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Chapter 15

"Man that felt good!" I said as I slipped my clothes on. Today I was wearing a red Chinese style shirt with black pants. I dried my hair and slapped some makeup onto my face. Once I was sure I looked fine I walked out of the bathroom. The two boys of course where already done. And I could hear a hair drier in the bathroom Sam was in.

"Dang, how come it takes girls so long?" Danny asked.

"I have no idea…" Tucker said as he looked up at me.

"Hey…" I said. "How long have you two been waiting?"

"About 15 min. Tucker said looking at his watch.

"Heh… sorry." I said. "I'm a girl I need to dry my hair…" Suddenly I looked at Danny. "Apparently you do to." I smirked. His eyes widened.

"How could you tell?" He asked.

"Because I'm a girl I know this kind of stuff. Also because I know for a fact you hair isn't that strait you can't get it that strait without a hair dryer unless you used a hair straitener. Which I know for a fact that you didn't because first of all the only hair straitener is in my mom's bathroom and I would have detected you if you came in there." Danny's and Tucker's eyes widened.

"Wow…" Danny said." Your right… How did you figure?"

"Like I said before…" I answered. "I am a girl and… also I admit to watching a little bit of Case Closed…" I said looking away.

"Another anime?" Tucker asked.

"Yah I said it's pretty cool…" Suddenly Sam walked in.

"Hey." She said. "What's the plan?"

"Well," I said. "We are going to get over to the front runner and ride it to the Gateway then my dad'll come and take us uptown to the Reoh Grand Hotel… Speaking of my dad I'd better call him." I said picking up a phone I dialed his number and waited.

"Hello! This Is Shain!" My dad said loudly into the phone (He is really loud when he is on the phone)

"Dad?" I asked.

"He-hey!" My dad said, he seemed to be in a good mood. "What's up?"

"Hey speaking of up your up early! What time is it? About 10 eh? Pretty good I hope your getting back on track!"

"Yah I am." I said smiling it had been a long time since I spoke to my dad.

"So what'd ya need?" He asked.

"Well I was wondering if you could meet me at the Gateway, me and a few of my friends are going to ride up there on the front runner and we need you to take us to the Reoh Grand Hotel, we need to be there by 2:00."

"Yah sure I can do that!" He said. "I'll just take a quick shower and I'll be down there in a jiffy!"

"Oh thanks a lot dad I can't wait to see you!"

"I love you Camille I'll see ya…"

"Love you to bye."


"Did you get all that?" I asked looking at them

"Yup every word." Tucker said.

"So we should get going… Mom!" I yelled. I heard a small crash and heard her stumble out of bed she came running in and gave me a huge hug. "Mom, Mom!" I said.

"Oh I'm so glad you're ok!" She said while squeezing me. "I was so worried yesterday when I came home and you where all past out on the couch!"

"Mom! Mom!" I said. "Calm down! I'm fine but I hadn't gotten very much sleep lately so I was tired."

"You sure." she said pushing me back to gaze into my eyes.

"Yes mom I'm fine. But I need to ask you for a favor… can you give me Danny and them a ride to the front runner station?"

"Wha-? Why?" She asked.

"Because, we've got to get to the Reoh Grand Hotel."

"Why are you all going to a hotel?" My mom asked suspiciously.

"Because I read in the paper that Danny Phantom's creator Butch Hartman is going to be there meeting his Danny voice over David Coffman!" I said.

"Oh…" she said thinking. "Ok I guess I can take you over there… I'll go wake up Leela so… No how about you go wake up Leela and I go get some clothes on." My mom then turned and went back to her room.

"Dang… I hate waking up Leela…" I said turning to go downstairs.

"LEELA!!!!" I yelled as I walked thru her door.

"Hmmm…." She said still slightly asleep

"Come on! You need to get up!"

"Hmmm? Why…" She mumbled.

Because Mom is taking me and my friends to Salt Lake you have to watch the littles!

"Hmm… ok…." She then went back to sleep.

"Leela!" I yelled I pulled her out of bed and she fell onto the floor.

"Ow…" she mumbled.

I then grabbed her wrist and dragged her upstairs when she finely opened her eyes she was bumping just up the last stair.

"OWCH WHAT THE HECK!? YOU FRECKEN IDIOT!" She wrenched her wrist from my hand and jumped up. "I WAS UP!!!" She yelled at my face. I laughed and walked away.

