This story is a challenge from ZutaraFan403.

The name Novel Pair coined by me and awin-chan, but feel free to use it. It's OshitarixRyoma, by the way, in case you didn't notice. XD

Oh, and it's called Novel Pair because both of them read trashy romance novels. XD

Prompt: Fireworks

"Your bowing is off today," a woman explains, shaking her head as she stops Oshitari for the fifth time in the middle of his piece. "Try again."

Oshitari picks up his violin again, and starts over. This time, he doesn't even get past the second line before his teacher stands up. He sees this as a signal to stop playing.

"We're not getting anywhere with this," the woman says. "You must be tired, and besides, it's New Years, isn't it? You should go outside and have some fun; watch the fireworks display. We won't get anything done when you're not paying attention, so it'll be a waste of time."

Oshitari opens his mouth to protest, but a look from his violin teacher silences him. He bows, and mumbles a 'excuse me' before exiting the room, packing up his violin, and heading home. Once he's home, he puts his violin back before heading outside again, with only one destination in mind.

He makes his way around the busy streets, squeezing through crowds that have come to enjoy themselves on the first day of the year. Hundreds of people are crowding around train stations, trying to get to different destinations.

He turns to another street, and another, and another, and finally, the crowds are getting looser and looser, until he comes upon a playground. He sees a lone figure on a bench, head down to keep away the cold.

Oshitari makes his way to the bench, and sits down beside the person. He chuckles. "I never thought you'd still come here. Didn't I tell you I had a violin lesson?"

The boy beside him shifts, and gives out a grunt.

"Were you going to watch all by yourself? You could've visited a friend or go out with your parents at the very least."

"Didn't want to," the boy replies. He lifts up his head. "What time is it?" he inquires.

Oshitari checks his watch. "It's almost twelve. How long have you been out here?"

"Not long," the boy says, and buries his head in Oshitari's shoulder. "But it's still cold."

Oshitari wraps his arms around the boy. Echizen lets out a sigh, but then looks up, as if remembering something. "How did you get out of your violin lesson, anyway?"

"My teacher got mad at me for not paying attention," Oshitari answers.

"Che." Echizen is about to say something else, but a loud bang interrupts him. Both of them look up, and are greeted with a series of lights, all in different colors.


"What's your New Years Resolution?" Oshitari asks him, looking down for a moment.

"Don't have one," Echizen answers. He looks at him. "What about you?"

"Nothing, really."

Echizen mutters something under his breath that Oshitari can't hear, and buries his head in Oshitari's shoulder again.

For some reason, I think of this pair…as quite cuddly. I dunno why, but I think I had problems with characterization too. Drop a comment, no? XD