another, slightly awkward silence and he glanced up at her, surprised to see her own cheeks were a little pinker than they'd been earlier.

It is warm down here but still…

'We should…um…' She waved her hand towards the stairs and Remus suddenly smiled widely, stepping back to allow her to go first.

Unashamedly watching her swaying ass this time, he wondered if he was imagining this, unsure it was even possible that a woman like Kate might be interested in him but her body's natural reactions couldn't lie.

I can smell her arousal. She's attracted to me.

Kate quickly gave them their assignments, all business like again, before she knocked back Sirius' offer to take her out for a drink.

'I'm far too old for you, Master Black,' she murmured almost as if to herself, pulling on her cloak.

She had a funny little frown on her face and her eyes shifted to Remus for a moment before she turned away from him. 'I'll be back tomorrow. I'm to supervise each of you on your first assignments. Don't be late and don't forget to raise the wards Dumbledore showed you after you leave. And remember...'

She pulled out her wand before they'd even noticed her hand move and pointed it at them.

'Constant vigilance.'

They all laughed - she'd mimicked Moody perfectly. Kate grinned and shoved her wand into her pocket as she spun around, giving them a smile over her shoulder as she said, 'Bye,' and disappeared out the door.

They all four murmured words of farewell then almost fell over each other to get to the window to watch her leave.

'God, did you see that ass?' Sirius sighed, looking over at Remus with a hungry expression on his face. 'I want that ass. I want to bite that ass.'

Remus agreed - that was an ass you could bury your face in - but instead he said, 'She's already told you you're too young for her…'

Then he realised what had been niggling at him about her words - she hadn't really been talking to Sirius, trying to dissuade him; she'd been telling herself that they were too young.

He smiled.

Well, I'll just have to figure out a way to show her the advantages a younger man can offer.

In fact, his mind was already developing scenario' using various positions...ah...methods in which he could prove to her exactly how mature he could be, all of which seemed to require that Kate be in varying degrees of undress.

'Hey, she didn't tell us her name,' Peter complained, startling Remus from the imaginary situations that were rapidly becoming so pornographic they'd make Sirius blush, and James looked at the werewolf.

'Did she tell you her name while you were downstairs?' he asked and Remus nodded.

'Kate,' he said softly, warmth flowing through him as her name fell so naturally, so… perfectly from his lips. 'Her name is Kate.'

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