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How I met Danny Phantom

Chapter 1


"Finally." I sighed sitting down on a bench at a park. "Peace and quiet!" I took out my book and started to read.

"I'm telling you I don't know where we are." That voice I've heard it before! And I would know it anywhere! I turned to see three people walking down the side walk. The first was a Goth Girl with platform boots purple nylons a black and green plad skirt and a black shirt with a purple oval in the middle. She had purple lipstick on and half her head of hair up in a pony tail that stuck up in the air. The next was a boy with unusually messy black hair with a white shirt and red lining and red oval on it he wore blue jeans with red and white shoes. After him was an African American boy with a red beret, glasses, a yellow shirt, a black and blue back pack, cargo pants, and brown boots.

"Well we have to be somewhere!"

"Hey are you guys lost?" I asked the teens.

"Yes we w…" at that moment the boy with messy black hair covered her mouth.

"No we can find our way-- I mean we aren't lost-- I mean…"

Then the Goth girl pulled the boys hand of her mouth and said, "Hi what's your name?"

I started laughing a little.

"What are you laughing at?" She demanded.

"Oh." I said, "Umm well the question was kinda random and I always laugh at random stuff."

Her expression softened; "Oh I take things a little literally. So what was your name?"

I smiled, "Camille, and yours?"

"Sam, Sam Manson," My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open, "Are you serious?" I asked, not believing what she had said.

Y-yes why? She asked suspiciously.

"Umm can we go to my house? It's just around the corner." I said.

"Ok." They all chorused.


"We have to be careful." Danny whispered." While walking behind Camille. "It could all be a trap."

"I know." whispered Sam.

"But we can't be rude that would be… well rude, I guess."

"Tucker be ready for anything ok?"

"Yah sure man." Tucker said.

"Ok everyone be on your guard anything could happen at any moment." Danny said.

"Right." Sam and Tucker whispered back.


When we got to my house I had major butterflies in my stomach. But I hid it.

"Let's go to my room, its downstairs I have to talk to you all about something."


I stepped into my slightly messy room and sat down on my couch they sat with me.

"So you wanted to tell us something?" The messy haired boy said suspiciously,

"U-ummmmm yes." I said uncertainly wondering where to begin. "U-u-uh." I stuttered, "Well your name is Sam Manson?"


"So I'm going to take guess hear t-that umm he," I pointed to the African American boy is…" I stopped there and said, "And please don't interrupt me until I'm done."

"Ok" they all said together.

"That he," I pointed to the African American boy again, "is Tucker Foley AKA mayor of Amity Park." At that their faces turned to surprise. "Tucker Foley, I repeated, "Techno geek carries his PDA everywhere and almost always has his back pack full of technology strapped on his back." The messy haired boy looked very alert. And they all looked like they were going to interrupt but kept the mouths quiet somehow. "And that," I pointed to the messy haired boy "is Danny Fenton slash," I paused for a dramatic effect, "Danny Phantom." I said those words very slow.

"Ok how do you know all of that?" Sam asked suspiciously.

"Well I know about everything you've done Danny you could quiz me on anything and I would tell you the answer."

"Ok I'll quiz you then." Danny Thought for a minute and said. "What is the biggest best mistake I ever made, who was there who convinced me to do it and what was the outcome?"

"Danny!" Don't give her such a hard question! Ask her something else a little easier!"

"No I'll do this one." I said and smiled,

"The biggest best mistake you ever made was going into the Fenton Portal Sam convinced you to do it, Tucker and Sam were there, the outcome was that you got Ghost Powers from being shocked by ecto energy and the ecto energy became infused in your DNA which is why all your parents inventions keep homing into you ecto signature."

Team Phantom was completely speechless. It lasted for about a minute until Danny broke the silence, "H-how did you know that it's like you where there with us I never told any reaporter how it all happened except Jazz of course." All Sam and Tucker could do was nod.

"Well I watch you're show all the time I'm your absolute biggest fan!"

"Woe wait a minute you're saying that there is show about me and I didn't even know about it?!"

"No you are the show."

"Well I don't believe you." Danny said stubbornly.

"Yah Prove it." Tucker said aggressively.

"Well you're asking a lot of me but ok let's go upstairs and watch one of your shows."

When we were all upstairs sitting on the couch I selected the one show that would get Danny to believe me "Ultimate Enemy" I knew it would be hard for Danny to re-live it but no one new about it exept Danny and Clockwork. I asked them first. They said "Ok" I even warned them but they didn't care so I put it in and pressed play then I went and sat by Danny. The deeper into the movie it got the more Danny shook, he felt cold as ice against my arm Sam and Tucker where to immersed in the movie that they failed to notice how much Danny was shaking. I thought that I should comfort him so I patted him on the shoulder he jumped about a foot in the air and still the others didn't notice I figured it was because Danny was completely weightless.

"Danny," I whispered, "are you ok?"

"Y-yah umm I-I think I'll go to the bathroom for a minute. He got up and walked off.

The movie was over by the time I realized Danny had not come out of the bathroom.

"Hey where's Danny? What did you do to him?" Sam asked me angrily.

"Sam your jumping to conclusions again, don't worry he just went to the bathroom."

"Oh sorry." She replied, "I'll go see if he's ok." She walked away leaving me and Tucker alone.

"Tuck you haven't said anything the whole time you've been hear. Is something wrong?" I asked a little concerned and wanting to break the ice.

"Hu? What? Oh umm I'm ok I just can't rap my brain around the fact that we are in another dimension other than the ghost zone I'm just kinda creped out right now but I'll get used to it just like I got used to Danny's ghost powers and the ghost zone and all the weirdness that go's on all the ti…"

At that moment we both herd a scream.

"SAM!" Tucker Yelled and bolted up then ran to the bathroom, I followed in close pursuit, When I got to the bathroom my blood ran cold. Sam was bent over an unconscious Danny.

"Danny!" Both Tucker and I yelled. We ran to his side.

"What happened?" I asked Sam.

"I came over to the door and knocked, when one answered I picked the lock, when I got in Danny was laying unconscious on the floor so I screamed."

"I'll run and get him some water!" I said. When the icy water was poured down his throat he sputtered and sat up.

"Where's Dan!" We gasped.

"D-Dan?" Sam Asked.

"Yes Dan! Where is he?"

"He wasn't hear Danny he's in the Fenton Thermos that Clockwork is guarding." I stated. Then Danny seemed to remember.

"O-oh sorry." He said.

"That's ok. Are you alright?" I asked.

"Umm yah I'm fine." Danny said and sat up.

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