Author's note: This fanfic just states how dirty Niou's mind is

Author's note: This fanfic just states how dirty Niou's mind is. (Yes, yes. I know I was supposed to work on my other fanfics, but I couldn't stop thinking of haste and speed.) All my fanfics are connected, so if you don't get something, read the others. You might just get it. PP: Uke

"I hate my teacher," said Kirihara.

"Why's that, Kirihara?" asked Yukimura patiently.

"Because she's stupid." Niou was clapping.

"Congratulations, brat, you made the discovery of the century," said Niou sarcastically. Kirihara threw a tennis ball at his sempai. Niou dodged it, and it hit Marui's bubble. The furious wannabe tensai's face was covered in apple green bubblegum. Everyone knew how touchy Marui was with his bubblegum.

"Hey, your royal roundness, you look a lot better. You should keep it that way," said Niou. (Some people say Niou is colourblind. Is that true?) Marui kicked him. "Jeez, everyone's out to get me."

"Who threw that ball?" snapped Marui. Kirihara remembered the last time Marui threw a temper. It wasn't sweet.

"S-Sorry Marui-sempai. It's… It's… Niou's fault!"

"Why are you blaming me, brat?!"

"You provoked me!"

"It was your awful throwing that burst his bubble!"

"My throwing is awful! It is supreme because it is awful!"

"… What?"

"Yanagi-sempai told me that awful can mean full of awe! So I am awful! The world will worship me because I am awful!"

"Right…" Kirihara turned back to Yukimura.

"Anyway, did you know what my teacher said?"

"What did she say, Kirihara?"

"How is buchou so patient with him?" whispered Niou to Marui. Marui just shrugged and put another stick of bubblegum in his mouth.

"She said 'Less speed, more haste'. And at the end of the freaking lesson, she told me 'Less haste, more speed'! I mean, make up your freaking mind woman!" Then Kirihara stopped ranting. "Mura-buchou."


"What's more important, haste or speed?" Niou interrupted around then.

"It depends, brat," he said, "If you're having sex for instance…"

"That's enough, Niou," said Yukimura.

"The girl, or in your case, boy," Niou glanced at Yukimura, who blushed, "They wouldn't want you to be speedy, right buchou?"

"Niou, 100 laps, now!" said Yukimura, almost losing his cool. Marui tried his hardest to hide his giggles. Yukimura glared at him.

"10 laps, Marui." Marui didn't even argue. Kirihara looked at Yukimura confusedly.

"What's sex?"

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