The Dark Lord


"Harry James Potter." The voice of the Dark Lord hissed, as he stood up from his throne in the suitably decorated gothic-styled room to welcome the visitor. The stone walls were old, battered and looked as if they were about to crumble with the slightest push. Harry smiled sadly as he noted this, many once glorious monuments and wizarding wonders had been destroyed by his and Voldemort's battles, a war in a war itself, spanning over many years.

It would end tonight.

"Good evening, Tom." Harry flashed a cocky grin, as he stood in front of the pale-skinned, red-eyed, once-human figure, now only bearing a vague shread of familiarity of his former youthful, handsome self. Harry ignored the presence of the Death Eaters surrounding the two, with their hands uneasily at their wands. While Voldemort was draped in his normal dark, tatterred robe, Harry himself wore simple baggy pants, a dark shirt and a trenchcoat that was ambiguous enough to allow him to fit into both muggle and wizard areas.

"I suppose you're here to kill me?" Voldemort laughed, and Harry nodded rather nonchalantly.

"More or less, yes." Harry continued to smile, his hands open and gesturing, revealing one – he was confident – and two – his wand was no where near his fingertips.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Voldemort asked, as he and Harry slowly began pacing, circling each other like two wild animals ready to pounce on the other at the slightest provocation, daring each other to make the first move.

"Don't know yet. I figured I'd make it up when I got here." Harry replied with genuine honesty and Voldemort laughed. The stone floors seemed to get even colder as the their icy glares met, with Harry noting Voldemort had his wand already in his hand.

'Hurry up, kill him already.' The voice in Harry's head was loud and clear to only him, but Harry shook his head in response, somewhat confusing Voldemort.

"Even if you somehow by some stroke of luck manage to kill me here, my Death Eaters will have you in seconds." Voldemort stated confidently, though the Death Eaters being referred to were still frozen still - they had heard stories of what the boy had done to their comrades.

"What makes you think they are so loyal that they would keep serving you after death?" Harry asked. "How many still did after you died the first time?"

Voldemort scowled in response, and Harry knew that in very few seconds, their battle would begin. Not a normal duel, Voldemort was in no mood to play around, but one final battle to decide once and for all who would be the victor in their endless waltz of confrontations.

"How's the eye, Harry?" Voldemort asked, noting Harry's eye-patch as Harry himself noted that Voldemort's left arm seemed to be limp and that the burn wound on his neck still wasn't fully healed – a result of one of their many earlier battles.

"I've found a suitable replacement." Harry shot back, casually removing the eye-patch to reveal the roving eye that formerly belong to 'Mad-Eye' Moody. Voldemort's façade slipped for a second, and a moment of fear was shown upon seeing another former enemy's weapon being used by the boy, before returning back to his snake-like exterior.

"Well, well, well. Maybe I shouldn't have taken your eye out after all." Voldemort smiled. "Shall we begin?"

"Ladies first." Harry gestured, as Voldemort's smile twisted into a frown, as he raised his wand as if it was just an extension of his body.

The piece of wood dangled in his fingertips, as a blue blast erupted from Voldemort's wand and hit the ceiling above Harry, as Harry used the agility of a seeker to roll out of the way from the attack. Voldemort's attacks continued with relentless aggressiveness, as he fired more spells towards Harry who expertly dodged them, as even the Death Eaters had to back away for fear of being caught in the crossfire. Harry still had not withdrawn his wand, and was taking his time to measure the extent of Voldemort's recovery from their last battle, testing his mobility, his skill with his wand and how much magic he had stored in him.

"Crucio!" Voldemort commanded his wand, but Harry reacted quickly, finally summoning his wand to him with a wordless spell.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Harry called back to the surprise of Voldemort, as the wand flew from his pocket and to his hand, using the amateur spell to fly a Death Eater in front of him to take the curse for him. The Death Eater's body slumped to the floor still wincing in pain, while Voldemort cursed under his breath. Harry knew he didn't need to use the words, or even his wand to use the spell, but he chose to just to intimidate Voldemort and show him that even a Dark Lord, with all the dark magic that he had researched could be overcome by textbook spells known by first years.

