Quickie one-shot of Scar an' Zazu 'cause they be cool. And they aren't mine.


"Zazu... Why am I not loved?"

"Sire, you've asked me this almost EVERY time I come into your dank pit of despair known as your lair," Zazu complained as he eyeballed the place. It certainly hadn't improved much since his last visit. Scar simply gave him a charming, evil grin.

"I just love to hear my own voice. Indulge me."

"I respectfully decline," Zazu said, mocking a bow. "I do not care to indulge those who tend to attempt to EAT me."

"It's only because of how tasteful you must be. Flying in the sun all day. It must simply BAKE your insides," Scar said as he stood on all fours, starting to stalk over to the major dodo. Zazu felt the feathers on his neck rise as he hopped back slightly.

"Oh nononono. My body keeps quite cool, yes yes. Sub zero temperatures, in fact. NOTHING like a bake, trust me. Still frozen," he said rapidly, voice shrilling a bit.

"Good. I like eating my food cold in hot, summer days," Scar appraoched Zazu, voice dipping to a sultry tone. Zazu yelped as he held up his wings.

"Honestly sire! How many times MUST you threaten me!? Doesn't it bore you or something?!"

Scar chuckled darkly as he started to pace around Zazu, loving the fear that he felt from the blue bird. "When will you ever stop spazzing? It is quite entertaining... Though I'm starting to get hungry from my little show." He snapped at Zazu with his sharp teeth. Zazu shrieked as he quickly flew away and back into the sunlight. Scar chuckled at this, watching him as his tail flicked back and forth. Zazu was such a wound-up ball of nerves sometimes...