Get What You Came For

Summary—Harry's more than happy to put other people before himself…just not this one time. Oneshot, HPxGW, Probably post DH, but I suppose it doesn't make too much difference at any other time

Disclaimer—I'm so glad I'm not JKR or even pretending to be her. Famous people just don't get to have any fun. (In other words: I don't claim HP as my own, if by any chance you hadn't already gotten that...)

Rated K, Humor/Romance


Harry stared at Ron in utter disbelief for ten straight seconds before storming off through the tight crowd.

"What's with him?" Ron asked Hermione, who had patiently been standing by through the whole explanation.

"Oh, Ron, you're so thick…" she said, and then she too left him behind, deciding it was easier to tolerate a goblet of punch.

"What's going on?" Ron wondered out loud to no one in particular, before heading in the same general path as Harry, determined to figure this out. Odd, perhaps, seeing as he was the one that had brought the subject up.

He got through the crowd just in time to see Harry staring down Dean Thomas. As he got into hearing range, Harry said to Dean, "Sorry mate, but I've gone through hell and back and this is the one thing I ask in return." At which point he did an about-face and stuck his to…his to…

The thought never had the chance to fully register in Ron's mind.


Yeah, it was short, but oh well. Haha! I love doing things like this from Ron's point of view! He's so much fun to write.

So. Review if you enjoyed it! This is the product of my mind post-midnight, so…