More curses were sent Harry's way, as Harry responded by using a vast array of shielding spells, dodging and even firing the same spells back to counter the Dark Lord. Both fired spells back at each other with precision and silence, not wasting any energy with words, as more scars etched itself onto the building's pillars. A stray black bolt rebounded off a stone wall and knicked the side of Harry's leg, causing him to stumble and falter, almost being caught in another one of Voldemort's rapid fire spells. As Voldemort brought up his wand for another potentially fatal spell, Harry used his quicker reflexes to his advantage.

"Lumos Maxima!" Harry called out, a bright light radiating from his wand, temporarily blinding Voldemort as Harry quickly transfigured one of the walls, causing a sharp spike to erupt from the wall next to Voldemort, almost impaling the Dark Lord, who managed to enact a surprisingly graceful leap to avoid the attack.

"It seems we have reached a stalemate." Voldemort said, letting himself take a deep breath, as Harry stood up straight as well. Both took a moment for a little rest between their duel, but it lasted only a few seconds.

"I've always thought of myself as the better duelist, Tom." Harry said, tapping his chin with his wand, causing a few sparks to jump out of his wand from the residue of the sheer amount of magic Harry had been releasing.

"You have no idea who you're dealing with!" Voldemort growled, as he fired a spell at the floor beneath Harry, as Harry jumped back at the hole created in the floor. Voldemort fired more spells at the floor beneath Harry as Harry continued to jump back, eventually creating a large hole between the two.

"You'd think I would, after eighteen years." Harry quipped, as he called one of the fallen stones from the roof of the room towards him, transfiguring it into a spike before flicking his wand and sending it flying towards Voldemort, who shattered it with his own spell.

"Serpensortia!" Voldemort called, as eight large snakes leapt from his wand and flew straight towards Harry, who spun his own wand around.

"Incendio!" Fire shot from his wand, roasting the approaching snakes, and continuing on its path towards Voldemort, who dispelled it with his own water spell.

More spells were shot back and forth, as Harry brought the suits of armor around him to life to combat Voldemort, while Voldemort continued to use destructive spell after destructive spell to fight back. While Voldemort was busy fending off the suits of armor, Harry was adding more spells to the fray, causing Voldemort to have to move around a lot more, something both knew he was not used to. Suddenly Voldemort released a large explosion from his wand, and the suits of armor shattered, and Voldemort emerged from the smoke to try and end it, once and for all.

"Avada Kedavra!"

"Expelliarmus!" Harry called back, as the silver streak of light erupted from his wand and met the green streak, and repeating the same moment from many years before, the two held onto their wands, as a battle of willpower begun.

"One of us has to let go soon Harry!" Voldemort yelled out, while Harry smirked.

"It ends here, Tom!" Harry yelled back, as he held on to his wand with his right hand, while his left hand crept down to the pocket in his robe, where he retrieved a device he was going to originally use to kill a werewolf, should he ever encounter one again. As his hand clasped around the muggle tool of death, he lifted it up to reveal his trump card. By the time Voldemort saw what he was doing and was able to figure out what it exactly was, it was too late.

Harry lifted the gun up, and using the surprisingly impeccable aim given to him by Moody's legacy, pulled the trigger, as the bullet implanted itself right into Voldemort's cold, black heart.

"Ironic isn't it?" Harry asked to no one in particular, as Voldemort stared back at him with vacant eyes, trying to comprehend what just happened. "Killed by a muggle weapon." Harry looked around at the stunned Death Eaters, surprised at the defeat of their Dark Lord, as the once great Tom Riddle fell to the ground in defeat. Harry could tell that behind their masks, they were very confused as to what to do next.

'Well Harry, I think you know what to do now...' The voice inside Harry's head hissed, and Harry walked right over to the Dark Lord's throne and sat down, folding his legs as the Death Eaters all simultaneously moved over in front of him and bowed down to their new Lord.

"Hail to the king, baby."