"No you weren't." I said. "I dragged you up the staircase". Leela then looked behind her and turned red.

"Whatever…." She murmured. I saw Danny smile. Just then my mom came out.

"All right let's go!" She said.

"Great!" I said we all got into the car and she drove off.

In about tem minutes we were all there. My mom paid for us and we sat down to wait.

"You sure you don't need anything?" My mom asked me.

"Yes mom." I said. "You can go now we'll be fine, dads waiting for us at the Gateway."

"Ok… no extra money?"

"N… Well actually some extra money would be nice… just in case…"

"Oh ok!" She got out her purse and handed me twenty bucks.

"Sweet, thanks mom!" I said she smiled. "Bye…" I said giving her a quick hug. She squeezed and said.

"Be safe." I let go and she got into her car and drove off I could see her looking back every so often until she was out of sight.

"Man… I thought she would never leave…" I said sitting back down.

"It's good your mom's so caring like that." Sam said.

"Yah." I said sitting up. "I love her but lately she's been over protective…" suddenly my lips started tingling again! I rubbed my lips together gruffly to get rid of all the annoying tingling.

"Danny?" I asked.

"Hmm?" He looked towards me.

"You ok? You haven't really been yourself…"

"Oh yah." Danny rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm ok really heh…." He smiled.

"Ok…" I said. We waited in silence for about ten minutes and then the train pulled up.

"Finally…" I said. As we filed onto the train I noticed Tucker looking my way every so often. 'Wonder why…' I thought to myself as Danny and Sam sat down. Tucker took the seat across from them. Then he noticed that there was no other seat for me so he stood up and offered his seat to me.

"Uh… thanks…" I said sitting down. "I don't want you to stand…" Here I said moving over sit by me. Tucker's eyes widened. "You don't have to if you don't want to…" I said quickly.

"N-no I'll sit." He said sitting down rather roughly. The train suddenly lurched, and we began moving forward.

"Cool~" Danny said looking out the window. He smiled immaturely.

'Good.' I thought. 'He's ok…' Sam rolled her eyes.

"Danny…" she said smiling.

"What?" He asked pouting. San sighed and leaned her head back on the head rest. I watched out the window and saw my house go by (it's by the train tracks so the front runner goes right by it). Then my thoughts started to wander.

'What time is it?' I asked myself looking around for a clock there was none so I leaned agents the window. 'I hope we can see him.' I thought. 'If we can't see him we're all doomed… well mostly me… I don't want to die! Not now! Not after my dream has come true!' I felt my face scrunch up in determination. 'We HAVE to talk to Butch he probably knows what to do! He'll help us out! I know he will… but what if he doesn't? What if we can't even see him? If the place has fans there the hotel will be keeping the fans out… and with the guises attire it looks like we're fans who like to dress up… what if he's a grumpy old guy? If he doesn't want to help us? What if he doesn't care about his outdated cartoon? What if…'

"CAMILLE!" I heard Tucker say.

"Hu?" I looked at him.

"Finally!" He said. "I've been trying to tell you, we're here!" I looked around people where getting up and I could see the Gateway out the other window.

"Oh Sorry!" I said I jumped up and we all filed out of the train. I walked forward to get out of the crowd and the others followed. I looked around and spotted my dad almost immediately.

"Dad!" I yelled and ran towards him and he turned I jumped into his arms and hugged him tight. "I missed you…" I whispered.

"How're you doing?" He asked me.

"I'm good." I said letting go. He set me down and looked me up and down. "You sure have grown since last I saw you…" he said. "You got a boyfriend yet?" He asked me.

"Dad!" I said, my eyes darting towards Tucker and back again.

"Oh so it's him is it?" He asked stalking up to Tucker, Tucker gulped at the size of my dad (He's tall not fat)

"Uh... h-hi sir…" He said.

"No dad! That isn't him! I mean I don't have one! I mean not yet! I mean…" I stopped before I said something stupid. My dad looked at me.

"If you say so…" he said… "So, what's the plan?"

"Well I don't know." I said. "What time is it?" He looked at the clock tower in the distance.

"It's about 12:30 pm." He said.

"Great!" I said. "Let's go out to get something to eat!"

"Cool!" Sam said. "I am pretty hungry."

"Me too!" Tucker added.

"Me three!" Danny said joining in.

"Kay lets go!" I said jumping into my dad's truck.

My dad laughed and he got into the driver's seat.

We we're off to eat!

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